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Botched season 2

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20 episodes (639 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Dr. Terry Dubrow, Dr. Paul Nassif Genre:Reality Channel:E! Status:Continuing

6.8 (5 votes)

Botched season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: I Love New Work (air date: 2015-04-14)

A reality star hopes the doctors can fix her botched breast job, Paul reconstructs a severely burned chin, and the medics meet a transgender woman whose face was filled with cement

360p (mp4 312.4 MB)
Episode #2: Boob-Watch (air date: 2015-04-21)

Nicole Eggert, from Baywatch, wants smaller breasts after her last surgeon gave her ones that are too big; Terry tries to reconstruct a woman with a flesh eating disease; an international flight attendant in search of the world's best plastic surgery.

360p (mp4 354.6 MB)
Episode #3: The Bacon Bra (air date: 2015-04-28)

The doctors assist a female bodybuilder who wants to look more feminine; Paul performs surgery on a woman with large nostril anxiety; and Katella Dash will do anything to look like a human blow-up doll.

360p (mp4 301.0 MB)
Episode #4: Four Leeches and a Funeral (air date: 2015-05-05)

Dwight Eubanks says goodbye to his nose with a funeral; a woman has left her with a mysterious bubble on her breast; and a busty performer gives the doctors a smashing show they'll never forget.

360p (mp4 295.1 MB)
Episode #5: Mo' Steroids Mo' Problems (air date: 2015-05-12)

Terry helps Mo Thugs rapper Guillermo 'Big Caz' Eiland with his situation of man boobs; Jana Stoner who got breast implants in her butt after a Mexico surgery gone bad; a UK man with super-sized lips sees the doctors about his leaking filler.

360p (mp4 354.7 MB)
Episode #6: Dolly'd Up (air date: 2015-05-19)

An impersonator wants to fix her saggy skin; Paul helps a woman with a possibly unfixable nose, and Daniella 'two spirits' Mendez wants a convertible implant for both a male and female option.

360p (mp4 322.9 MB)
Episode #7: House of Horrors (air date: 2015-06-07)

The Doctors aid a woman with a botched nose; Tanya hopes to get rid of a scar.

Episode #8: Knuckles and Knockers (air date: 2015-06-14)

Dr. Dubrow attempts to separate a uniboob; Dr. Nassif fights to correct a former boxer's nose.

360p (mp4 285.1 MB)
Episode #9: The Pec Whisperer (air date: 2015-06-21)

A bodybuilder with no pecs receives pumping up from Dr. Dubrow; and a former Miss India who wants to perfect her pig nose turns to Dr. Nassif for help. Also: The docs sit down for a heart-to-heart chat with a woman who's obsessed with body modification.

360p (mp4 288.8 MB)
Episode #10: Attack of the 3,000cc Implants (air date: 2015-06-28)

Dr. Dubrow takes on the biggest breast case of his career, while Dr. Nassif tackles a soldier's botched nose. Also: Both doctors meet with a man whose life goal is to look like a superhero.

360p (mp4 296.1 MB)
Episode #11: Say Yes to the Breasts (air date: 2015-07-05)

The doctors help a former actress who lost her breasts to a flesh-eating disease; Dr. Dubrow gives hope to a spiritual woman who has a butt on her belly; and Dr. Nassif tries to remove a thumbprint left on a man's nose by another surgeon.

360p (mp4 346.5 MB)
Episode #12: The Serial Filler (air date: 2015-07-12)

A woman visits about her blown-up lips, a friend seeks help for his botched stomach and Jessa hopes the doctors can erase the physical scars left from a car accident. Reality series following surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they aim to fix cosmetic procedures that have gone wrong

360p (mp4 266.4 MB)
Episode #13: Double Trouble (air date: 2015-10-06)

In this two-part story, Paul follows a hunch and orders more tests for a woman with a severely botched nose and discovers shocking news. The doctors work in tandem to get two "botched bunnies" back in centerfold shape.

360p (mp4 266.2 MB)
Episode #14: Dr. Nassif Saved My Life (air date: 2015-10-13)

After saving Luci’s life, Paul is given the go-ahead to finally fix her nose. Terry repairs a DJ’s oversized chest and the doctors meet a woman with anxiety issues and help her find a solution for her terrible Tijuana procedures.

360p (mp4 279.5 MB)
Episode #15: Boner-Free Zone (air date: 2015-10-20)

Dr. Dubrow transforms a woman's "boner-free zone". Dr. Nassif fixes the nose of a woman who had her dentist perform her rhinoplasty, and the doctors meet a mother who had extensive plastic surgery to look exactly like her daughter.

360p (mp4 279.5 MB)
Episode #16: Breast Greedy (air date: 2015-10-27)

Dr. Nassif performs a rhinoplasty on a woman who had her first nose job at 12 years old, Dr. Dubrow works on a patient who wants to retire her Baywatch Boobs, and the doctors are left speechless by a patient who can only be described as “unique.”

360p (mp4 262.2 MB)
Episode #17: The Wizard of Schnoz (air date: 2015-11-03)

Terry makes a breast cancer survivor feel whole again while Paul operates on two sisters' twin beaks, affirming that he is the true Wizard of Schnoz. Terry gets a visit from his favorite patient...his wife, Heather.

360p (mp4 279.1 MB)
Episode #18: Where the Wildd Things Are (air date: 2015-11-10)

The doctors help a woman who calls herself "the most unlucky person in the world." Rejected by the doctors last season, Lacey Wildd is back with a problem bigger than her boobs. Transgender showgirl, Cassandra Cass, seeks the Doctors help to become her favorite cartoon character.

360p (mp4 298.9 MB)
Episode #19: The Living Doll (air date: 2015-11-17)

Dr. Dubrow operates on a transgender woman's uni-boob, Dr. Nassif fixes a 24-year-old crater on a woman's nose and the Doctors meet Blondie who aspires to be a plastic doll.

360p (mp4 191.7 MB)
Episode #20: Stitched Up Sisters (air date: 2015-11-24)

Dr. Dubrow keeps it all in the family when he performs full body work, on a pair of co-dependent sisters. Dr. Nassif operates on a large man with an even larger nose and the doctors meet Youtuber and extreme waist trainer, Penny Brown.

360p (mp4 316.3 MB)
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