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Bewitched season 2

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38 episodes (740 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Erin Murphy, Dick Sargent, Alice Ghostley, Sandra Gould, Bernard Fox, David Lawrence, Marion Lorne, Kasey Rogers, Irene Vernon, Paul Lynde, George Tobias, Maurice Evans, Alice Pearce, David White Genre:Comedy, Fantasy Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

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Bewitched season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Alias Darrin Stephens (air date: 1965-09-16)

The second season of the ""witch-com"" begins with wonderful news: Samantha is about to have a baby! Now, if she can only find Darrin, who's been changed into a chimpanzee by Aunt Clara...

Episode #2: A Very Special Delivery (air date: 1965-09-23)

Darrin has some serious labor pains in this episode. After reading a book about how pregnant mothers should be active, he starts ordering Samantha around. Endora puts a spell on him showing him how wrong he is treating Samantha. After seeing how life is when the shoe is on the other foot, he backs down.

Episode #3: We're in For a Bad Spell (air date: 1965-09-30)

The Stephens have to help out a man named Adam Newlarken who is doomed to be a thief if he doesn't break a two-hundred year old spell placed on his family. He ends up having to do Jackass style tricks to free him from the curse. It gets really serious when he ends up with a whole lot of money, which is coincidentially the exact amount his bank is missing that day!

Episode #4: My Grandson, The Warlock (air date: 1965-10-07)

The Stephens look after the Tate's baby while they are in London. When they return from the Tate's house with Jonathan, their baby, nosy old Gladys Kravitz finds Maurice and tells him that the baby has been born. Maurice then takes Jonathan, who he believes is his grandson, to a Warlock Club in London to teach him about witchcraft. After series of misunderstandings, Samantha clears everything up when she tells Maurice and Gladys that her baby is not due for a few months.

Episode #5: The Joker is a Card (air date: 1965-10-14)

Need some amusement in your life? Call Uncle Arthur, or, in this case, don't call him. Uncle Arthur arrives playing practical jokes on Darrin and Endora while Samantha is trying to get these two antagonists to make up once and for all. After many hits and misses, Darrin needs Uncle Arthur's help in getting Endora back. This is the famous ""Yagazuzie Zim"" episode.

Episode #6: Take Two Aspirin and Half a Pint of Porpoise Milk (air date: 1965-10-21)

As a result from a black Peruvian rose, Samantha starts getting sick and loses her powers. She ends up getting green spots all over her face and needs a remedy with a rare ingredient, an ostrich feather. Just when you think that getting the ostrich feather was all they needed, it turns out that they also need the petals of the dreaded rose to make Samantha fell better again.

Episode #7: Trick or Treat (air date: 1965-10-28)

In the second Halloween episode of the series, Endora turns Darrin into a werewolf when he refuses to let Samantha go to a witches Halloween ceremony. The worse part of it is, Darrin has to entertain a new client for McMann and Tate! Samantha tells Endora that she is acting like the witches stereotype, and Endora removes the spell.

Episode #8: The Very Informal Dress (air date: 1965-11-04)

Samantha and Darrin need some new formal wear for a dinner party that Larry is throwing for a new client, Charles Barrows. And who supplies the beautiful clothes for them to wear? Aunt Clara, the witch with the missing links. Everything goes well, until the clothes start disappearing off the backs of the Stephens. Also, Darrin gets in trouble not only for parking in front of a fire hydrant (Aunt Clara moved the hydrant earlier, but when the clothes started wearing off, the hydrant wnet back to the original place), but for a charge of indecent exposure!

Episode #9: And Then I Wrote... (air date: 1965-11-11)

Samantha sets up a play for a rest home to celebrate the end of the Civil War. As she writes, Endora brings her characters to life to help Sam out. Of course, nosy Gladys see all this and goes crazy, as usual. Sam suffers a writer's block near the end of writing, and her play characters lend a hand to tie up the loose ends.

