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12 Monkeys season 3

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12 Monkeys season 3 poster
10 episodes (2007 views)
Air weekdate:Friday
Cast:Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Emily Hampshire, Barbara Sukowa, Tom Noonan, Noah Bean, Kirk Acevedo, Todd Stashwick, Alisen Down, Brooke Williams, Andrew Gillies, Demore Barnes
8.0/10(1916 votes)

A terrible virus spread across the globe. In 2017 it destroyed 7 billion people. The specificity of the virus is it mutates constantly. That's why scientists cannot develop a vaccine antidote. There are an antibodies in the blood of some inhabitants of the planet. It can resist the virus. That's why people continue to live on earth. But most of the surviving inhabitants of the planet exposed of infection. They are forced to go underground. But there is another problem awaits them. People always live with poverty here. There is constantly not enough water and food for them. Conditions are not suitable for life. So people continue to die of poor conditions. They must to act. One group of scientists is forced to rise to the surface of the earth to reconnoiter the situation. They will try to invent a vaccine again. They have no other choice. Scientists have managed to make a time machine. They send James Cole in 2013 to prevent the emergence of a terrible virus. James needs to find Dr. Kasandra Riley and tell her about everything. He needs to convince her he's not crazy and he is really back from the future. The mankind will be saved only this way.

12 Monkeys season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Mother (air date: 2017-05-19)

In the apocalypse of 2163, a desperate Cole searches for Titan. Meanwhile, a captive Railly is faced with an impossible choice as the 12 Monkeys await the arrival of The Witness.

360p (mp4 252.3 MB)
Episode #2: Guardians (air date: 2017-05-19)

While searching for Jennifer Goines in post-WWI France, Cole and Jones encounter a dangerous group of time-travelers‒the Guardians.

360p (mp4 219.8 MB)
Episode #3: Enemy (air date: 2017-05-19)

Bonds of trust are tested when Ramse returns to the facility with an old enemy held captive. How far will Cole and Jones go for the answers they need?

360p (mp4 211.0 MB)
Episode #4: Brothers (air date: 2017-05-19)

Ramse and Cole splinter to 2007 expecting either a trap - or a final chance to kill The Witness. But when Cole discovers a heartbreaking truth, he'll discover that the mission was both.

360p (mp4 242.0 MB)
Episode #5: Causality (air date: 2017-05-20)

Out of time and in need of answers, Jennifer and Deacon are sent to 1989 to steal the a sacred document. Can Railly and Cole get to the Word first before it reveals the one secret they want kept?

360p (mp4 285.5 MB)
Episode #6: Nature (air date: 2017-05-20)

In 1953, Cole and Railly reunite with Agent Gale at the birth of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Special guest star Christopher Lloyd appears as the father of an iconic enemy.

360p (mp4 274.9 MB)
Episode #7: Nurture (air date: 2017-05-20)

Cole and Railly find themselves at opposite ends of an unspeakable decision. Jones grows suspicious while Railly turns to an emotional ally for advice. All hell breaks loose during a massive fire-fight.

360p (mp4 282.1 MB)
Episode #8: Masks (air date: 2017-05-21)

Friends and enemies converge in Victorian London to await the arrival of The Witness. Cole and Railly lead their pursuers on a manhunt through time.

360p (mp4 262.0 MB)
Episode #9: Thief (air date: 2017-05-21)

Cole and Railly finally learn the heart-breaking life story of the man who calls himself The Witness.

360p (mp4 284.0 MB)
Episode #10: Witness (air date: 2017-05-21)

In the explosive Season Three finale, every imaginable threat descends upon Railly and Cole. With Titan looming - and ally fighting ally - The Witness finds himself on the threshold of destiny.

360p (mp4 297.2 MB)

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