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7th Heaven season 3

7th Heaven season 3 poster
22 episodes (676 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:Mackenzie Rosman, Geoff Stults, Haylie Duff, George Stults, Catherine Hicks, Ashlee Simpson, David Gallagher, Stephen Collins, Lorenzo Brino, Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel, Nikolas Brino, Barry Watson, Adam LaVorgna, Tyler Hoechlin
Genre:Drama, Family
Channel:The CW
6.4/10(261 votes)

7th Heaven season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: It Takes Two, Baby (air date: 1998-09-21)

In the third season-opener, Annie is feeling a little depressed since she's 3 months pregnant. Ruthie is pretending to feel a little pregnant herself. Lucy is following the dating advices from 'The Rules' book she has. Matt moves in an apartment with three attractive girls. Eric is looking for the perfect 20th anniversary plan for Annie. Mary gets a lot of attention from guys, which makes Lucy jealous. Although, one of Mary's 'guy' friends asks Lucy out. Matt finally comes back home because of girl problems he was having with his new roommates. Simon's girlfriend is acting a little weird. Eric and Annie tell the kids they're having TWINS!

Episode #2: Drunk Like Me (air date: 1998-09-28)

Annie and the girls are fixing up an old car for Matt as his college present for him as he moves into a fraternity house. Simon is having a hard time living around the girls when fixing up the old car and needs to be around some male energy, especially after hearing from his mom that two more girls MAYBE on the way when she predicts the twins' sex. Meanwhile, a new woman at the church flirts with Eric. Lastly, Matt's friend almost dies after drinking too much for an initiation at a fraternity party and Matt quickly takes him to the hospital.

Episode #3: Cutters (air date: 1998-10-05)

Matt enters an atypical confidence crisis when a girl campus refuses flat-out to date him or even accept his tutoring, so he acts for 'constructive criticism' at home. Simon feels needlessly guilty when Ruthie reacts to his warning the twin babies will make parental attention scarce by deliberately failing a test to make Annie coach her, so he bribes Ruthie, who even scams him for double. Lucy's biology grades are disastrous, according to Mary due to new 'best friend' Nicole Jacob, whom she catches cutting herself.

Episode #4: The Legacy (air date: 1998-10-12)

Simon sees his teacher push a man who was screaming at his son. He then feels guilty when he learns his teacher got fired. Annie takes piano lessons as her "pregnancy project." Meanwhile, Matt makes a move on one of his college teachers. It turns out he misunderstood her signals. Mary and her friends skip a boring class and get caught. Also, Lucy forgets her lunch in geometry class and finds her teacher eating it--- two days in a row. She and her friend Shelby then learn a good geometry lesson. Lastly, Ruthie has trouble finding the perfect instrument for music class.

Episode #5: ... And a Nice Chianti (air date: 1998-10-19)

Eric is trying to cheer up a woman whose son died three years ago. She wants to meet the people who received her son's organs after he died. Mary got her driver's permit, but not everyone is enthusiastic to ride with her. Meanwhile, Lucy and Simon decide to take the bus. A freshman has a crush on Lucy and sits beside her, which makes his girlfriend jealous and angry with Lucy. Simon gets into some trouble with this tough guy who wants help with his homework. Also, a pregnant girl steals Matt's car and leaves Matt with her broken car, which happens to be stolen. She is running away from home because her parent's don't forgive her for getting pregnant.

Episode #6: And the Home of the Brave (air date: 1998-11-02)

Annie's father, Charles is getting married to his girlfriend Ginger. The wedding reception is supposed to be at the Camden's house and Annie is the one in charge of preparing the menu. Annie isn't enthusiastic about the wedding and the reception. On her way to the grocery store, she meets a homeless veteran and invites him home. He is the one ending up preparing the menu since he was a chef for forty years. Also, Matt and Mary are taking a little road trip, which ends up being very long when they get a flat tire. Simon is spending the day with his new girlfriend Deena. Lucy is spending the day with Jordan, the guy she can now call her boyfriend. Lastly, Ruthie is feeling lonely, so she pretends her imaginary friend Huey is back the whole day.

