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BeastMaster season 2

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22 episodes (102 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Daniel Goddard, Jackson Raine, Monika Schnarre, Natalie Mendoza, Dai Paterson, Dylan Bierk, Grahame Bond, Marjean Holden, Steven Grives, Emilie deRavin, Sam Healy Genre:Action, Adventure Channel:SciFi Status:Ended

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BeastMaster season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Manlinks (air date: 2000-10-07)

When two new races enter the Territories, Dar and Tao get caught up in the struggle as these groups challenge Zad and his Terrons for supremacy.

Episode #2: Iara (air date: 2000-10-14)

Dar and Tao search for missing men on an island inhabited by the deadly serpent demon Iara and a colony of strange and exotic women.

Episode #3: Seer (air date: 2000-10-21)

Dar protects Olwen, a Seer pursued by Arina and the Terrons who plan to exploit her powers for their own selfish purposes.

Episode #4: Orpheo (air date: 2000-10-28)

Arina's lover returns from beyond the grave and wants to take her back with him.

Episode #5: Xinca (air date: 2000-11-04)

Tao's life is threatened when he returns to his homeland of Xinca. Elsewhere, the warrior-guide Arina leads the Nords in an attack against the Terrons.

Episode #6: Ghosts of the Forest (air date: 2000-11-11)

It takes the determined spirit of a dying tiger to help Tao recognize a new purpose in his own life.

Episode #7: Rage (air date: 2000-11-18)

Dar and Tao prove that communication can be a powerful weapon when they become involved in the Royal Family's bitter dispute.

Episode #8: White Tiger (air date: 2000-11-25)

The BeastMaster is stalked by the evil demon, Iara, who plots to win him for herself.

Episode #9: Heart Like a Lion (air date: 2000-12-02)

Dar goes to battle to save an entire village from the forces of the evil despot, Arkon.

Episode #10: Gone (air date: 2001-01-20)

The BeastMaster intervenes to save a rare Tasmanian tiger from extinction, while Voden attempts to manipulate Dar into helping him expand his empire.

Episode #11: Golgotha (air date: 2001-01-27)

Dar fights to restore the balance of nature when a village starts losing young women to the river's starving crocodiles.

Episode #12: Tao's Brother (air date: 2001-02-03)

An Eiron leader emerges to reclaim Tao's homeland of Xinca from the evil Blood Priests.

Episode #13: Wild Child (air date: 2001-02-10)

Dar vows to reunite Huna with her long lost child, raised from infancy by wolves, and now hunted by the murderous Milos.

Episode #14: Mate for Life (air date: 2001-02-17)

Dar helps the young Lyca escape the tyranny of the tribe of lion people.

Episode #15: Centaurs (air date: 2001-02-24)

Dar helps Sagitto and Radia, centaur archers forced from the safety of their homeland.

Episode #16: Fifth Element (air date: 2001-03-03)

Dar and Tao must save the world from destruction when the evil Annubis is accidentally released from his rock prison.

Episode #17: A Terrible Silence (air date: 2001-04-14)

Iara strips Dar of his power to communicate with animals, and unwittingly sets all of nature off balance.

Episode #18: Birds (air date: 2001-04-21)

Dar must right an imbalance of nature when the birds of the forest suddenly turn against humans.

Episode #19: Mydoro (air date: 2001-04-28)

The BeastMaster must intervene to prevent the Eirons' miraculous healing crystal from falling into the hands of the malevolent King Voden.

Episode #20: Game of Death (air date: 2001-05-05)

Dar infiltrates the city of Chalka to free the sacred tigers and release Queen Lyoka from her inner turmoil.

Episode #21: Regeneration (air date: 2001-05-12)

Arina must seek Dar's help when she is pursued by The Apparition who is after her unborn child, and by Voden who desires her mare's foal.

Episode #22: Clash of the Titans (air date: 2001-05-19)

Dar is drawn into a battle between King Zad and King Voden in order to save Tao, Arina and a band of captured elephants.

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