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1600 Penn season 1

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13 episodes (3172 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Jenna Elfman, Bill Pullman, Josh Gad, Benjamin Stockham, Amara Miller, Martha MacIsaac, Andre Holland Genre:Comedy Channel:NBC Status:Ended

6.4 (10 votes)

Serial American sitcom 1600 Penn presents viewers a plot with a high-quality story with humor and really funny scenes. This is a rather unusual story will acquaint viewers with the main characters which are the children of the president of America. Since the children are teenagers they are constantly faced with the many challenges of this difficult period. In the moments when they do not know how to make a decision in a given situation they seek the advice of their father who puts his business and engaged in family matters. Sometimes children behave so inappropriately that it affects the image of the father so that he is forced to justify their actions in front of reporters. It happens that the edge of his patience comes. At such moments, he really wants to get rid of annoying children. But it takes a little time he calmed down realizing the great importance of a strong and united family in his life. The hero realizes that it is the family should be in the first place so he tries to spend as much time as possible with his family sacrificing many important meetings and gatherings. This work could be described as a family because it tells us how much a person can make mistakes when choosing values bringing to the fore the work. The main idea of this series is that the family is the most important thing in life and therefore it should be protected.

1600 Penn season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Putting Out Fires (air date: 2012-12-17)

Following a public mishap, Skip, the First Son of President Gilchrist, is ushered back to the White House so he can be kept under careful watch. Meanwhile, Dale attempts to keep a cool atmosphere when South American leaders visit to discuss a trade agreement. Elsewhere, Emily tries to make peace with her stepdaughter Becca, who has a surprise in store for everybody.

Episode #2: The Skiplantic Ocean (air date: 2013-01-10)

When the media reveals Becca’s surprising news, Skip attempts to take her mind off the situation while President Gilchrist has a group therapy session with his generals to help cope with things. Meanwhile, hoping to gain Becca’s trust and keep the secret safe from Marigold and Xander, Emily gets tangled in a web of lies.

Episode #3: So You Don't Want to Dance (air date: 2013-01-17)

A presidential ball careens out of control when Skip brings a date.

Episode #4: Meet the Parent (air date: 2013-01-24)

A determined President Gilchrist uses his clout to track down someone that just might prove to be someone of major importance to the First Family. Meanwhile, the Gilchrist’s host the Austrian Chancellor and his wife, but when Emily questions proper protocol and tries to do things her own special way, she lands herself in quite a difficult situation.  Elsewhere, Skip realizes his true calling in life.

Episode #5: Frosting / Nixon (air date: 2013-02-07)

Skip attempts to placate a group of protesters who are upset about his dad's transportation policies, but his efforts only make things worse. Elsewhere, Emily helps Xander with his campaign for student-body president; and Becca struggles to come to grips with her future.

Episode #6: Skip the Tour (air date: 2013-02-21)

President Dale Gilchrist’s brother Doug stops by the White House, initiating a long-standing rivalry which threatens their relationship and prompts Emily to take on the role of peacemaker. Meanwhile, Becca prepares for an interview and Skip decides to offer his own special version of the White House tour after witnessing one from an official tour guide.

Episode #7: To the Ranch (air date: 2013-02-28)

When unable to make a decision about who to nominate to the Supreme Court, President Dale Gilchrist decides to take a family trip to their ranch to clear his head. During their getaway, Skip finds himself moping over his failed relationship, while Becca contemplates major flaws in her own relationship. Meanwhile, Emily attempts to spend some quality time with Marigold and Xander, who both struggle with their loss of technology while at the ranch.

Episode #8: Live from the Lincoln Bedroom (air date: 2013-03-07)

Skip starts a podcast and makes a surprising discovery about himself; Becca interferes with one of Emily's parenting decisions, leaving them at odds.

Episode #9: Game Theory (air date: 2013-03-14)

Emily tries to ensure Skip's date with Stacey is perfect; Becca and D.B. try to paint a mural; Dale and Xander play a passionate game of Risk.

Episode #10: The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury (air date: 2013-03-21)

Emily finds out that Skip is only one assignment shy of graduating college, so she promises to help him finish. Meanwhile, Becca wants to make her voice heard after her ideas are ignored at a committee meeting; and Marshall goes to extremes to get some alone time

Episode #11: Dinner, Bath, Puzzle (air date: 2013-03-21)

Dale and Emily try to put the spark back in their romance after a meeting with the French president and his wife. Meanwhile, Skip babysits the kids; and Marshall and D.B. bond unexpectedly.

Episode #12: Bursting the Bubble (air date: 2013-03-28)

A foreign princess visits the White House to attend an annual peace gala and asks Skip to be her escort. Meanwhile, Becca tests D.B.'s parenting skills; and Emily looks to reconnect with old friends.

Episode #13: Marry Me, Baby (air date: 2013-03-28)

President Gilchrist accidentally calls the legality of his marriage into question during an interview with Larry King (playing himself), so Skip tries to resolve the situation. Meanwhile, Becca and D.B. receive surprising news.

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