Episode #7: Johnny Get Your Gun (air date: 1998-11-09)

Ruthie wants the "Booboom" video game that her friend has and is walking around the house pretending she is dropping bombs which is annoying Annie a lot. Simon has a BIG problem at school when his girlfriend Deena tells him that her former boyfriend Johnny just got dumped by his girlfriend and might be coming after him so he could get back together with Deena. Johnny then threatens to shoot Simon the next day at school. Simon tells Eric this and tries his best to settle this matter leading to bad consequences on both sides as someone gets shot. Meanwhile, Matt introduces Mary to his friend Shana and her brother. He asks Mary out on a date, but has no idea that he has a BIG problem--- he is violent. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to be romantic with Jordan and wants to slap him after watching "Gone with the Wind."

Episode #8: No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll (air date: 1998-11-16)

After drinking Matt's coffee once, Simon fears to be addicted and acts accordingly. A natural, legal 'supplement' is offered to study-exhausted Matt by buddy Scott, whose pa got it in a health store, and to Mary by over-competitive teammate Diane Butler, whose father uses it himself. Eric realizes it contains dangerous epefrine. Eric's former rock band mates visit Glenoak. Matt sets something right. The Butlers are in for a shock.

Episode #9: Let's Talk About Sex (air date: 1998-11-23)

Simon invests in a babysitting course, but pays dearly when he lets Annie talk him into trying out on Ruthie, who already abused every older sibling even when much younger. Matt desperately seeks inspiration for a college project on sexuality. Wade patiently handles Lucy's insanely jealous and insecure worries after a -for him, unlike Mary, canceled- senior jocks sleepover until Matt comes to her 'rescue', then spontaneously braves Eric. Teenage mothers and (potential) fathers in Eric and Annie's church program go trough surprising hellish moves.

Episode #10: Here Comes Santa Claus (air date: 1998-12-14)

It's the Christmas season and Eric has his three oldest children doing charity work for the community. Mary and Lucy aren't enthusiastic about the charity work that Eric wants them to do. Mary is working in a soup kitchen while Lucy has to organize auditions for the "Live Nativity" at the church. Meanwhile, Eric has given Matt a well-paid job as Santa Claus at the mall. Also, Simon is in the spirit of wearing his VERY tight candy cane pajamas and wanting to put on lights inside the house since he's not allowed to do it outside alone. As a family ritual, each family member picks a name out of a hat of who to get for Christmas while Eric and Annie cheat. Before going on his family vacation, Jordan accidently gives Lucy a gift that was meant for his uncle's monkey (shoe shine-kit), but was supposed to give her a basketball signed 'I Love You'. Also, Mary meets a a guy, Carlos at the soup kitchen who doesn't have a place to stay for Christmas, so Mary invites him to stay over at their hous

Episode #11: Nobody Knows... (air date: 1999-01-11)

Simon is deeply hurt because pa didn't tell him his girlfriend Deena behaves so moodily because of her annual leukemia check-up, yet handles her admirably. Matt discovers aunt Julie has moved in town and taken a teaching job. She rudely keeps him and later brother Eric at arms-length, resenting obvious concerns for her alcoholism problem. Fake tears' success on the DMV examiner success inspires Mary to abuse crying regularly, to nobody's ultimate profit.

Episode #12: All That Jazz (air date: 1999-01-18)

Simon's obsessive worrying what to give Deena for their three month 'anniversary' chases his sleepover guest. Matt tries to get his deaf ex Heather back, only to hear she's engaged and wants Eric to marry her. Lucy's ex Ron hides at the Camdens' after his ma's death until coached to make up with his absented dad at the funeral. Annie soon swallows her irate grudge at Dr. Hank Hastings.

Episode #13: The Tribes That Bind (air date: 1999-01-25)

Lucy is spending the weekend at camp 'All By Myself'. It turns out everyone at the camp has to spend the weekend all by themselves without talking to anyone. Ruthie is angry with classmate Bobby Tripp because he keeps making fun of her since he accidently saw her underwear. Now, Ruthie decides to make him realize what he did was wrong by starting a war: Camdens vs. Tripps. The church's women group throws a baby shower for Annie. Eric and Matt have lunch with Morgan and John Hamilton. The manager of the restaurant doesn't serve Morgan and John their meal because he doesn't serve black people.

