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Bewitched season 7

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28 episodes (666 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery (Serena), Erin Murphy, Dick Sargent, Alice Ghostley, Sandra Gould, Bernard Fox, David Lawrence, Marion Lorne, Kasey Rogers, Irene Vernon, Paul Lynde, George Tobias, Maurice Evans, Alice Pearce, David White Genre:Comedy, Fantasy Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

8.2 (22 votes)

Bewitched season 7 episodes list:

Episode #1: To Go or Not to Go, That is the Question (1) (air date: 1970-09-24)

Samantha gets a call from the High Priestess of Witches, Hepzibah, to attend a meeting in Salem, Massachusetts, thus beginning the Stephens' first serial vacation. When Samantha doesn't answer, the Priestess herself appears in the Stephens' home. Hepzibah does not approve of Samantha's marriage to Darrin and decides to break it. She then changes her mind and observes Sam and Darrin's marriage, for if she doesn't like it......

Episode #2: Salem, Here We Come (2) (air date: 1970-10-01)

Samantha and Darrin are under close supervision by Hepzibah. How is it possible for a witch and a mortal to be married and happy at the same time. Hepzibah then meets a client of Darrin's named Ernest Hitchcock and, thanks to Samantha, Hitchcock falls for the Priestess. The Priestess then rules out that the witch/mortal marriage is a great thing after all when she invites Sam and Darrin to go to Salem.

Episode #3: The Salem Saga (1) (air date: 1970-10-08)

In the very first day of their Salem vacation, Darrin and Samantha gets into serious trouble. While taking a tour of the House of the Seven Gables, a magic bedwarmer follows Samantha. The bedwarmer even follows them to their hotel room and the tour guide calls the police because she thinks that the Stephens stole the bedwarmer. Darrin gets taken to jail, leaving Samantha to get him out and to get to the bottom of this bed warmer mess.....

Episode #4: Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer (2) (air date: 1970-10-15)

While Darrin sits in jail, Samantha finds out that the bedwarmer is actually a warlock trapped by one of the witches. Sure enough, the culprit is Serena. Samantha sends Serena back in time to get the spell used to transform the warlock in the first place. With one situation out of the way, Samantha faces another one- getting Darrin cleared of a crime he did not commit.

Episode #5: Darrin on a Pedestal (air date: 1970-10-22)

Darrin and Samantha are sightseeing in Gloucestor one day when Sam is called away for a special witches' meeting. Sam suggests that Serena accompany him, which turns out to be a great mistake when they comes across the Fisherman's Memorial statue. To find out more about the statue, Serena blinks him to life and in turn, replaces the statue with Darrin! Larry and a new client, Mr. Barrows, decide to meet Darrin and Samantha does all that she can to get Darrin out of a very preposterous situation.

Episode #6: Paul Revere Rides Again (air date: 1970-10-29)

A classic Paul Revere teapot is taken by Esmerelda, who pops in Salem to bring Samantha's souvenirs home. Sam wants Esmerelda to return the Paul Revere teapot, but she returns Paul Revere instead! Revere thinks that it is 1776 and when he overhears one of Darrin's new clients say that he will ""take over the American market"" with his product, he rides his horse and does his famous call. After a series of misunderstandings, the teapot is returned and the image of Paul Revere riding his horse is used as a successful campaign.

Episode #7: Samantha's Bad Day in Salem (air date: 1970-11-05)

Another boyfriend of Samantha is still chasing her. The boyfriend, Waldo, wants Samantha so badly that he blinks up his own Samantha and take her around town. Larry sees Waldo and his Samantha together and thinks that the Stephens are breaking up. Darrin finds out from Larry and he confronts Waldo, only to be turned into a crow. The real Samantha finds out as well and she demands that Waldo turn Darrin back. Then they explain to Larry that Serena was with Waldo at the time that he seen them.

Episode #8: Samantha's Old Salem Trip (air date: 1970-11-12)

The Stephens come home, only to have Esmerelda blink Samantha back to Salem- circa 1600's! Darrin has to go back in time and bring Samantha, who has no memory of who he is, back home. He has to place a coin on Samantha's head and have her say an incantation so she can remember again. He tries to get her attention and ends up getting accused of witchery! Samantha puts two and two together and goes along with the incantation.

