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12 Monkeys season 3

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Air weekdate:Monday Cast:Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Kirk Acevedo, Barbara Sukowa, Todd Stashwick, Emily Hampshire, Noah Bean, Tom Noonan Genre:Mystery, Science-Fiction Channel:Syfy Status:Continuing

7.9 (56 votes)

A terrible virus spread across the globe. In 2017 it destroyed 7 billion people. The specificity of the virus is it mutates constantly. That's why scientists cannot develop a vaccine antidote. There are an antibodies in the blood of some inhabitants of the planet. It can resist the virus. That's why people continue to live on earth. But most of the surviving inhabitants of the planet exposed of infection. They are forced to go underground. But there is another problem awaits them. People always live with poverty here. There is constantly not enough water and food for them. Conditions are not suitable for life. So people continue to die of poor conditions. They must to act. One group of scientists is forced to rise to the surface of the earth to reconnoiter the situation. They will try to invent a vaccine again. They have no other choice. Scientists have managed to make a time machine. They send James Cole in 2013 to prevent the emergence of a terrible virus. James needs to find Dr. Kasandra Riley and tell her about everything. He needs to convince her he's not crazy and he is really back from the future. The mankind will be saved only this way.

12 Monkeys season 3 episodes list:

Coming soon:
Episode #1 2017-05-19 Mother
Episode #2 2017-05-19 Guardians
Episode #3 2017-05-19 Enemy
Episode #4 2017-05-19 Brothers
Episode #5 2017-05-20 Nurture
Episode #6 2017-05-20 Nature
Episode #7 2017-05-20 Causality
Episode #8 2017-05-21 Masks
Episode #9 2017-05-21 Thief
Episode #10 2017-05-21 Witness

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