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Animal Kingdom 2016 season 3

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Animal Kingdom 2016 season 3 poster
13 episodes (1102 views)
Air weekdate:Tuesday
Cast:Ellen Barkin, Finn Cole, Scott Speedman, Spencer Treat Clark, Shawn Hatosy, Emily Deschanel, Ben Robson, Jake Weary
Genre:Drama, Crime
8.3/10(431 votes)

Animal Kingdom tv series can be called one of the most intense action-dramas on cable television. The final of the season 2 is confirmed this. Not only that the head of the Cody clan is behind bars, so Baz also is injured and his life is under threat. Dangers will lie in wait for the main characters at every turn in the upcoming episodes of season 3. While Smurf is in prison, the youngest Cody takes over the management of affairs. As a result, his uncles are not happy with the situation, because Joshua’s experience is not enough. Business in general and Cody family in particular are the animal dangerous kingdom … Billy, Deran’s father, whom Smurf kicked away many years ago, returns to his relatives on the pretext of reconciliation, but actually pursues personal goals. Moreover, some external threat will hang over the family, because of which the separated kin will be forced to come together in Animal Kingdom season 3.

Animal Kingdom 2016 season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: The Killing (air date: 2018-05-29)

Baz fights for his life as the Cody boys figure out what their next move is in the aftermath of the shooting. Smurf gets some surprising news in jail and fields an offer from Pearce.

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Episode #2: In the Red (air date: 2018-06-05)

J struggles to keep the family business afloat after Smurf enlists him to make sure all the bills get paid. Deran makes his own moves independent of the family. Pope learns the ins and outs of parenting as he cares for Lena, and Craig makes enemies in Mexico.

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Episode #3: The Center Will Hold (air date: 2018-06-12)

Smurf navigates prison politics in pursuit of a potential job. J pulls the Cody boys together to keep the family enterprise going. Nicky gets into serious trouble when she tries to impress an old friend.

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Episode #4: Wolves (air date: 2018-06-19)

With the cops on their tail, the Cody boys try to pull off their first heist without Smurf and Baz. They return to find unexpected guests waiting at the house. Smurf demands that J get rid of them as she deals with a problem of her own in jail.

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Episode #5: Prey (air date: 2018-06-26)

Deran gets to know his father Billy and helps J with a dilemma as Pearce closes in on Smurf's laundering operation. Craig uncovers a secret that sends him to Smurf and Nicky must decide whether she belongs in the Cody family or not.

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Episode #6: Broke from the Box (air date: 2018-07-03)

J tries to make his relationship with Nicky work as he faces pressure from Smurf to clean up loose ends from Javi's murder. Craig gathers the boys to defend the Codys' reputation when outsiders move in on their territory.

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Episode #7: Low Man (air date: 2018-07-10)

Deran leads the charge in planning the weed heist. Lucy calls Pope down to Mexico for some intel on Baz's murder. J reaches a breaking point with Smurf. Craig learns more about Billy's girlfriend Frankie.

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Episode #8: Incoming (air date: 2018-07-17)

The weed heist goes awry and leaves J and Deran stranded. Pope and Billy butt heads as Craig tries to keep the peace between them. Smurf learns about what J has been hiding from her since she's been away.

360p (mp4 340.6 MB)
Episode #9: Libertad (air date: 2018-07-24)

A decision from Deran's past comes back to haunt him. J works to get back into Smurf's good graces as she tries to take away his control over the family business. As he learns more about the Cody dynamics, Billy uses his past with Smurf to his advantage.

360p (mp4 360.1 MB)
Episode #10: Off the Tit (air date: 2018-07-31)

Tensions run high as Billy pressures the family to give him what he's owed. Craig has a surprise meeting that makes him reconsider his future. Smurf comes to the boys with a proposal and they struggle to hold onto the freedom they had when she was in jail.

360p (mp4 254.0 MB)
Episode #11: Jackpot (air date: 2018-08-07)

Smurf enlists the boys in a surprise job that results in devastating consequences. Pope is forced to confront the truth about Baz's murder as J steps up for the family in an unexpected way.

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Episode #12: Homecoming (air date: 2018-08-14)

The Cody family picks up the pieces from their showdown with Lucy; Smurf becomes determined to reel Pope back into the fold at any cost; J goes to extreme lenghts to protect a secret.

360p (mp4 363.9 MB)
Episode #13: The Hyenas (air date: 2018-08-21)

J realizes the danger of balancing his role in the family with his personal life. Deran wants to take his relationship with Adrian to the next level. Smurf offers the boys the independence they've been asking for, but not for free.

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