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BandS season 1

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2 episodes (131 views)

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BandS season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: San Francisco (air date: 2001-04-02)

The three bands meet and get to know one another. Cory gets bad news. Flickerstick has issues with their own members, while Harlow and Soulcracker fight each other. One band gets a special opportunity.

Episode #2: Chicago (air date: )

The bands are in for some surprises. All the groups run into promoting problems. Dominic continues to cause trouble.

Episode #3: Chicago (2) (air date: )

The bands promote their shows. Soulcracker begins to have doubts, while the other three bands bond.

Episode #4: Cleveland (air date: )

Two days to promote their show proves to be difficult for some bands. The Josh Dodes Band has an accident, Flickerstick hits the bars, Soulcracker makes a comeback, and Harlow makes themselves some good luck.

Episode #5: Pittsburgh (air date: )

The bands must play together. Some bands work together, while others work separately.

Episode #6: Columbus (air date: )

The bands find out they will be playing two shows in Columbus. The other bands are upset with Soulcracker for playing dirty, but The Josh Dodes Band makes a deal with them anyway.

Episode #7: Columbus (2) (air date: )

The Battle of the Bands will determine who says goodbye. Soulcracker and the Josh Dodes Band work hard. Harlow gives it shot. And, Flickerstick gives up. But, surprises are in store for them all.

Episode #8: Nashville (air date: )

The bands must try to fit into Nashville, a task that proves difficult for them all.

Episode #9: Memphis (air date: )

The bands are tired and lonely, but are offered several bonus opportunities--a casino and a morning show.

Episode #10: New Orleans (air date: )

New Orleans sees Flickerstick renew their party spirit. It's Harlow's turn to feel down, and Soulcracker wants to meet up with their girlfriends.

Episode #11: Atlanta (air date: )

Harlow has doubts. Soulcracker shows weakness. Flickerstick keeps on partying while Cory has girl trouble.

Episode #12: Atlanta (2) (air date: )

The bands play tricks on one another. Soulcracker continues to fight. Flickerstick makes an effort. And, Harlow plays some shady shows.

Episode #13: Tampa (air date: )

Everyone is concerned by the upcoming Battle of the Bands as tensions rise within the groups. One band says goodbye.

Episode #14: Miami (air date: )

The bands say a final goodbye to Harlow. Soulcracker and Flickerstick get information about the last battle of the bands and start promoting the final showdown.

Episode #15: Miami (2) (air date: )

Soulcracker and Flickertick gear up for the final Battle of the Bands, and the winner is announced

Episode #16: Reunion (air date: 2001-07-15)

The bands catch up with one another and find out the answers to unanswered questions.


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