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Lastest episode: season 5 episode 26

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

8.7 (21 votes)

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Vice Principals

Lastest episode: season 2 episode 1

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Comedy   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

7.8 (9 votes)
You will not believe what a regular secondary school may have such passion that not every Mexican series can be seen. All the fault of the director who decided in the near future to leave his workplace and quietly leave the well-deserved vacation and retirement age does not have to meet within the walls of the institution and at home. Gumby and Russell are his patrons. After learning about this incredible news head teachers as one expressed their desire to take this place. Things reached the point that the two men are not overdue the most usual rivalry but a real war. Each of the characters is ready to go to any meanness only to remove his opponent. They carry out even the most immoral acts to substitute each other. They are driven by a strong craving to take the post of director who will provide an opportunity to speak in the image of the king whose power will not have borders. However, such behavior is improper head teachers is the most negative emotions in others. Pupils and teachers steel was seriously interested in what is going on between head teachers possessed. It is noticeable that the situation is becoming more and more complications. Even hard to imagine the consequences of this confrontation ... Suddenly, the school appointed headmistress nobody knows. What reaction to expect from the head teachers?

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Room 104

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 9

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Comedy Drama Horror Mystery   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

6.8 (4 votes)
TV Show Room 104 season 1 will tell twelve different stories related to each other in that the action of all the stories unfolds in one hotel room, room 104. The plot revolves around two friends who decided to conduct some kind of experiment with people, and to put it on the Internet then. The main characters of the TV series Room 104 are friends since childhood and have been trying to find their own way of life since childhood. Young people tried to write their own games for smartphones, tried to invent amazing things that could make life easier for ordinary people, and tried themselves in various fields of science to become rich and popular. Unfortunately, guys did not find themselves in any of the directions, until they accidentally noticed that monitoring people is a very interesting activity. Watching his neighbors, the main heroes of the comedy TV show Room 104 realized that people’s lives are very different: each person has his own dreams, problems, worries and history. The guys decided that it would be nice to make a film about the most ordinary people and their lives. That’s why they rented a room number 104 in the most popular hotel, installed hidden cameras in it and began to monitor the guests.

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Lastest episode: season 3 episode 9

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Comedy Drama Sport   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

8.2 (26 votes)
Ballers season 3 continues to follow Spencer Strasmore on HBO channel, who ended his career in American football and now works as a financial manager in this area. He has to negotiate, to entice footballers, to participate in intrigues. Spencer will make a decision that radically changes his life, and the wards will continue to make mistakes in the new episodes of the TV series Ballers. So, Ricky hopes to get an invitation to one of the strongest teams in the NFL. Vernon decides to forget everything and goes on a long trip. And Charles is waiting for a tempting and profitable proposal, but, as a result, it will bring him only troubles. Nevertheless, all events of the new season, as in all previous seasons of “Ballers”, are accompanied by sparkling humor and a relaxed atmosphere.

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The Deuce

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 2

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Drama   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

9.4 (7 votes)
This series is a dramatic story about the development of porn industry in America. The action takes place in the 70-80s of the last century. The events take place in new York, Manhattan. This area was not considered the most prestigious in the city. So prostitution, drug addiction and AIDS has spread with an enormous speed here. James Franco plays a major role. He plays the role of two twin brothers. They are the pimps. And they put the porn BIZ to a new level. The desire to make huge profits made them indifferent to human troubles. The events of the series revolve around a girl named Eileen Merrell. She worked as a prostitute in the district of Manhattan. For customers she was known by the nickname Candy. She found out about a new business which created the twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino. Now she's starring in a porn movie and gets good money for that. Vincent has a girlfriend named Abby Parker. She is a student of the College and relates to a tear-off extreme young people. What the outcome of activities of the founders of the porn industry? How long will they feel like royalty? Watch this story on our website.

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Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 17

Air weekdate: Wednesday  Cast: ,   Genre: Talk Show   Channel: HBO  Status: Ended

0 (0 votes)
This you have not seen before! We offer you to try candid comments sprouted from the mouth of the well-known and very popular Bill Simmons in his weekly issue talk show which examines a number of questions with respect to a wide variety of areas, including sports, culture, entertainment and technology called. Author gives an interview in a unique, self-confident, self-satisfied enough and effective style often resorting to provocative topics. We think that many of our readers are already interested in the proposed innovation and chances are you impatient to start watching this show, to open the flow of a completely new and interesting information. Opinionated commentator Bill Simmons says only that must necessarily capture the audience of course from start to finish. He reveals the many secrets, gives the facts and arguments that so long concealed from the audience behind the curtain of the unknown. If you decide to spend your free time watching this talk show you make the right choice! We believe that seeing the first season you want to continue and would be expected to yield second season of Any Given Wednesday With Bill Simmons. Enjoy your viewing! Stay with us we are always glad to see you!

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Gonzaga: The March To Madness

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 5

Air weekdate: Tuesday  Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary Mini-Series Reality Sport   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

0 (0 votes)
Welcome respected basketball fans on our site! In this specification we want to introduce to you one of the best series of basketball which is bound to be useful not only for a pleasant stay but will be instructive in terms of the game itself and will motivate more diligent training. More recently the green light lights up for a new series called Gonzaga: The March To Madness season 1 which is ready to present its viewers with five exciting episodes during which they will be able to watch the personalities of people participating in the program. The project will introduce the audience with incredible leadership, loyal players, their history of the basketball community as well as many achievements. It will open to observers world where basketball is not just a sport it becomes a way of life. Presented drive and passion, uncompromising struggle and noble principle of sports competitions will make you fall in love with this series and will not break away from the screen. After seeing this motion picture you will understand that the heroes do not just know how to play basketball they are able to present the game so that it will be impossible to take your eyes.

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Lastest episode: season 2 episode 10

Air weekdate: Friday  Cast: ,   Genre: Animation Comedy   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

6.5 (8 votes)

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Jinx: Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 6

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: ,   Genre: Crime Documentary   Channel: HBO  Status: Ended

8 (3 votes)
One quite sensational story the process of which monitored all media was the basis for the creation of this painting. The plot revolves around the HBO special service, which leads the investigation of numerous unsolved serial murders. One of the richest and most important people in America is suspect in absentia in this crimes. This millionaire Robert Durst who decided to take part in this project, despite the fact that the opinion of the investigation and simple idlers agreed on the fact that he considered profitablel to remove out of the way many people. We want to emphasize one very important advantage of this work. Writers of the series not only provide definite and profound picture of all events but looked at the actions from different directions. Including the suspect, whose interview is presented in these episodes. It is important to note that the millionaire Robert Durst never stated publicly on such cases and accusations that befell him. The hero of the series was silent almost thirty years, but now it's time to finally resolve this situation. You will be interesting to watch this exciting, intriguing and very exclusive story.

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The Defiant Ones

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 4

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary Mini-Series   Channel: HBO  Status: Continuing

8.5 (2 votes)

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