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9-1-1 poster
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Channel: FOX
Status: Continuing
7.8/10(269 votes)
Aisha Hinds Aisha Hinds as Henrietta "Hen" Wilson
Angela Bassett Angela Bassett as Athena Grant
Angela Bassett Angela Bassett as Athena Grant
Bryan Safi Bryan Safi as Josh Russo
Connie Britton Connie Britton as Abby Clark
Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie Kendall
Kenneth Choi Kenneth Choi as Howie "Chimney" Han
Oliver Stark Oliver Stark as Evan "Buck" Buckley
Peter Krause Peter Krause as Bobby Nash
Rockmond Dunbar Rockmond Dunbar as Michael Grant

9-1-1 is a fast-paced exploration into the lives and careers of first responders – cops, paramedics, firefighters – the people who put their lives on the line to save others.

9-1-1 season 1

9-1-1 season 1 poster

TV show 9-1-1 season 1 on FOX Channel is a drama by Ryan Murphy about the lives and careers of people from rapid response services. The tv series will show the responsible and hard work of the police, emergency doctors and firefighters, who almost every day have to face with incredibly complex issues from a moral point of view and life-threatening situations. The main characters of the drama try to combine work and personal life. And it is very difficult with such professions. They must find the golden mean between the endless salvation of people and the resolution of their own everyday problems in the season 1 of 9-1-1 series.

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9-1-1 season 2

9-1-1 season 2 poster

9-1-1 season 2 is the continuation of the procedural about brave rescuers. Recall that the plot revolves around policemen, firefighters, paramedics and dispatchers of the rescue service. Every day they forget about their own problems, to run to those who need their help. Apparently Bobby Nash team will not have the weekend in the upcoming season 2. For example, rescuers will have to face the real chaos that will cause a strong earthquake, already in the first episode. And help may be needed not only for ordinary citizens, but for the main characters of 9-1-1 TV series themselves…

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9-1-1 season 3

9-1-1 season 3 poster

9-1-1 is an American television drama serial which was launched in 2018 and included 20 series. The upcoming season will be available for watching autumn 2019. The third season will be the Continuation of the series about Los Angeles intelligence workers who make responsible decisions in seconds, even in the most extreme situations, when there is no time to relax. Everything is as in real life, that’s why the series is so loved by the audience. We will be able to observe new people’s stories and tragedies which will be solved by people from Bobby Nash team. So what will happen next? Just wait and you will see.

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9-1-1 season 4

9-1-1 season 4 poster

If a year ago the role of the main catastrophe in "9-1-1" was played by a giant wave from the sea, then this time the water element will disturb the inhabitants of Hollywood on the other side - the river dam closest to the city will collapse, and the dirty water will again flood the streets. At the same time, rescuers will have to face another threat, familiar to every viewer this year - in confirmation of this, their favorite heroes have already acquired stylish protective masks.

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9-1-1 season 5

9-1-1 season 5 poster

Season 5 of the First Aid drama kicks off at nightfall in Los Angeles, caused by a ransomware attack on the power grid. Lack of electricity, GPS, mobile communication ... All at once. Instead of showing what is happening in chronological order, you will see events about 4-5 days after they started. Animals from the Hollywood Boulevard Zoo ....! And after that we go back to the moment a few hours before the power outage.

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