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The Chi

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 3

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: ,   Genre: Drama   Channel: Showtime  Status: Continuing

9.8 (6 votes)
Drama The Chi season 1 from Showtime Channel focuses on the lives of the Chicago’s Southside inhabitants. This is the story of people whose fates are intertwined by the usual coincidence of circumstances. They are different but they all are united by their hometown, daily problems of existence and belief in a brighter future. The protagonist of the series is a young guy Brandon. He is ambitious and self-confident. The guy has a cherished dream. Brandon wants to open his own restaurant. However, everything is not so simple in the life. And instead, he has to devote himself to caring for the mother and the teenage brother. His girlfriend Jerrika gives him strength to fight for a better future. While Kevin is still a child, but he had to grow up quickly. His main task is to enjoy childhood. Emmett, seemingly, is a carefree teenager, has many problems due to excessive control of his mother. Ronnie, in his turn, tries to understand the notion of love and affection, thereby casting doubt on his own desires and aspirations. Thus, all the guys are very different, all have their own dreams, desires and experiences. Therefore, we are waiting for a very colorful and emotional life action in the new episodes of the season 1 The Chi.

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Lastest episode: season 8 episode 11

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Comedy Drama   Channel: Showtime  Status: Continuing

8.9 (153 votes)

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A Season with Florida State Football

Lastest episode: season 3 episode 13

Air weekdate: Tuesday  Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary Sport   Channel: Showtime  Status: Continuing

6 (1 votes)

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Dark Net

Lastest episode: season 2 episode 8

Air weekdate: Thursday  Cast: ,   Genre: Documentary   Channel: Showtime  Status: Continuing

6.2 (5 votes)

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White Famous

Lastest episode: season 1 episode 10

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , ,   Genre: Comedy   Channel: Showtime  Status: Ended

7.8 (4 votes)
TV show White Famous season 1 from the Showtime channel is based on the personal experience of the well-known in Britain actor of African-American origin Jamie Foxx in business. The protagonist of the comedy TV series is a young, talented African-American comedian named Floyd Mooney, who is promised a great career in the film industry. Moreover, he is offered a role in the film with Jamie Foxx. However, he will have to sacrifice many and violate some of his principles to get into the glittering world of Hollywood and become famous. For example, he must to accept the role of woman. If he, of course, is ready for this in the new episodes of the season 1 White Famous.

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Lastest episode: season 1 episode 8

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Comedy   Channel: Showtime  Status: Continuing

8.3 (3 votes)
TV show SMILF season 1 is a comedy with 10 episodes with Frankie Shaw starring by order of Showtime channel. The eponymous short almost autobiographical film 2015 is taken as a basis. The plot of SMILF series revolves around a young woman from Boston named Bridgette. At one point her desires, her personal life, her career collide with the new realities of her life. She becomes a single mother. She needs to find a middle ground. But will it succeed? A series of sometimes curious, and sometimes dramatic events begins for Bridgette from this moment in the new episodes of season 1 SMILF.

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Lastest episode: season 3 episode

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Drama   Channel: Showtime  Status: Continuing

8.6 (31 votes)

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Twin Peaks

Lastest episode: season 3 episode 18

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Crime Drama Mystery   Channel: Showtime  Status: Ended

8.9 (152 votes)

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Penny Dreadful

Lastest episode: season 3 episode 9

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Drama Fantasy Horror   Channel: Showtime  Status: Ended

8.6 (105 votes)
We want to tell you great news. Due to the fact that the series Penny Dreadful has become very popular today he is ready to present you the most unexpected and dramatic events of the long-awaited third season. Previous season left to the audience a lot of questions. Surely viewers tortured themselves reflections about what will happen next. It is necessary to hope that the third season will be able to answer on them fully. Let us remember directly about the plot of the famous series. You are familiar with elements of this picture which opened in front of you event of distant Victorian times. She suffered you to a dark and gloomy city of London. As you noticed the inhabitants of this city are so immersed in the household routine that does not even see those sinister spectacle which happen around. With the advent of the first victim the situation has changed and people began worry about their own lives. On the streets appeared the creepy monsters together with them: a well-known character of Dorian Gray, Dr. Jekyll and the scientist Frankenstein with bloodthirsty graph named Dracula. The intentions of these characters are quite obvious. Here they began to lead their game and do not even think about that they will have to answer for their crimes.

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The Tudors

Lastest episode: season 4 episode 10

Air weekdate: Sunday  Cast: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Genre: Action Adventure Drama Romance   Channel: Showtime  Status: Ended

8.2 (70 votes)
At the final season the emphasis is on developing relations with the King and his last wives - Catherine Howard and Katharine Parr, and also we see the war between Britain and France and in particular the siege of Boulogne is illustrated in details. In general, it is described the final period of life of Henry VIII Tudor. In the fifth episode Henry gives permission to the Earl of Hertford to investigate infidelity of Queen. Before execution the Queen says to Henry last words, that she would be better a Thomas Culpepper's wife than Queen of England. Henry weaves military intrigue agreeing to make an alliance with Spain and Rome. France has allied with Turks in response. Begins a long siege of the castle at Boulogne. Castle is gunned by cannons and do saps and tunnels to blast walls. As a result, The British conquered the castle and the keys to the city pass to Henry. In the final episode of the old age catches up Henry and before his death he meets the ghosts of his ex-wives.

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