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Airwolf season 2

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22 episodes (876 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Jan-Michael Vincent, Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord, Jean Bruce Scott, Anthony Sherwood, Barry Van Dyke, Deborah Pratt, Geraint Wyn Davies, Michele Scarabelli Genre:Action, Adventure Channel:CBS Status:Ended

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Airwolf season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Sweet Britches (air date: 1984-09-22)

After an old Vietnam buddy of Hawke's is shot in the desert when trying to escape a corrupt Sheriff, Hawke gets a call from an inmate who had been in jail with the man to aleart him of the escape, and flies with Dominic in Airwolf to Pope County, Texas, to investigate. There, Hawke meets Highway Patrol Deputy Caitlin O'Shannessy, who had a run in with Sheriff Bogard prior to the killing; but Hawke's appearance on the scene sees him arrested by Bogard and released on a private game reserve, where gun-happy sportsmen pay big money to hunt big game – and Hawke is the latest bait...

Episode #2: Firestorm (air date: 1984-09-29)

Eddie, a friend of Dominic's, was once a pilot until a air crash in which his passengers were killed, causing him to loose his nerve and turn to drink as a result. Living alone in his trailer in the desert, Eddie's alcohol problem has recently become even worse after supposedly seeing lights in the sky in the middle of the night. Though trying to help his friend, Dominic is as sceptical as everyone else, blaming the sightings on Eddie's drunken state, until one night he sees the lights to... The next morning, Hawke arrives to find that the pair of them have vanished, and in searching for them, stumbles upon a fanatical militarist's organisation, who is planning to launch his own nuclear missile against Russia...

Episode #3: Moffett's Ghost (air date: 1984-10-06)

In the midst of it's key part in delivering and collecting a leading American scientist to top secret sanctions aimed at cooling international tensions with Russians, Airwolf develops a seeming computer virus in it's systems, which periodically takes pilot control and makes it a potential killing machine in the air. The systems have been taken over buy a ""time-bomb"" left by the chopper's evil creator, Dr. Moffett, who has programmed it to begin the deadly behaviour if not given it a recognition code by him at that time. Hawke and Dominic must decide whether to let the Firm scientists try and work on the machine - risking having them snatching it back away from them - or to find another way to try and cure The Lady before completing their part in the sanctions, knowing that if they fail to completely cure it, they jeopardise not only international relations, but potentially hundreds of lives...

Episode #4: The Truth About Holly (air date: 1984-10-13)

After Hawke rescues Dominic's niece Holly from a mobster's compound in Mexico, strange things start happening at Santini Air. At first, Hawke and Dominic assume that the mobster is trying to scare the girl, but, especially when Hawke turns down Holly's advances of romance, the incidents get worse... Meanwhile, Caitlin O'Shannessy arrives fresh from her escapade with Hawke against the corrupt Police of Pope County, and looks for work at Santini Air. He close relationship with Hawke somehow seems to fuel the incidents...

Episode #5: The Hunted (air date: 1984-10-20)

Santini Air is hired for a 30 day period by agents on behalf of a industrial millionaire, to be on stand-by to pilot the man on an important journey when called upon. Dominic is excited at the prospect of the high-paying job, but Hawke is more sceptical and intends to find out just why they've been given the contract. But unbeknown to any of them, Caitlin's new boyfriend is plotting to assassinate the millionaire; and matters are not helped any by some malfunctions that Airwolf is suffering...

Episode #6: Sins of the Past (air date: 1984-10-27)

Dominic is distraught to hear that his daughter Sally-Anne - whom Hawke never even knew existed - has been found dead on the beach after over-dosing, in the Caribbean Island of San Remo, where Dom himself was born. Detouring in their way to a top-secret Airwolf mission for the Firm, Hawke flies Dominic to the island to attend the funeral, only for it to end in an argument with his bitter ex-wife Lila. Returning from their mission, they hear that Lila was murdered the previous night, and Dominic is arrested as the prime suspect. When Archangel is ordered not to allow Firm involvement as not to risk uncovering the secret mission, Hawke heads to the luxurious San Remo to investigate the murder for himself, and finds the island is living in the shadow of a new gambling casino, run by a very shady character with great influence in the area...

Episode #7: Fallen Angel (a.k.a. Angel of Mercy) (air date: 1984-11-03)

String must add Caitlin to the Airwolf crew, in order to rescue Archangel from behind enemy lines.

Episode #8: HX 1 (air date: 1984-11-10)

When new hi-tech attack chopper HX1 is stolen by an elite group of mercenaries, the tactics used fits those that Hawke's MIA brother St. John was trained in, and Hawke is certain that his brother may somehow be involved. Dominic begs him to leave well alone, but Hawke is adamant, and with Archangel insisting that if it cant be retrieved, the Firm will blow HX1 and anyone flying it out of the sky, Hawke goes back into his past and some of the people he knows from it, to desperately try and get a lead on the group and mercenaries and possibly St. John... But the HX1 is so powerful, it may even be able to blow Airwolf out of the sky...

Episode #9: Flight #093 Is Missing (air date: 1984-11-17)

Caitlin is a passenger on board a plane which Airwolf is sent to search for after the plane is hijacked and forced down at sea.

Episode #10: Once a Hero (a.k.a. Heroes) (air date: 1984-11-24)

String receives information that St. John is being held in a POW camp, but by the time a rescue operations put into effect St. John has been moved.

Episode #11: Random Target (air date: 1984-12-08)

While filming aerial footage, String and Dom accidentally get footage of a mobster believed dead.

Episode #12: Condemned (air date: 1985-01-05)

String and Caitlin are sent to a remote Alaskan research station where a deadly Russian bacteria has been let loose.

Episode #13: The American Dream (air date: 1985-01-12)

The Airwolf crew decides to help a group of Vietnamese farmers get their crop to market, after a warlord threatens their lives.

Episode #14: Inn at the End of the Road (air date: 1985-01-26)

A pilot who escaped from terrorists who stole an experimental aircraft guidance computer leads the Airwolf team to the remote community where the terrorists are holed up.

Episode #15: Santini's Millions (air date: 1985-02-02)

Dom inherits from the estate of a millionaire whom he had earlier rescued from a plane crash.

Episode #16: Prisoner of Yesterday (air date: 1985-02-09)

The Airwolf team ends up stopping a Banana republic coup when they set out to rescue Doc, who had been kidnapped to treat the nation's leader.

Episode #17: Natural Born (air date: 1985-02-23)

The Airwolf crew befriend a runaway looking for revenge on the drug runners that murdered his uncle.

Episode #18: Out of the Sky (air date: 1985-03-02)

While working on a music video, String helps a country singer whose manager plans to kill her in an effort to boost album sales.

Episode #19: Dambreakers (air date: 1985-03-16)

String and a reporter friend are taken hostage by terrorists who have taken over a Christian commune.

Episode #20: Severance Pay (air date: 1985-03-23)

String must bring in a disgruntled former Firm employee whose been denied his retirement benefits.

Episode #21: Eruption (air date: 1985-04-06)

After being forced down by a volcano eruption, String and Dom discover a mining town being run as a slave colony.

Episode #22: Short Walk to Freedom (air date: 1985-04-13)

String is captured by Latin American revolutionaries while attempting to rescue American archaeological students trapped by a coup.

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