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Bewitched season 5

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30 episodes (555 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Erin Murphy, Dick Sargent, Alice Ghostley, Sandra Gould, Bernard Fox, David Lawrence, Marion Lorne, Kasey Rogers, Irene Vernon, Paul Lynde, George Tobias, Maurice Evans, Alice Pearce, David White Genre:Comedy, Fantasy Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.2 (22 votes)

Bewitched season 5 episodes list:

Episode #1: Samantha's Wedding Present (air date: 1968-09-26)

Endora tries to make peace with Darrin, but ends up shrinking him down to size . . . gradually. Samantha tries to get her mother to return Darrin to his regular size, but not before a drunk finds the diminutive Darrin in a mayonaise jar in the trash.

Episode #2: Samantha Goes South for a Spell (air date: 1968-10-03)

Because of Serena's foolishness, Samantha is sent back in time by a jelaous witch named Brunhilda, who happened to be Serena's boyfriend's wife. In 1868 New Orleans, Samantha is taken in by a maid named Aunt Jenny, and her owner, Rance Butler, falls for her. Now it is up to Darrin to get her back from the Southern gentleman.

Episode #3: Samantha on the Keyboard (air date: 1968-10-10)

Endora gets Tabitha to play beautifully on the piano, and Darrin dares Samantha to learn how to play the mortal way. The Piano teacher hears Tabitha play and invites a famous conducter to see her play. Without magic, Tabitha does a poor job and the conductor is stunned. Samantha then finds a real prodigy for the conductor, and wins the bet with Darrin.

Episode #4: Darrin, Gone and Forgotten (air date: 1968-10-17)

Once upon a time, Endora made a deal with another witch Carlotta that Samantha will marry her son Juke, but Samantha hasn't lived up to her part of the deal. Now Carlotta and Juke are back and Carlotta will stop at nothing to give Juke what he wants. She makes Darrin disappear and never brings him back until Samantha agrees to marry Juke. Samantha tells Juke to finally stand up to his mother and tell her off.

Episode #5: It's So Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House (air date: 1968-10-24)

Serena is involved again. This time, Drarin takes her to the honeymoon spot where he and Samantha went. Samantha is at a Witches Council meeting and doesn't know what is going on. Darrin gets intimate with Serena, thinking that she is Samantha, and she tells him to back off. Then Tabitha is called to solve the puzzle.

Episode #6: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (air date: 1968-11-07)

Endora turns Darrin into the most self-centered, conceited person on earth. He thinks that this will make him lose an account with a new client, but Samantha saves the day when she tells the client that they should zero in on the youth market.

Episode #7: Samantha's French Pastry (air date: 1968-11-14)

Uncle Arthur is supposed to make napoleons for dessert, but ends up bringing in Napoleon Bonaparte instead! Arthur cannot remember how to send him back and Larry wants to use Napoleon to advertise detergent. Unknowingly, Samantha says the right words and he disappears back to his own time.

Episode #8: Is it Magic or Imagination? (air date: 1968-11-21)

Mrs. Stephens drops in unexpectantly, and insists Samantha enter a slogan contest to win a trip to Tahiti. And she wins! Of course, Larry Tate's none to happy as it turns out to be one of their biggest clients. The typical Stephen's fight occurs. Darrin's furious! He thinks Samantha used witchcraft. Darrin heads to the neighborhood bar, gets drunk, and tells the he's married to a witch. Darrin comes around when Samantha's slogan is rejected after all.

Episode #9: Samantha Fights City Hall (air date: 1968-11-28)

Samantha gets involved in a fight against tearing down a neighborhood park for a supermarket. The bad news is that the park is owned by Darrin's new client, Mr. Mossler, and because of her involvement, Darrin ends up losing his job. Samantha saves the day when she brings one of the statues in the park to life to convince Mossler to stop with the construction.

Episode #10: Samantha Loses Her Voice (air date: 1968-12-05)

As a joke, Uncle Arthur switches Samantha and Darrin's voices, and they try to keep a depressed Louise and Larry from finding out.

Episode #11: I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly (air date: 1968-12-12)

Tabitha goes to pre-school for the first time and meets Amy, a classmate. When the teacher groups the children in animal groups, Amy gets chosen to be a toad in the toad group, but she wants to be in a butterfly group. Tabitha misunderstands her request and actually turns her into a butterfly! Samantha, who has been watching the whole thing through the window, chases Amy the butterfly all around the city and catches her so Tabitha can change her back.

Episode #12: Weep No More, My Willow (air date: 1968-12-19)

Samantha wants to keep a willow tree in her yard and decides to treat it. She calls Dr. Bombay to make her tree weep, but Samantha gets caught in the spell and each time the wind blows, she starts crying. When Larry hears her cry, he thinks that she and Darrin are having a fight and comes over to comfort her, but not before Dr. Bombay comes by to give her an antidote to make her laugh. When Larry comes by, Samantha starts laughing and laughing, and Larry starts laughing too. Then Darrin comes in to find Samantha and Larry laughing for no apparent reason. Then Dr. Bombay comes by with another antidote to make everything and everyone normal again.

Episode #13: Instant Courtesy (air date: 1968-12-26)

Darrin is turned into the most nicest person in the world by Endora and gets a tough client named Mrs. Sebastian to sign with McMann and Tate. When Mrs. Sebastian suspects that something is up, she then takes back her account, but Samantha changes her mind and she accepts Darrin.

Episode #14: Samantha's Super-Maid (air date: 1969-01-02)

Phyllis hires a maid for Samantha and Darrin, and a good-hearted maid named Amelia is chosen. The Stephens have to let her go because of the witchcraft in Samantha's family. Phyllis's friend, Mrs. Otis, decides to use Amelia.