Episode #10: Junior Executive (air date: 1965-11-18)

A lesson is learned by watching this episode: if you want to appeal to kids, you have to be a kid yourself. Of course, Darrin learns that the hard way when he is changed into a boy courtesy of Endora. This turns out to be an excellent marketing ploy when Larry suggests that Darrin as a boy to promote his new client's toy ship company. Of course, Sam changes him back to an adult, but Larry and the client like the boy so much that Darrin gets changed back and forth from adult to kid!

Episode #11: Aunt Clara's Old Flame (air date: 1965-11-25)

Aunt Clara is embarrassed when an old boyfriend Hedley Partridge comes to see her. She is afraid that he will not talk to her because her magic is fading away, but she learns that he has the same problem, too.

Episode #12: A Strange Little Visitor (air date: 1965-12-02)

Samantha and Darrin agree to babysit a young warlock boy named Merel. Once there, Merel is given the ultimate ground rule from Darrin: NO WITCHCRAFT! Merel keeps his end of the bargain until a burglar breaks in and ties both him and Darrin together. The burglar is after an expensive necklace that Larry gives Darrin to keep for Louise, and is conned by Darrin into taking a fire engine. As soon as the burglar take it, Darrin tells Merel to hit the magic and the burglar is scared off by Merel's powers.

Episode #13: My Boss, The Teddy Bear (air date: 1965-12-09)

Endora invites Darrin and Samantha to a wedding out of town, but Darrin is not sure that Larry will give him a day off. Endora thinks about turning Larry into an object, but thinks better of it when she asks Larry to let Darrin go. Endora learns that he is looking for a teddy bear for his son and she brings a teddy bear to his office. Darrin thinks the worst when he sees the teddy bear sitting in Larry's office, and after a series of misunderstandings, everything clears up when Larry actually walks in! It seems that Larry was out somewhere and Endora left the teddy bear in his office while he was out.

Episode #14: Speak the Truth (air date: 1965-12-16)

Darrin learns that the truth does not always set you free when he is bewitched by a statue placed under Endora's spell that makes everyone tell the truth.

Episode #15: A Vision of Sugar Plums (air date: 1965-12-23)

A repeat of Season 1 episode of the same name, this episode begins with Samantha and Darrin getting a card from the boy they took in last year for Christmas. They then have an episode-long flashback of the previous season's holiday episode.

Episode #16: The Magic Cabin (air date: 1965-12-30)

Samantha and Darrin decide to go away for a few days. Larry suggests that they stay at his cabin, which of course, is run down and decrepit. With the help of magic, Samantha turns the eye-sore cabin into a glamorous, to-die-for dream house. It catches the eye of a prospective young couple, and they insist on buying it. Darrin is mad at Samantha and makes her change it back to the eye-sore it once was, but Sam makes the couple seem like they are looking at a beautiful house.

Episode #17: Maid to Order (air date: 1966-01-06)

The Stephens hire a maid named Naomi, who turns out to be a major klutz. Samantha helps her out magically when she messes up the dinner. The Tates think that she is a wonder and wants her to cater their dinner party. When Naomi makes a mess over at the Tates' house, Samantha pops up outside the window and helps her out again. By the end of the episode, it turns out that Naomi is a perfect accounting whiz and she is offered a job with McMann and Tate.

Episode #18: And Then There Were Three (air date: 1966-01-13)

We welcome a new addition to the Stephens' family: baby Tabitha. Endora wants to see how she looks grown-up but Darrin is dead set against it. At the same time, Serena, Samantha's mischievous look-alike cousin, comes to town to visit Samantha and Darrin thinks that Serena is the grown-up Tabitha!

Episode #19: My Baby, The Tycoon (air date: 1966-01-20)

As a gift, Gladys and Abner give Tabitha a share of stock which rises rapidly, making the Stephens richer by the minute. Darrin thinks that Tabitha may have her powers already. Gladys and Abner think that the baby is a hot tip for stock advice and puts the bank on whatever Tabitha inadvertently points to. When the Kravitzes lose their money, Darrin is certain that Tabitha has her powers.

Episode #20: Samantha Meets the Folks (air date: 1966-01-27)

A reworking of the season 1 episode of the same name, this episode begins with Tabitha receiving her first letter from Darrin's parents, Samantha and Darrin then recall his parents' first visit in an episode-long flashback.

