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Brickleberry season 1

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10 episodes (2411 views)

Air weekdate:Tuesday Cast:Daniel Tosh, David Herman, Jerry Minor, Kaitlin Olson, Roger Black, Tom Kenny Genre:Animation, