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Bewitched season 3

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33 episodes (679 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Erin Murphy, Dick Sargent, Alice Ghostley, Sandra Gould, Bernard Fox, David Lawrence, Marion Lorne, Kasey Rogers, Irene Vernon, Paul Lynde, George Tobias, Maurice Evans, Alice Pearce, David White Genre:Comedy, Fantasy Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.2 (22 votes)

Bewitched season 3 episodes list:

Episode #1: Nobody's Perfect (air date: 1966-09-15)

Samantha discovers that Tabitha has magical powers but fears Darrin's reaction.

Episode #2: The Moment of Truth (air date: 1966-09-22)

Tabitha's newly found telekinetic skills cause trouble for the Stephens while they entertain the Tates.

Episode #3: Witches and Warlocks are My Favorite Things (air date: 1966-09-29)

Tabitha is being tested for her powers by Endora's sisters, who then insist that Samantha enroll Tabitha in a witches' school.

Episode #4: Accidental Twins (air date: 1966-10-06)

While babysitting, Aunt Clara turns the Tates' son into a set of twins, and Samantha tries to prevent the Tates from finding out before Aunt Clara can remember the spell.

Episode #5: A Most Unusual Wood Nymph (air date: 1966-10-13)

A nymph who hates witches appears, and she has a curse on Darrin's family that can only be broken by Sam going back in time to meet Darrin's ancestor, Darrin the Bold.

Episode #6: Endora Moves in For a Spell (air date: 1966-10-20)

Endora and Uncle Arthur argue over who is to live in a house across the street, while Gladys can't get anyone to believe she saw the house disappear and then reappear.

Episode #7: Twitch or Treat (air date: 1966-10-27)

Endora throws a Halloween party and continues to bicker with Uncle Arthur about the house across the street.

Episode #8: Dangerous Diaper Dan (air date: 1966-11-03)

A mysterious man named Diaper Dan bugs the Stephens household to steal Darrin's advertising ideas.

Episode #9: The Short, Happy Circuit of Aunt Clara (air date: 1966-11-10)

Dimwitted Aunt Clara inadvertently knocks out electricity for the entire East Coast.

Episode #10: I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight (air date: 1966-11-17)

When Samantha gives away Darrin's favorite jacket, it ends up tearing the marriage apart. The Stephens get counseling from the Tates and Endora conjures the famous Sigmund Freud to help them all out.

Episode #11: Oedipus Hex (air date: 1966-11-24)

Endora places a spell on a bowl of popcorn that makes lazy, carefree bums of all the men who pass through the Stephens household.

Episode #12: Sam's Spooky Chair (air date: 1966-12-01)

An old admirer of Samantha's turns up in the form of an antique chair.

Episode #13: My Friend Ben (air date: 1966-12-08)

Aunt Clara conjures up Benjamin Franklin while trying to fix a lamp. Later, Franklin is arrested for stealing a fire engine.

Episode #14: Samantha for the Defense (air date: 1966-12-15)

Benjamin Franklin goes on trial for allegedly stealing a fire engine.

Episode #15: A Gazebo Never Forgets (air date: 1966-12-22)

Samantha tries to hide a live polka-dotted baby elephant mistakenly conjured by Aunt Clara from Larry and a nosy bank inspector.

Episode #16: Soapbox Derby (air date: 1966-12-29)

Samantha helps a little boy practice for a soap box derby.

Episode #17: Sam in the Moon (air date: 1967-01-05)

Darrin comes to believe that Samantha has gone to the moon, a place where she has already been.

Episode #18: Hoho, The Clown (air date: 1967-01-12)

Endora's magical meddling during a taping of a children's show jeopardizes Darrin's job.

Episode #19: Super Car (air date: 1967-01-19)

Endora conjures a top-secret car for Darrin, but then returns the car to Detroit with Darrin's new client inside.

Episode #20: The Corn Is As High As a Guernsey's Eye (air date: 1967-01-26)

Samantha thinks that Aunt Clara has turned herself into a cow but then realizes she is mistaken and returns the cow to its rightful owner.

Episode #21: The Trial and Error of Aunt Clara (air date: 1967-02-02)

The Witches' Council puts Aunt Clara on trial because of her failing magic.

Episode #22: Three Wishes (air date: 1967-02-09)

Endora gives Darrin three wishes that only lead to trouble, with Samantha accusing Darrin of two-timing her.

Episode #23: I Remember You...Sometimes (air date: 1967-02-16)

Endora gives Darrin an outstanding memory by hexing his watch, but Darrin learns the hard way that sometimes it is better to forgive and forget.

Episode #24: Art for Sam's Sake (air date: 1967-02-23)

Endora uses witchcraft to make Samantha win an art contest, but Samantha doesn't want the prize when she finds out what her mother did.

Episode #25: Charlie Harper, Winner (air date: 1967-03-02)

Samantha resorts to witchcraft to help her appear extravagant while visiting Darrin's old college rival and his fancy wife.

Episode #26: Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory (air date: 1967-03-09)

Aunt Clara brings Queen Victoria to the present, but the queen disapproves of modern life as well as witches.

Episode #27: The Crone of Cawdor (air date: 1967-03-16)

Darrin is warned by Sam not to kiss a beautiful client, a magic crone who steals the youth of people whom she kisses.

Episode #28: No More Mr. Nice Guy (air date: 1967-03-23)

Endora's spell causes everyone to hate Darrin, which threatens his job and infuriates Samantha.

Episode #29: It's Wishcraft (air date: 1967-03-30)

Darrin's parents visit and Samantha must work overtime to keep them from finding out about their granddaughter's special talents.

Episode #30: How to Fail in Business with All Kinds of Help (air date: 1967-04-06)

Darrin has a hard time with an eccentric client whom he thinks is Endora, causing him to lose the account.

Episode #31: Bewitched, Bothered and Infurated (air date: 1967-04-13)

Aunt Clara's morning paper says that Larry Tate breaks his leg while on a honeymoon with Louise. Samantha and Darrin rush to his honeymoon spot and try to protect Larry, who tells them to leave him and Louise alone. Then they find out that he broke his leg ten years ago and they are on their second honeymoon!

Episode #32: Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live (air date: 1967-04-27)

A Man keeps following Samantha and Tabitha for a good reason: He was a frog and he wants Samantha to turn him back so he can be with his girlfrog.

Episode #33: There's Gold in Them Thar Pills (air date: 1967-05-04)

Darrin has a bad cold and Dr. Bombay treats him with some pills. Of course, these pills have a horrendous side effect- it makes his voice higher!

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