Episode #21: Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue (air date: 1966-02-03)

Darrin Stephens another Rocky Balboa? Thanks to Samantha, Darrin knocks out a fighter named Joe Kovack. Then Kovack wants to have a make-believe fight in which he pretends to beat Darrin, but Darrin beats him again thanks to Samantha. Darrin then runs into heavyweight champ Tommy Carter and accidentally gets into a scuffle. Darrin is lost without Sam, but Carter ends up knocking himself out by tripping on the ground.

Episode #22: The Dancing Bear (air date: 1966-02-10)

Endora and Phyllis, Darrin's mom, are competing against each other again. They each give Tabitha the same exact bear, but Endora gives her bear the power to ""shake its booty"". The bear discos its way into Tabitha's heart and Frank gets the idea to market the dancing bear. Using soem fast talking, Samantha dissuades a toymaker to produce bears for a next Christmas rush and Tabitha gets to keep the one-of-a-kind toy to herself.

Episode #23: Double Tate (air date: 1966-02-17)

Darrin unknowingly gets three wishes from Endora. He blows the first two on fast elevators and bikini-clad girls, and he wishes that he was Larry for a day. He gets his wish and a whole lot of misunderstanding begins between Louise and the real Larry!

Episode #24: Samantha, The Dressmaker (air date: 1966-02-24)

The new rage on the fashion world is Samantha when she makes up stellar dresses for each of the women in the community using replicas of a fashion designer named Aubert she and Endora went to Paris to check out. Of course, Aubert goes to America and sees his work on display and goes totally up at arms about it.

Episode #25: The Horse's Mouth (air date: 1966-03-03)

A race horse named Dalleyrand runs away from its owner and into the Stephens' yard. Samantha communicates with the horse by turning her into a woman. Darrin objects, but Samantha tells him that it is a special opportunity to really know what a horse's life is like in the races.

Episode #26: Baby's First Paragraph (air date: 1966-03-10)

Endora babysits Tabitha while promising to abstain from witchcraft, but she soon breaks it when Gladys starts ranting and raving about how smart her baby nephew is. Endora has had enough and uses magic to make Tabitha talk! Word gets around and every newspaper in the world is after a story about the extraordinary baby. Samantha and Darrin get really pissed off at Endora and to clear things up, Endora reveals that she is a ventriloquist.

Episode #27: The Leprechaun (air date: 1966-03-17)

A leprechaun from Darrin's family (surprise, surprise!) named Brian O'Brian comes to reclaim his rightful pot of gold from one of Darrin's clients Mr. John Dennis Robinson.Brian states that without his gold, he has no powers and gets into a lot of trouble trying to get his gold back. By the end of the episode, he makes a deal with Mr. Robinson: his pot of gold back for his image on the advertising campaign and a deal with McMann and Tate.

Episode #28: Double Split (air date: 1966-03-24)

A silly incident at a party that could have been prevented breaks up Darrin and Larry's friendship and their job. It's up to Samantha to use her powers to set things right between them both.

Episode #29: Disappearing Samantha (air date: 1966-04-07)

The Stephens and the Tates go to a seminar where speaker Osgood Rightmire proclaims that witches do not exist. Samantha proves him wrong by setting up a few tricks for him, but he unknowingly gets her back by calling out a spell that makes her disappear and reappear voluntarily. Endora finds out that Osgood's power comes from a powerful ring on his finger. Endora grabs the ring and makes Samantha visible again.

Episode #30: Follow That Witch (Part 1) (air date: 1966-04-14)

Darrin is sure to get the Robbins Baby Food account, but Mr. Robbins wants his home life checked out. His assistant, George Barkley, wants to check out a little bit more of Darrin's life so he hires sneaky, sly Charlie Leach to spy on him. Samantha uses her magic one day and Abner's sister, Harriet Kravitz (who conveniently takes care of the house while Gladys is away), catches her and tells Charlie all about it. He doesn't believe it at first, but he catches Sam using her powers. He tells Samantha either she tells him what he wants to jknow or he will tell the entire world that she is a witch.....