Episode #14: In Praise of Women (air date: 1999-02-08)

It's Annie's sixth time going to the hospital and as her most difficult labor yet ensues the older kids must find ways to entertain themselves. Lucy questions her true feelings for Jordan and grapples with ending the relationship. Matt has to muster enough courage to give blood, while Simon is in the hospital praying for baby brothers. Meanwhile, Happy the Dog is having a blast in the empty house The babies are delivered with the last minute assistance of Dr. Hastings.

Episode #15: It Happened One Night (air date: 1999-02-15)

Samuel and David are home and will not stop crying. Matt gets a new job at the Dairy Shack as a delivery guy. Mary sneaks to the pool hall to meet Wilson, while Lucy covers for her at home, only to end up doing all the cleaning by herself. Mary hangs out with Jordan as Wilson arrives. Wilson is thinking of moving back to Glen Oak, but Mary realizes she doesn't have feelings for him anymore. Ruthie wants to run away from home because she doesn't get much attention as she used to, but Annie helps ease her feelings by giving Ruthie her baby book. Matt gets fired from his job, but meets an old girlfriend, Shana.

Episode #16: Paranoia (air date: 1999-02-22)

Eric has reason to believe that Lucy's ex-boyfriend Jimmy Moon is using drugs, so the whole Camden family bands together in an effort to convince Lucy not to see him anymore. However, Lucy does not listen to them and gets a lot more than what she bargained for when trying to help Jimmy on her own. When a not-so-athletic Simon doesn't have a chance of making the baseball team, he hopes to use basketball star Mary as a reference.

Episode #17: Sometimes That's Just the Way It Is (air date: 1999-03-01)

Eric counsels a troubled couple on the brink of divorce, Ted and Emily. Matt decides to join the Army without consulting his parents about it. Also, Mary and Lucy are desperate to get out of the house and later get into a car accident with Ted, who was driving drunk when going out to get some more beer for his new apartment. Matt cannot join the Army because he is not fully measured for the job. Also, Simon tries to find his red-lightning ring to get out of his bad luck as being the new middle child of the family now, even trying chain letters in an effort to do so. Lastly, Ruthie tries her best to get people's attention when their focuses are on the new babies.

Episode #18: We the People (air date: 1999-03-15)

Moral outrage explodes in the community over an affair between a college president and a student at Matt's college, and Matt gets into a fight with some people at his school due to a disagreement of opinions with the chancellor's affair. Simon and Ruthie get an after school job. Mary thinks she hit a car in the school parking lot, and to make amends, promises the driver a date with Lucy.

Episode #19: The Voice (air date: 1999-05-03)

Eric defends a custodian named Rudy from Simon's school, who claims to be hearing messages from God and is forced into early retirement through the school board. Annie wants to cut loose for the evening, and does so with other fellow mothers. Ruthie encounters a chimp living in the Camdens' tree in the backyard, but nobody in her family believes her when she tells them about it. Mary volunteers herself and Lucy to babysit the twins, but expects her sister to do the bulk of the work.

Episode #20: All Dogs Go to Heaven (air date: 1999-05-10)

Two parishioners entreat Eric to take their suffering dog to the vet to be put down. Matt catches Mary kissing her almost-killer Michael Towner in Sergeant Michaels' squad car. Simon goes on his first date with Deena, bringing Lucy along to accompany Deena's brother.

Episode #21: There Goes the Bride: Part 1 (air date: 1999-05-17)

Eric worries about Matt as Heather's wedding approaches. Eric learns that his sister Julie is dating Dr. Hastings (the doctor who delivered the twins and almost killed Matt at birth) without telling him or the family. Also, Lucy and Simon are both in their awkward day as Simon gets kissed by Deena's cousin and Lucy's ex Jordan admits he likes Mary. Ruthie wants to be a bridesmaid at Heather's wedding.

Episode #22: There Goes the Bride: Part 2 (air date: 1999-05-24)

Eric counsels an engaged couple facing difficulties. Mary, Lucy, and Simon learn the repercussions of forbidden love, especially Simon when Ruthie catches him and Deena kissing in his bedroom, and threatens to tell on them. Julie gets married to Dr. Hastings and learns that she is pregnant. Also, Heather breaks up with her fiance after she learns he was cheating on her with another woman. Matt tries to save his relationship with Shana after running off with Heather.


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