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Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Comedy
Channel: Freeform
Status: Ended
7.8/10(30 votes)
Jean-Luc Bilodeau Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Ben
Derek Theler Derek Theler as Danny
Chelsea Kane Chelsea Kane as Riley
Katie Gill Katie Gill as Elle
Melissa Peterman Melissa Peterman as Bonnie
Peter Porte Peter Porte as Brad
Sura Harris / Kayleigh Harris Sura Harris / Kayleigh Harris as Emma
Sura Harris / Kayleigh Harris Sura Harris / Kayleigh Harris as Emma
Tahj Mowry Tahj Mowry as Tucker

A 20-something bachelor bartender becomes an unlikely parent when an ex-girlfriend leaves a baby girl on his doorstep.

Baby Daddy season 2

Baby Daddy season 2 poster

Watch single dad, Ben, his brother Danny, his buddy Tucker, and close childhood friend and secret admirer as they navigate single life in New York City under the constant supervision of Ben's overbearing mother, Bonnie. And not to mention they're doing all of this while raising baby Emma!

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Baby Daddy season 3

Baby Daddy season 3 poster

In third season, Ben is raising Baby Emma with support from Tucker, Danny, his mother, Bonnie and his childhood female friend, Riley, who is blissfully unaware that Danny has been in love with her for most of his life. The love triangle between Ben, Riley and Danny is still very prevalent, despite other relationships. Everyone is trying to figure out the next chapter in their lives and who they want to spend it with, but no one struggles with becoming an adult more than the over-the-top matriarch, Bonnie.

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Baby Daddy season 4

Baby Daddy season 4 poster

Ben Wheeler – a twenty years old man, who has not decided on his plans for the future and is quite idle and does not burden with life. Everything changes when on his threshold defines a shopping with a child – his daughter, who was left by the former girlfriend. Bewildered Ben decides to raise the child alone. In this he assisted by his older brother, Danny – a professional hockey player – and best friend and roommate Tucker Dobbs. Also, there are Bens mother, a former model who always ready to help him, and a friend of Riley, who is long and hopelessly in love with Ben. To release a new, fourth season is planned in the spring of 2015. The exact date is not yet determined as well as the number of series. The “Baby Daddy” goes on channel ABC Family since June of 2012 and consists today of three full seasons.

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Baby Daddy season 5

Baby Daddy season 5 poster

The fourth season ended with a sad culmination point: the romance triangle between Danny, Riley and Ben is over. Wedding of Brad and Bonnie is interfered with a stunning proposal from Danny! This was quite a shock! So, there appear so many questions according to the next fifth season. What will become of Riley and Danny? How will their romance affect Ben’s future life? Will Brad and Bonnie ever get married? These and even more secrets will be unraveled in season 5. Here we’ll uncover where Riley and Danny’s relations will lead during the next twenty episodes. The first of them will feature the consequences of the proposal, and then there will be a time jump, showing the couple in another month. There will be a fresh take of their romance. Ben and his feelings will also be allotted a huge part of the season. Now he grows up and figures out what he really wants to do. By the beginning of season five Brad and Bonnie are still not married, but they want to. It’s quite challenging for both. Follow Baby Daddy season 5!

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Baby Daddy season 6

Baby Daddy season 6 poster

In the center of the plot is a young 20-years-old Ben Riley. His carefree life full of parties and other entertainment. He lives for pleasure, he has many fans and fleeting romances. He is the master of his life. But all were changed in an instant. The former Ben's girlfriend gave birth to his child. One day she came to his home and left the baby in the stroller. She argued she must to go but she cannot take the child with her. As if the earth went out from under Ben's feet. As if the ceiling fell on his head! What will he do with baby? How to handle with him? That child should eat? How Ben must to change the diapers? The young guy blow your brains out. In the beginning it was hard for him. But his mother Bonnie helped him cope with his duties. In a short time to Emma's education joined his brother Danny and neighbor Tucker. They have a wonderful family. But for little Emma needs to find a loving mommy. And her mother will be Ben's girlfriend. She loves Ben for a long time and finally she will reveal her feelings to him. Ben very loved his baby. He won't give she anyone. But what will happen if Amy's mom will come around and pick her up? New trials await Ben. He will be making adult decisions. You will worry the fate of the baby with him together. But exactly You will laugh heartily!

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