Episode #31: Follow That Witch (Part 2) (air date: 1966-04-21)

Charlie Leach really has something over Sam's head. Charlie wants Sam to give him and his wife Charmaine an expensive apartment with an expensive car to boot. Darrin finds out about how Barkley started this whole mess and decides to cancel the Robbins account. At Robbin's office, while Darrin is telling Robbins and Barkley where to go, Samantha uses her magic to expose Barkley and gets him fired. One down, and one more to go when Samantha goes to Leach's apartment and destroys everything with her magic. When Leach finds out, Samantha twitches him to Mexico. Leach vows that he will be back....

Episode #32: A Bum Raps (air date: 1966-04-28)

Two ex-actors are robbing the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Darrin is expecing a visit from his Uncle Albert and Samantha welcomes Horace, one of the crooks, thinking that he is the said uncle. But eventually, the real Uncle Albert arrives and is told that the Stephens had moved. Horace's masquerade doesn't last long when Sam catches him stealing Harriet's watch. Sam finds out that Horace is an imposter and really gets him and the other crook good when they steal their stuff.

Episode #33: Divided He Falls (air date: 1966-05-05)

A vacation that the Stephens were supposed to take is scrapped when Darrin has to work. Endora takes it upon herself to separate Darrin into two different personalities: his work side and his fun and spontaneous side. While the working Darrin is concentrating on his job, the fun Darrin is concentrating on partying until he drops. Of course, all of this takes a toll when the Working Darrin bores Larry and his new client and Samantha acts as mother instead of wife to Darrin, the party animal. Samantha wants Endora to put the Darrins back together again, but ends up doing it herself.

Episode #34: Man's Best Friend (air date: 1966-05-12)

Well, it's been almost a month that Samantha has used no witchcraft and she and Darrin celebrate. What can possibly break up the moment? A warlock named Rodney who still has a flame burning for Samantha. She tells him flat out that she likes Darrin, and what does he do? Turns himself into a shaggy dog. Rodney is hell-bent on breaking up the Stephens marriage (Hey, maybe he and Endora should get together!) that even Darrin can't even take much more of it. He finds out that Rodney is indeed the dog and really lets him have it. Then Rodney gets it again when his mother comes and fetches him.

Episode #35: The Catnapper (air date: 1966-05-19)

Just when you thought it was safe to use your magic, CHARLIE LEACH returns! He did keep his word in episode 65 and threatens to expose Samantha and Endora. This time, he kidnaps a cat which is, in reality, an attractive client named Toni Devlin whom Darrin is having a business lunch with. Leach makes a deal with her: the transformed cat for a million dollars. She tricks him by giving him a ""money tree"" that sprouts dollar bills, and turns him into a mouse! Charlie returns teh cat and Sam tries to find Endora to turn Toni back into a human.

Episode #36: What Every Young Man Should Know (air date: 1966-05-26)

What would have happened if Darrin knew that Samantha was a witch before he married her? This is the question that Endora helps them answer when she sends them back in time to see what life would be like.

Episode #37: The Girl with the Golden Nose (air date: 1966-06-02)

Darrin is refused a new account in McMann and Tate, but the next day, Larry gives Darrin the account. Darrin thinks that Samantha used magic to sway Larry's decision and tries to do everything to back out of it. Even the client, Mr. Waterhouse, likes Darrin's attitude and ability. Darrin feels that Samantha is behind all that has happened to him. To teach Darrin a lesson, Samantha uses magic to turn their house into an expensive mansion with servants to boot. Darrin tells Sam that he wants to earn things his own way, which is exactly what he has been doing all along.

Episode #38: Prodigy (air date: 1966-06-09)

In the final black and white episode, Samantha and Darrin meet Gladys' violinist brother Louis. Because of an embarrassing moment when he was a child (His pants fell down while playing), Louis is scarred for life and refuses to pick up another violin. Samantha wants him to play again, but he refuses when she signs him up to do a show for the hospital. He tries anything and everything to keep from playing a violin, even trying to leave town. Samantha shows him that everyone gets embarrassed at some part in their lives, but that doesn't mean that he should stop living and doing what he likes to do. Louis does a great job and ends up on TV. History does repeat itself when his pants fall down while playing the violin again!

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