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Arrow season 7

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Arrow season 7 poster
22 episodes (6357 views)
Air weekdate:Tuesday
Cast:Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, Colin Donnell, Susanna Thompson, Colton Haynes, Manu Bennett, John Barrowman, Echo Kellum, Rick Gonzalez, Juliana Harkavy, Kirk Acevedo, Sea Shimooka, Katherine McNamara, Matthew Nable, Katrina Law, Neal McDonough, Ben Lewis, Caity Lotz, Kevin Alejandro, Summer Glau, Dylan Neal, Celina Jade, Colin Salmon, Byron Mann, Brandon Routh, Karl Yune, Rila Fukushima, Audrey Marie Anderson, Andrea Sixtos
Channel:The CW
8.2/10(21424 votes)

Arrow had to reveal its identity and go to jail in the final of the previous season. As a result, millionaire and superhero Oliver Queen will get acquainted with the harsh prison laws and enter into a real battle for survival in the upcoming season 7. Prisoner No. 4587 will be waiting for a new encounter with criminals such as the Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Derek Sampson (Cody Runnels) and Danny Brickwell (Vinnie Jones). And while Oliver redeems his guilt in a prison, a new defender will appear in Starling City, who will dress in an archer costume...

Arrow season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: Inmate 4587 (air date: 2018-10-15)

In prison, Oliver tries to keep his head down and serve out his time so he can be reunited with his family. Felicity and William are in witness protection, Laurel is the city's new mayor, Rene is teaching boxing, Diggle and Curtis are working at ARGUS, and Dinah is the new police chief. While Dragon tracks down Oliver's loved one, a new vigilante calling himself Green Arrow fights the criminals of Star City.

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Episode #2: The Longbow Hunters (air date: 2018-10-22)

Diaz hires the Longbow Hunters to help him steal an ARGUS weapon. Felicity and Diggle fight over how to deal with the thieves, while in prison, Oliver finds that he has to pay a price to get the information he needs from Brick.

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Episode #3: Crossing Lines (air date: 2018-10-29)

Brick promises Oliver that an informer named the Demon has the information that Oliver wants... if Oliver can get to him. In Star City Felicity goes to Watson and demands her help bringing Diaz to justice, while Diaz and the Longbow Hunters invade the CDC.

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Episode #4: Level Two (air date: 2018-11-05)

A prison psychiatrist pays Oliver a visit. Meanwhile, Rene convinces Dinah to let him help her investigate a series of fires in the Glades, and Laurel warns Felicity about embrainc the darkness. In the future, William and Roy learn more about what's happening in Star City and meet a member of the Vigilante Resistance.

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Episode #5: The Demon (air date: 2018-11-12)

Felicity discovers that Oliver's visitation rights have been revoked, while Oliver meets an old friend on Level Two and forms an alliance. Meanwhile, Curtis has second thoughts about going out into the field as an ARGUS undercover operative, and Laurel and Dinah join forces to help Felicity.

360p (mp4 219.7 MB)
Episode #6: Due Process (air date: 2018-11-19)

While Laurel tries to get Oliver released from prison, Felicity and the others join forces to capture Diaz... with help from the new Green Arrow. In the future, William and the others get a glimpse of Felicity's plans for Star City.

360p (mp4 239.7 MB)
Episode #7: The Slabside Redemption (air date: 2018-11-26)

Diaz enters Slabside and takes control of the place, releasing the inmates. Oliver must team up with an old enemy to stop him.

360p (mp4 294.1 MB)
Episode #8: Unmasked (air date: 2018-12-03)

Oliver reaccustoms himself to life out of prison, while a killer posing as the new Green Arrow kills two men. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyle discover a secret terrorist backer and turned to an unexpected ally.

360p (mp4 278.0 MB)
Episode #9: Elseworlds, Part 2 (air date: 2018-12-10)

Barry, Oliver, and Kara travel to Gotham City to try to find Deagan, and meet the city's new protector while discovering that Bruce Wayne has vanished. Meanwhile, a Flash from another world arrives to warn the heroes of what they face and who is responsible.

360p (mp4 460.9 MB)
Episode #10: My Name is Emiko Queen (air date: 2019-01-21)

Emiko goes hunting for the man who killed her mother, and gets a new partner. Meanwhile, Oliver learns about the half-sister he never knew he had, and Diggle makes Diaz a deal in return for Dante's whereabouts.

360p (mp4 233.4 MB)
Episode #11: Past Sins (air date: 2019-01-28)

Oliver and Laurel go on TV for an interview and end up making themselves targets of two separate individuals. At ARGUS, Curtis has objections to the Ghost Initiative program when Diggle and Lyla order him to monitor the bombs in the members' heads.

360p (mp4 239.3 MB)
Episode #12: Emerald Archer (air date: 2019-02-04)

Oliver gives a documentary team access to him and his family as part of his new transparency, and they probe into every corner of his life--and the lives of other vigilantes in Star City--as a vigilante mask-killer shows up.

360p (mp4 272.9 MB)
Episode #13: Star City Slayer (air date: 2019-02-11)

The Star City Slayer claims another victim, and Dinah reaches out to Captain Singh in Central City for information. William calls his grandparents, and Curtis comes to a decision about his future career.

360p (mp4 214.1 МБ)
Episode #14: Brothers & Sisters (air date: 2019-03-04)

Diggle, Lyla, and the Ghost Initiative close in on Dante, but they soon discover that their are traitors among them. Oliver reaches out to Emiko, and in the future William reaches out to Mia.

360p (mp4 224.7 MB)
Episode #15: Training Day (air date: 2019-03-11)

Oliver and the team attempt to work for the SCPD following their procedure, but find them overly restrictive compared to what they're accustomed to. In the future, William and Mia work together to find a way to listen to the audio cassette.

360p (mp4 289.2 MB)
Episode #16: Star City 2040 (air date: 2019-03-18)

In 2040, the team discover that Galaxy One is a cover for Eden Corps and that the company plans to blow up Star City. William and Mia find Felicity, and Rene decides which side that he's on.

360p (mp4 267.0 MB)
Episode #17: Inheritance (air date: 2019-03-25)

Oliver learns that Emiko is concealing things from him, and tries to redeem her. The team faces a new threat--the Ninth Circle--while Laurel tries to get testimony from a reluctant witness.

360p (mp4 236.3 MB)
Episode #18: Lost Canary (air date: 2019-04-15)

Laurel reverts to her Black Siren ways and teams up with a new partner, Shadow Thief. Dinah puts out an arrest warrant on Laurel, but Felicity isn't convinced her friend is beyond redemption and calls in another friend to help. Meanwhile, Oliver and Spartan set out to learn who had Emiko's mother killed.

360p (mp4 245.6 MB)
Episode #19: Spartan (air date: 2019-04-22)

After the Ninth Circle steals valuable data, Diggle is forced to turn to his stepfather for help... and he blames the man for the death of his biological father. In the future, Felicity, Mia and Connor learn the extent of Galaxy One's plans.

360p (mp4 263.5 MB)
Episode #20: Confessions (air date: 2019-04-29)

Two transit guards are murdered at the scene of a Team Arrow operation, and Dinah tries to determine the truth about who killed them.

360p (mp4 259.0 MB)
Episode #21: Living Proof (air date: 2019-05-06)

Emiko's plans for Star City continue: Oliver is trapped, the team is wanted by the police, and Felicity is on the run.

360p (mp4 226.0 MB)
Episode #22: You Have Saved This City (air date: 2019-05-13)

Oliver tries to save Star City and redeem Emiko. In the future, Mia and William set out to bring down Galaxy One with some help from their friends.

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