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12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys poster
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction, Suspense
Channel: Syfy
Status: Ended
8.0/10(1916 votes)
Aaron Stanford Aaron Stanford as James Cole
Aaron Stanford Aaron Stanford as James Cole
Aaron Stanford Aaron Stanford as James Cole
Aaron Stanford Aaron Stanford as James Cole
Alisen Down Alisen Down as Olivia Kirschner
Amanda Schull Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly
Amanda Schull Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly
Andrew Gillies Andrew Gillies as Julian Adler
Barbara Sukowa Barbara Sukowa as Katarina Jones
Brooke Williams Brooke Williams as Hannah

Inspired by the classic blockbuster film, which commemorated its 20th anniversary in 2015, 12 Monkeys explores the provocative story of a time traveler from a decimated future in a high-stakes race against the clock. Utilizing a dangerous and untested method of time travel, he journeys from 2043 to the present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will all but annihilate the human race.

12 Monkeys season 1

12 Monkeys season 1 poster

Actions of the series will take you in the near future.You will see that humanity all over the planet by 2035 achieved an entirely new level of development. Scientists have reached a previously unknown level of conductivity experiments. But, unfortunately, not all studies had favorable results. A striking example of this was the case that occurred many years ago. Whereupon a scale virus closed the entire planet. He spread so fast that in a short time him managed to hit more than five billion people. Those who are managed to escape now was unable to continue to be on the earth's surface. They knew that the hopes of salvation there is little, so they decided to find shelter underground. This option seemed to them the most secure. Now, when they secured themselves they had to fulfill the following more important task. They must find a way which will to help combat the epidemic. Fortunately at this time technology already existed that allows to move in time. But since they have not been proven in practice, this does not mean that they can not be used. Especially when the odds are virtually non-existent. John Cole became the only bidder for this experiment. He needs to go back in time and find the necessary samples to help in further studies. If he will cope with this task will receive the forgiveness of all his errors which he committed earlier. When Cole arrived at the appointed place there he met Dr. Cassandra Reilly. Now they will act jointly. Well, it seems now people have a real chance for salvation. #68

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12 Monkeys season 2

12 Monkeys season 2 poster

The scenario of the first season of the sci-fi drama of 12 Monkeys caused a real delight. Therefore, developers of the series decided to extend the story. How well they tried you vote later, when will the premiere of the second season. This will happen around the beginning of 2016. We are pleased to share with you, and other information relative to the second season. It is known that the main actors who starred in the first season will be present in the second season. However, there are changes in the composition of the actors. To formed a new team of actors will join an actor by the name of Michael Hogan. He will get the role of partner Dr. Jones. He will always act on the side of his mentor. This behavior causes suspicion about their relationship. It seems that they are more closer than just colleagues. The plot of the first season left some questions. Perhaps a second season of 12 monkeys will be able to answer to them ... Anyway you should expect of this. There is every reason to believe that authors will be able to surprise you with the continuation of the story even more. There is information that there were plans for a third season. We will wait the next official statements of management about the future of the series. And we will be happy to bring to your knowledge the useful information.

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12 Monkeys season 3

12 Monkeys season 3 poster

A terrible virus spread across the globe. In 2017 it destroyed 7 billion people. The specificity of the virus is it mutates constantly. That's why scientists cannot develop a vaccine antidote. There are an antibodies in the blood of some inhabitants of the planet. It can resist the virus. That's why people continue to live on earth. But most of the surviving inhabitants of the planet exposed of infection. They are forced to go underground. But there is another problem awaits them. People always live with poverty here. There is constantly not enough water and food for them. Conditions are not suitable for life. So people continue to die of poor conditions. They must to act. One group of scientists is forced to rise to the surface of the earth to reconnoiter the situation. They will try to invent a vaccine again. They have no other choice. Scientists have managed to make a time machine. They send James Cole in 2013 to prevent the emergence of a terrible virus. James needs to find Dr. Kasandra Riley and tell her about everything. He needs to convince her he's not crazy and he is really back from the future. The mankind will be saved only this way.

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12 Monkeys season 4

12 Monkeys season 4 poster

12 Monkeys season 4 will be the final for the series. This is the most ambitious of all in terms of emotional content, mythology, the scale of what is happening and special effects. The main characters will go far into the past, they will visit the Wild West and even go to the Middle Ages. The roots of the mythology of “12 monkeys” go to England XV century, and Cole and Cassandra will try to find the key to victory in the war with the Witness here. According to the laws of the genre the main characters will have to sacrifice something to win in the final battle and save time. The focus will be on Cole’s role in saving time in the upcoming season 4 of 12 Monkeys. Only the hero of Aaron Stanford is able to put an end to this story. Perhaps at the cost of his own life…

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