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Angel season 3

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22 episodes (635 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:David Boreanaz, J. August Richards, Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof, Glenn Quinn, Amy Acker, Mercedes McNab, James Marsters, Vincent Kartheiser, Andy Hallett, Elisabeth Rohm Genre:Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror Channel:The WB Status:Ended

8.6 (84 votes)

Angel season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Heartthrob (air date: 2001-09-24)

As Angel mourns Buffy's death, he battles a lovelorn vampire seeking revenge for the death of his beloved, who was killed by Angel.

Episode #2: That Vision Thing (air date: 2001-10-01)

Lilah coerces Angel to help in securing the release of a prisoner that The Powers That Be have locked in a fiery prison.

Episode #3: That Old Gang of Mine (air date: 2001-10-08)

Gunn's loyalties are torn between his current demon-hunting associates and the gang he used to hang out with, which has taken to killing demons for fun instead of defense.

Episode #4: Carpe Noctem (air date: 2001-10-15)

An old man uses an ancient incantation to switch bodies with Angel.

Episode #5: Fredless (air date: 2001-10-22)

When Fred's parents come to take her home, she feels she should go with them...until she earns a place in the group by figuring out the key to an attack of larger bug demons.

Episode #6: Billy (air date: 2001-10-29)

Angel's friends are affected by a man with the power to make other men brutalise women.

Episode #7: Offspring (air date: 2001-11-05)

Darla returns and reveals that she is pregnant with Angel's child.

Episode #8: Quickening (air date: 2001-11-12)

As Angel and his friends try to determine what kind of baby Darla will have, Holtz starts his search for Angel... while Lilah and Nathan send out a SWAT team to find Darla.

Episode #9: Lullaby (air date: 2001-11-19)

As Darla goes through a difficult labour, Holtz pursues Angel.

Episode #10: Dad (air date: 2001-12-10)

Angel tries to keep his son safe from the many demons, vampires and humans who would like to harm the baby; Holtz joins forces with another vampire slayer.

Episode #11: Birthday (air date: 2002-01-14)

On her birthday, Cordelia learns her visions will kill her unless she goes back in time and chooses a different path in life - which doesn't include Angel.

Episode #12: Provider (air date: 2002-01-21)

Fred solves a puzzle for a group of demons who literally want to buy her brain; Angel is hired to clean out a vampire nest by a man who can't afford to pay for Angel's services; Wes and Gunn help a woman whose dead boyfriend is stalking her.

Episode #13: Waiting in the Wings (air date: 2002-02-04)

Angel and his friends attend a ballet,where Angel realises he saw the exact same dancers on stage 110 years ago.

Episode #14: Couplet (air date: 2002-02-18)

Angel struggles with his jealousy of the Groosalugg and Cordelia's attraction to him; Gunn and Fred get captured by a tree monster.

Episode #15: Loyalty (air date: 2002-02-25)

Wes dreads the fulfilment of the prophecy that Angel will kill Connor; Sahjhan becomes dissatisfied with Holtz's progress in stalking Angel and take matters into his own hands; Fred and Gunn try to figure out how to juggle working together with their new romance.

Episode #16: Sleep Tight (air date: 2002-03-04)

To save Connor's life, Wes takes him away from Angel; Angel uncovers Lilah's plot to have him kill Connor, Holtz finally attacks.

Episode #17: Forgiving (air date: 2002-04-15)

As Fred and Gunn search for Wesley, Angel searches for Sahjhan - and casts a spell to make him corporeal so he can be killed.

Episode #18: Double or Nothing (air date: 2002-04-22)

When a demon that Gunn once sold his soul to comes to collect on the debt, Angel, Fred and Cordelia help to save him.

Episode #19: The Price (air date: 2002-04-29)

Angel's hotel is infested with demonic slugscreated by the spell he used to alter Sahjhan.

Episode #20: A New World (air date: 2002-05-06)

Angel pursues Connor, who makes a new friend on the streets; something else comes through the portal from Quor-toth; Lilah approaches Wesley.

Episode #21: Benediction (air date: 2002-05-13)

Holtz insists that Connor rejoins Angel; Justine learns Holtz is back; the Groosalugg realises the depths of Cordelia's feelings for Angel.

Episode #22: Tomorrow (air date: 2002-05-20)

Connor returns to Angel to seek his revenge; Angel and Cordelia acknowledge their feelings for each other.

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