Episode #9: Samantha's Pet Warlock (air date: 1970-11-19)

Deja Vu! A warlock named Ashley comes to free Samantha from her mortal life and he ends up turning into an unusual dog. Samantha sees through his wet-nosed charade and wants him to help Darrin with his dog food account.

Episode #10: Samantha's Old Man (air date: 1970-12-03)

Endora is at it again! This time, she changes Darrin into an old man and tries to hide him. Too late, the Tates spot Sam and old-man Darrin and she introduces him as Darrin's grandfather, Grover Stephens. Larry plays matchmaker when he brings his widowed aunt Millicent to woo Grandpa Stephens. To break up the date, Sam turns herself into an old woman who poses as Grover's wife! Samantha decides to stay an old woman as long as Darrin stays an old man, and Endora has no choice but to turn him back to normal.

Episode #11: The Corsican Cousins (air date: 1970-12-10)

Endora wonders why Samantha can't be more like Serena- spontaneous, free-willing, and loose. Endora puts a spell on Sam that makes her do exactly what Serena does. This causes problems for Darrin, especially when he has to deal with a all-business type client. Darrin is almost out of a job until Larry discovers that the client is linked to the underworld, and Darrin's job and sanity is saved again.

Episode #12: Samantha's Magic Potion (air date: 1970-12-17)

Darrin isn't doing very well creatively and decides to take a vacation. When he returns, he comes up with a sure-fire sales pitch for a very strict client, who rejects him on the spot. Darrin blames his creativity block on Endora and wants Samantha to give him some magic creativity. Samantha gives him a potion that insures great confidence and presents the client with the same rejected idea, which passes. Samantha tells him that his confidence was his own and that the potion was nothing more that soda pop.

Episode #13: Sisters at Heart (air date: 1970-12-24)

Darrin's friends, Keith and Dorothy Wilson who happen to be black, invite their daughter Lisa to stay with Tabitha on Christmas Eve while they go away. Lisa and Tabitha want to be sisters because they get along so well with each other, but are discouraged when someone tells them that they can't be because Lisa is black and Tabitha is white. Of course, this gets out of hand when Darrin's newest client, Mr. Brockaway, visits his home. Lisa is asked to answer the door, and Brockaway gets a shock when he sees her, thinking that she is the Stephens' child! He turns Darrin down because of his bigotry. Tabitha lets Lisa in on her witchcraft and uses wishcraft to blink polka dots on both her and Lisa. Samantha then tells them that they don't have to look the same to be sisters because they are sisters at heart. Then, after a well-deserved lesson from Samantha, Mr. Brockaway admits that he is a racist and wants Darrin to handle his account as his apology.

Episode #14: Mother-in-Law of the Year (air date: 1971-01-14)

Endora presents an idea for a great campaign for the Bobbins Bon Bons account, and Bobbins takes a liking to her. He insists that she promote her idea on a TV show, which she refuses due to a ski date. So Samantha poses as Endora, but the deception is short-lived when the real Endora appears, magically, on live TV. Because of the special effects, Bobbins is sold on the idea.

Episode #15: Mary, The Good Fairy (air date: 1971-01-21)

Tabitha loses her first tooth and is visited by the Good Fairy, who is an old friend of Samantha's. Mary, the Good Fairy, has a cold and Samantha gives her some brandy to make her feel good- a little too good! When Mary is too drunk to perform her nightly duties, Samantha steps in and takes her place....

Episode #16: The Good Fairy Strikes Again (air date: 1971-01-28)

Samantha is not having a good time moonlighting and wants Mary to take her wings back. Mary then finds out that her costume is used as a marketing ploy for a Reducealator campaign set up by Darrin. She then wises up and takes her job back, and wins Darrin the Reducealator account.

Episode #17: The Return of Darrin the Bold (air date: 1971-02-04)

Endora and Serena give Darrin powers unknowingly when Serena goes back in time to the 14th century where Darrin the Bold reigns. She has altered the future of Darrin when she puts a spell on Darrin the Bold. In the present, Darrin starts wishing for stuff and he gets it. Samantha finds out about Serena's plan, goes back to the time of Darrin the Bold, and takes off the spell.

