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Blue Mountain State

Blue Mountain State poster
Genre: Comedy, Sport, Sports
Status: Ended
8.4/10(1387 votes)
Alan Ritchson Alan Ritchson as Thad Castle
Chris Romano Chris Romano as Sammy Cacciatore
Darin Brooks Darin Brooks as Alex Moran
Darin Brooks Darin Brooks as Alex Moran
Denise Richards Denise Richards as Debra Simon
Ed Marinaro Ed Marinaro as Coach Marty Daniels
Frankie Shaw Frankie Shaw as Mary-Jo Cacciatore
Gabrielle Dennis Gabrielle Dennis as Denise Roy
James Cade James Cade as Harmon Tedesco
Kwasi Songui Kwasi Songui as Coach Jon Jon Hendrix

Blue Mountain State follows the on and off-field antics of college football powerhouse, Blue Mountain State. Former NFL running back and veteran actor, Ed Marinaro (Hill Street Blues), stars as no-nonsense Coach Daniels. In season 3, Coach Daniels will have his authority challenged when the boosters force him to hire a hotshot offensive coordinator/head coach-in-waiting. Alex, played by Emmy Award(R)-winner Darin Brooks (Blue Crush), will have to step up from being a fun-loving second-string to the starting quarterback.

The series takes place in a fictional college Blue Mountain State. Football is very popular in the college, which has a team called “The Mountain Goats”. Two freshmen enrolled in college due to a football scholarship. One of them: Alex Moran is trying to break into the starting line-up football team; second – Sammy Cacciatore was destined to become The Mountain Goats mascot.

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In the opening of Blue Mountain State season 2 you will see Alex in a difficult situation. Coach Daniels asks him to be a "fixer" for new quarterback Radon Randell. Mary Jo - Sammy's sister runs through for a cheer leading squad at school. Thad wants to find a person in the team who utilizes a private technique to make him to drop the ball during practice. For school’s reputation rehabilitation and performance improvement, the team visits church and tries to be a celibate. And this is quite an uneasy task with Mary Jo’s tricks. At the same time Debra – the coach’s ex-wife wants to cause him a headache and annoys him. Meanwhile the whole team is literally flooded with presents from agents. An unfamiliar woman wants to talk to Alex, Radon and Thad announcing that one of them is a father of her child that soon is to be born. Then we see quite different reactions of boys on that claim. Sammy has to choose whether he stays with a girl who is out of his league or returns to the life of a bachelor. Meanwhile the coach endeavors to repair the ties with his son.

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The characters of the new MTV series “Blue Mountain State” will overwhelm their Russian viewers with their exquisite intelligence, fantastic quick-wittedness and just ethereal upbringing. The whole set of alpha male guys take each other through their paces and get into trouble in a funny way. The sitcom “Blue Mountain State” pictures a group of American bullies all playing for the football team “The Goats”.
They are so dim that their IQ doesn’t exceed one point in their brightest moments. They don’t get expelled just because they are the sports crown jewels off the school. The series contains a detailed depiction of American teenage daily life. They cripple each other on the football pitch under the guidance of an insane coach, soak themselves in liters of beer, organize wild parties, chase all sorts of skirts and all possible crazy things. This series is a kind of an uncensored version of the “American Pie”. In the US, where sport has become some sort of a cult or obsession, they love to visualize the daily routine and love life of the members of college sports teams. “Blue Mountain State” is no exception. The scriptwriters again and again use the well-working stereotype of American youth: muscles, sports, beer and sex-drugs-rock’n’roll. That formula works well on American TV, and is also quite welcome in Russian.
This season is a tight knot of strong sports-related emotions and personal life changes. Alex is getting accustomed to the new role of the team captain, while Thad’s future is very uncertain – he is expelled from the team for a drug-related episode which eve finished with imprisonment. But letting the cat out of the bag we can say that eventually everything turns out alright for him and he returns to the team. Coach Daniels and his ex-wife Debra united by some common problems at first discover that their feelings to each other are not completely dead and decide to give it a fresh start. Sammy  is still uncertain of what to do with his life and tries different variants. Mary Jo is so uncertain as well that she even wants to try herself in a woman-woman relationship and approaches Debra, the ex-wife of the coach. All these things uncensored are awaiting you in the new season!

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