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Being Human (US) season 2

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Being Human (US) season 2 poster
13 episodes (1559 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:Kristen Hager, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, Sam Witwer, Kyle Schmid, Deanna Russo, Connor Price, Gianpaolo Venuta, Mark Pellegrino, Sarah Allen, Bobby Campo, Jesse Rath, Amy Aquino, Dichen Lachman
7.5/10(52 votes)

Being Human is an American remake of British series of the same name created by the channel BBC. In a small house in Boston under the same roof live friends Aidan and Josh. Their lives are different from the lives of many others, as Aidan - a vampire, and Josh - a werewolf. Plus, they move to the house in which lives a ghost of a girl named Sally, who died under mysterious circumstances.

Being Human (US) season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Turn This Mother Out (air date: 2012-01-16)

Aidan deals with the power vacuum and orphan vampires left behind when Bishop died, Josh prepares to reenter medical school and embrace a normal life with Nora, and Sally's ghost powers grow stronger as she wonders what will happen to her now that she's missed her door...

Episode #2: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (air date: 2012-01-23)

Past mistakes come back to haunt Aidan and Josh, while Sally flirts with a fun but dangerous new pastime.

Episode #3: All Out of Blood (air date: 2012-01-30)

Josh and Nora prepare for another night of turning into werewolves, meanwhile Aidan deals with losing his connection to the Hospital's blood supply, and Sally meets a medium who may or may not help her in being reincarnated.

360p (mkv 162.8 MB)
Episode #4: (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons (air date: 2012-02-06)

Aidan struggles against falling back into his old lifestyle, Josh meets a brother and sister werewolf who may want the same thing he does, and Sally reconnects with an old friend.

360p (mkv 165.4 MB)
Episode #5: Addicted to Love (air date: 2012-02-13)

Sally gets addicted to possessing a live woman, Josh searches for a cure as Nora explores her connection to her wolf, Aidan is called to task for not yet ridding Boston of the orphan vampires.

360p (mkv 165.5 MB)
Episode #6: Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These (air date: 2012-02-20)

Sally reconnects with her mother's ghost, Josh tries to protect Nora from the cops investigating Will's murder, and Aidan's past comes back to haunt him.

360p (mkv 165.4 MB)
Episode #7: The Ties That Blind (air date: 2012-02-27)

Sally learns who has been haunting her, Josh tries to reconcile with Nora, Aidan is targeted by the twins.

360p (mkv 161.9 MB)
Episode #8: I've Got You Under Your Skin (air date: 2012-03-05)

The Reaper offers Sally a job, Josh and Julia face their past, and Aidan and Suren get rid of Boston's fringe vampires once and for all.

360p (mkv 165.4 MB)
Episode #9: When I Think About You I Shred Myself (air date: 2012-03-12)

Josh's best friend returns from the dead and Aidan breaks the rules by bringing ailing Vampire Henry to the house to recuperate. Meanwhile, Sally's confrontation with the Reaper rocks her to her core.

360p (mkv 165.4 MB)
Episode #10: Dream Reaper (air date: 2012-03-19)

After her murderous rampage, Sally is trapped in a coma -- so the boys turn to the ghost whisperer to save her. But when Sally's reaper returns, they're the ones who will need saving.

360p (mkv 165.5 MB)
Episode #11: Don't Fear the Scott (air date: 2012-03-26)

Aidan and Suren look forward to their future together, Josh must choose between Julia and Nora, and Sally tries to fix one of the lives that she ruined.

360p (mkv 165.4 MB)
Episode #12: Partial Eclipse of the Heart (air date: 2012-04-02)

Sally tries to convince Zoe not to turn her back on her gift, Josh decides whether to tell Julia the truth about himself, and Aidan tries to make a life for himself and Suren.

360p (mkv 165.5 MB)
Episode #13: It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To (air date: 2012-04-09)

Josh decides to kill Ray, Sally's mother returns, and Aidan decides to kill Mother.

360p (mkv 162.6 MB)
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