Episode #18: The House that Uncle Arthur Built (air date: 1971-02-11)

Uncle Arthur's new flame, Aretha, is not happy about his practical jokes. To please her, his practical jokes are installed in the Stephens' home where all hell breaks loose. Samantha tells Arthur that Aretha isn't worth putting her and Darrin through a lot of trouble and he puts their house back to normal.

Episode #19: Samantha and the Troll (air date: 1971-02-18)

Samantha goes away for a 10,000-zap checkup and Serena takes over for her at home. All trouble ensues when she weasels her way into Darrin's life when he is trying to impress another seroius client. Samantha comes home to witness Serena acting up and straightens things out. All is well, until one of Tabitha's toys, a troll, comes to life and starts embarrassing Darrin in front of his prospective client!

Episode #20: This Little Piggie (air date: 1971-02-25)

Endora says that Darrin is pig-headed and proves that by blinking a pig's head on his body! This is a catastophe for Darrin, but turns out to be a great ad campaign for his new client.

Episode #21: Mixed Doubles (air date: 1971-03-04)

Samantha wakes up one morning to find herself in Larry's bed and Lousie is Darrin's! Sam tries to find out what the hell is going on here when Larry knows her as Louise and Darrin knows Louise as Samantha. Dr. Bombay is called and it seems that Sam was so worried about Louise, they magically got switched.

Episode #22: Darrin Goes Ape (air date: 1971-03-11)

Darrin learns that Serena is not to be messed with when she turns him into an ape.

Episode #23: Money Happy Returns (air date: 1971-03-18)

Endora accuses Darrin for being too cheap when she notices Tabitha and Adam playing in a wading pool when they should have a real pool. She blinks one up, and Darrin takes an unnecessary swim! Darrin warns Samantha to keep Endora at bay. Than, he finds a bag full of money- $100,000 to be exact! Darrin thinks Endora whipped up the cash, but it really belongs to a thug who wants his loot back.

Episode #24: Out of the Mouths of Babes (air date: 1971-03-25)

Darrin gets changed into a little boy again when he bans Endora from taking Tabitha to a supernatural event. As a boy, Darrin beats the pants off of a few boys in a basketball game. One of the boys, Herbie, wants Darrin to play in a championship game. Darrin, throughout all this, is in the middle of working on a new account for Irish Stew which is not selling at all, but by the end, the stew is fit for dogs.

Episode #25: Sam's Psychic Pslip (air date: 1971-04-01)

Samantha cleans up the house by her magic, and Darrin catches her! Feeling guilty about herself, she gets the hiccups and pops up many, many bicycles! They have to hide the magic evidence because Darrin's mom is coming. When Phyllis does come, Darrin pushes her upstairs so Sam can call Dr. Bombay to get rid of the bikes. But her hiccups come back when she and Phyllis are shopping. Instead of bikes popping up, an item in the store disappears! When Phyllis and Samantha are doomed to go to jail, Dr. Bombay comes back and gives her the right spell.

Episode #26: Samantha's Magic Mirror (air date: 1971-04-08)

Esmerelda is depressed because her old boyfriend is coming to visit her and if he sees that her powers are not all that great, he will not like her (Sounds like Episode 47, doesn't it?). Samantha gives her a makeover, which is not so good. Esmerelda wants to see how she looks in a mirror, and Sam enhances all of the mirrors in the house to make Esmerelda's reflection appear more attractive. When Ferdy comes by, she discovers that his powers aren't what they used to be either.

Episode #27: Laugh, Clown, Laugh (air date: 1971-04-15)

Endora claims that Darrin has no sense of humor, so she puts a spell on him, turning him into a comedian. His client, Mr. Jameson, does not like Darrin's new Def Comedy Jam phase when he gets a migrane headache. Darrin discovers that Endora has hexed him, and she gives him another spell- this time, making jokes of anything sad or discouraging. The Jamesons come by and at th very mention of Jamison's wife's bursitis, Darrin starts laughing. Thinking that Darrin's insensitivity will cost Larry and him the account, the Jamesons think otherwise and give McMann and Tate the account.

Episode #28: Samantha and the Antique Doll (air date: 1971-04-22)

Phyllis is beside herself when Samantha makes her think that she has magic powers. It takes Frank to be turned into a mule and a mock seance to put some sense into Phyllis.

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