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BeastMaster season 2

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22 episodes (370 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine, Monika Schnarre, Natalie Mendoza, Dai Paterson, Dylan Bierk, Grahame Bond, Marjean Holden, Steven Grives, Emilie deRavin, Sam Healy Genre:Action, Adventure Channel:SciFi Status:Ended

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BeastMaster season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Manlinks (air date: 2000-10-07)

When two new races enter the Territories, Dar and Tao get caught up in the struggle as these groups challenge Zad and his Terrons for supremacy.

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Episode #2: Iara (air date: 2000-10-14)

Dar and Tao search for missing men on an island inhabited by the deadly serpent demon Iara and a colony of strange and exotic women.

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Episode #3: Seer (air date: 2000-10-21)

Dar protects Olwen, a Seer pursued by Arina and the Terrons who plan to exploit her powers for their own selfish purposes.

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Episode #4: Orpheo (air date: 2000-10-28)

Arina's lover returns from beyond the grave and wants to take her back with him.

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Episode #5: Xinca (air date: 2000-11-04)

Tao's life is threatened when he returns to his homeland of Xinca. Elsewhere, the warrior-guide Arina leads the Nords in an attack against the Terrons.

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Episode #6: Ghosts of the Forest (air date: 2000-11-11)

It takes the determined spirit of a dying tiger to help Tao recognize a new purpose in his own life.

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Episode #7: Rage (air date: 2000-11-18)

Dar and Tao prove that communication can be a powerful weapon when they become involved in the Royal Family's bitter dispute.

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Episode #8: White Tiger (air date: 2000-11-25)

The BeastMaster is stalked by the evil demon, Iara, who plots to win him for herself.

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Episode #9: Heart Like a Lion (air date: 2000-12-02)

Dar goes to battle to save an entire village from the forces of the evil despot, Arkon.

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Episode #10: Gone (air date: 2001-01-20)

The BeastMaster intervenes to save a rare Tasmanian tiger from extinction, while Voden attempts to manipulate Dar into helping him expand his empire.

360p (mp4 149.4 MB)
Episode #11: Golgotha (air date: 2001-01-27)

Dar fights to restore the balance of nature when a village starts losing young women to the river's starving crocodiles.

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Episode #12: Tao's Brother (air date: 2001-02-03)

An Eiron leader emerges to reclaim Tao's homeland of Xinca from the evil Blood Priests.

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Episode #13: Wild Child (air date: 2001-02-10)

Dar vows to reunite Huna with her long lost child, raised from infancy by wolves, and now hunted by the murderous Milos.

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Episode #14: Mate for Life (air date: 2001-02-17)

Dar helps the young Lyca escape the tyranny of the tribe of lion people.

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Episode #15: Centaurs (air date: 2001-02-24)

Dar helps Sagitto and Radia, centaur archers forced from the safety of their homeland.

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Episode #16: Fifth Element (air date: 2001-03-03)

Dar and Tao must save the world from destruction when the evil Annubis is accidentally released from his rock prison.

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Episode #17: A Terrible Silence (air date: 2001-04-14)

Iara strips Dar of his power to communicate with animals, and unwittingly sets all of nature off balance.

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Episode #18: Birds (air date: 2001-04-21)

Dar must right an imbalance of nature when the birds of the forest suddenly turn against humans.

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Episode #19: Mydoro (air date: 2001-04-28)

The BeastMaster must intervene to prevent the Eirons' miraculous healing crystal from falling into the hands of the malevolent King Voden.

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Episode #20: Game of Death (air date: 2001-05-05)

Dar infiltrates the city of Chalka to free the sacred tigers and release Queen Lyoka from her inner turmoil.

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Episode #21: Regeneration (air date: 2001-05-12)

Arina must seek Dar's help when she is pursued by The Apparition who is after her unborn child, and by Voden who desires her mare's foal.

360p (mp4 142.9 MB)
Episode #22: Clash of the Titans (air date: 2001-05-19)

Dar is drawn into a battle between King Zad and King Voden in order to save Tao, Arina and a band of captured elephants.

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