Episode #15: Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 1) (air date: 1969-01-09)

A sexy client named Clio Vanita tries to get with Darrin, but not if Serena can help it. Taking up for her cousin, Serena decides to turn Clio into a monkey! Darrin tries to get Serena to change her back, but she doesn't and Clio the monkey hangs around......

Episode #16: Cousin Serena Strikes Again (Part 2) (air date: 1969-01-16)

The minute Clio flies the coop, Serena comes back. The Stephens and Serena find the monkey Clio in the hands of a little boy, an organgrinder, and the police! Serena changes Clio back and Samantha comes up with a stellar idea for the Clio Vanita wine account when Larry meets the organgrinder who kept Clio company as a monkey.

Episode #17: One Touch of Midas (air date: 1969-01-23)

Endora creates a toy called the Fuzz, a toy that has the power to charm people. Darrin presents this idea to Larry and the Fuzz charms Darrin to the tune of a million dollars. Samantha is worried about Darrin when he tells her that he will finally give her and Tabitha everything they could possibly want. Endora removes the spell and Samantha tells Darrin that as long as she and Tabitha love Darrin, that is worth a lot more than money.

Episode #18: Samantha, The Bard (air date: 1969-01-30)

Samantha is speaking in rhymes, which turns out to be a bad thing when Darrin is entertaining a client who has been using jingles for years and is tired of them. Larry gets tired of Samantha rhyming and wants her to quit it. Dr. Bombay comes by and gets Samantha to stop rhyming. She then explains to the client that she spoke in rhymes to prove how annoying they can be.

Episode #19: Samantha, The Sculptress (air date: 1969-02-06)

Endora causes trouble when she zaps two living statues of Larry and Darrin in Morning Glory Circle.

Episode #20: Mrs. Stephens, Where are You? (air date: 1969-02-13)

Phyllis breaks bad on Samantha's family, and Serena shuts her up by turning her into a cat! Miss Parsons finds Phyllis as a cat and decides to keep her. Meanwhile, Frank is looking for Phyllis and Samantha finds her at Miss Parsons' house with a whole bunch of other cats she has collected! She then finds cat Phyllis and gets Serena to change her back to a human.

Episode #21: Marriage, Witches' Style (air date: 1969-02-20)

Serena decides to do the same thing that Samantha did and tries to find a mortal to date. She finds Franklin Blodgett through a computer dating service, but like all TV Land computer dating agencies, the matches always turn out to be bad. This proves this fact when Franklin insults Serena's magic when they are about to be engaged.

Episode #22: Going Ape (air date: 1969-02-27)

Tabitha changes an ape into a handsome man named Harry who is instantly discovered as model potential. Harry gets bored of the whole situation, and Samantha tells him to act like himself, a mad ape.

Episode #23: Tabitha's Weekend (air date: 1969-03-06)

Phyllis wants Tabitha to spend a weekend with her and Frank, but doesn't count on Samantha and Endora to be there also. They all start fighting and arguing until Tabitha turns herself into a cookie. Samantha convinces her daughter that she is not the cause of all of their arguments and wants her to turn back into a human.

Episode #24: The Battle of Burning Oak (air date: 1969-03-13)

Darrin is invited to join the Burning Oak Country Club, a very exclusive club. To get the right attitude, Endora changes him into a snob of all snobs.

Episode #25: Samantha's Power Failure (air date: 1969-03-20)

The Witches Council takes away Samantha's powers when she refuses to break up with Darrin. Uncle Arthur and Serena help out Samantha and, as a result, loses their powers as well. After a hellacious day in the mortal working world, Serena and Uncle Arthur decide that they are better off with their powers. Samantha goes to the Witches Council and tells them they are in the wrong for their ignorance. Then Samantha, Serena, and Uncle Arthur get their powers back.

Episode #26: Samantha Twitches for UNICEF (air date: 1969-03-27)

Samantha gets through to a greedy miser Mr. Haskell when he doesn't contribute to the UNICEF fund. Samantha and Endora mess up Haskell's love life when they hex Lila to admit that she is in an affair with another man!

Episode #27: Daddy Does His Thing (air date: 1969-04-03)

Maurice gives Darrin a magic lighter, which Darrin doesn't accept. Maurice turns Darrin into a donkey because of his ingratitude. Samantha tries to find her father and finds him in Paris. She returns to see that Darrin the donkey has been taken to an animal shelter. Darrin is released and Maurice back tracks everything that he did to turn Darrin back to a human.

Episode #28: Samantha's Good News (air date: 1969-04-10)

Endora and Maurice get into an argument about Maurice's new secretary and Endora makes him jealous by going out with a warlock who good in speaking Shakespeare. Then Maurice and the warlock duke it out with soliloques and Maurice wins out. Then Samantha announces that she is to have another baby!

Episode #29: Samantha's Shopping Spree (air date: 1969-04-17)

Samantha, Endora, Tabitha and their warlock cousin Henry spend a day in a department store. Henry is offended by a salesman, and he turns the salesman into a mannequin and refuses to change him back. Samantha and Endora try everything, but Tabitha remembers the spell and restores the saleman.

Episode #30: Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City (air date: 1969-04-24)

Samantha and Darrin are in Mexico City where Darrin is working on a new account for McMann and Tate. Endora puts a spell on him that makes him disappear when he speaks Spanish. Samantha gets her mother back who has the nerve to reverse the spell, this time, making Darrin disappear when he speaks English! Samantha helps him out when he delivers an excellent speech to Spanish and American patrons.

Episode #31: (air date: )
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