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Banshee poster
Genre: Drama, Action, Crime
Channel: Cinemax
Status: Ended
8.7/10(5079 votes)
Antony Starr Antony Starr as Lucas Hood
Antony Starr Antony Starr as Lucas Hood
Ben Cross Ben Cross as Mr. Rabbit
Christos Vasilopoulos Christos Vasilopoulos as Olek
Daniel Ross Owens Daniel Ross Owens as Mayor Dan Kendall
Demetrius Grosse Demetrius Grosse as Emmett Yawners
Eddie Cooper Eddie Cooper as Fat au
Frankie Faison Frankie Faison as Sugar Bates
Gabriel Suttle Gabriel Suttle as Max Hopewell
Geno Segers Geno Segers as Chayton LittleStone

Banshee stars Antony Starr as Lucas Hood, an ex-con and master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania, where he continues his criminal activities, even as he's hunted by the shadowy gangsters he betrayed years earlier.

Banshee season 1

Banshee season 1 poster

For the attention of visitors to our site! Novelty Banshee took the start and it means you can find him in repertory our online theater. The main hero is a criminal, which robbed his boss- bandit nicknamed Rabbit. He stole a large sum and received a term. The next 15 years were held in detention. Freed Lucas Hood decides to take refuge in a rundown town called Banshee, because he understands that forgiveness from the former boss did not receiv. There he met his former lover and accomplice Anastasia. Now she is not that old Anastasia. She says that to do away with her dirty business and chose to start a family. Lucas was surprised when he heard this news. After all, he is waiting for her. Lucas Hood become the possessor of nonweak the position after some time. He became a chance witness of the death of one of the police officers. Now he is the owner of the sign and all documents which have been with the police. This event opened the door for him into a new life. Lucas Hood is no more. It's time for Sheriff Banshee. Under his authority are many criminals and other suspicious persons. New Life of sheriff Banshee became a desperate struggle with lawlessness, but he still remains the goal for his long-time enemy of the Rabbit. The plans also include the return of Hood's favorite, which now bears the name of Kerry. And that's not all there in the list of the main character. The most fun is just beginning.

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Banshee season 2

Banshee season 2 poster

The season two of Banshee series is full of more thrilling events. As we may recall from the season one, Carrie lets Lucas know of her wish to return her family back and that Lucas is forced to get away before his identity is established. Rebecca tries to balance all pros and cons concerning abandoning her previous life after the bomb caused the mayor killing in the hotel. But Proctor reassures her. Jim Racine is an FBI Agent who comes in Banshee to conduct a closed session of court. But soon we find out that he concerns himself more with finding Rabbit. Racine wants to leave the town but before that she is going to make a great revelation regarding Xavier. Deva is caught in shop theft. What punishment will she get? Meanwhile Lucas meets Nola and they have a strong sexual attraction to each other. Racine questions a priest finding out a nugget of information. The cross lining between Proctor and Alex reaches heights, what consequences will it entail?

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Banshee season 3

Banshee season 3 poster

The third season begins with an episode where Lucas, Brock and Siwon find neo nazi who is guilty in the murder of deputy sheriff Emmett. The relations of Carrie and her husband are on the brink of divorce. She is a waitress in the bar where clients allow themselves a lot of breadths. Chayton attacks the base of sea-soldiers. A new season also demonstrates us a new character – a troubled teenager, who gets into the shop at midnight. Nevertheless he has a father sheriff to help in a difficult moment… Hood and Indians will amaze us with interesting local entertainment – selection of the Commander in Chief. That man is selected who punches stronger and more accurate on the face of the opponent. These series promise to be particularly captivating, especially when it comes to fights. The combat between Nola and “Butterfly” Clay is indeed excellent. Here we also witness a robbery executed by means of underground tunnel. These and even more fantastic episodes of Banshee wait for you in the season 3.

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Banshee season 4

Banshee season 4 poster

In Banshee series the plotline develops apace! This action movie keeps the viewer on tenterhooks and jangles nerves. Every scene is deep-laid, the episodes are shot very realistically, and the whole picture fascinates. The fourth season introduces us a new character, Veronica Dowson, an FBI agent. The show runners describe her as a strikingly reckless, hot, and rude profiler. She will cooperate with Lucas Hood in their search for a serial killer. It goes without saying, that her “inner daemons” will make this task feasible rather in name, than in deed. All in all, this character resembles ninety-five percent Banshee’s population and will fit ideally in with the company of Hood, Carrie, Proctor and others. Her appearance in the series is just the first of several changes, awaiting the fourth season. We know that a severe skirmish in the third season has led to the death of one of the protagonists, which causes Sheriff Hood’s resignation. Who will work with the FBI agent, then?

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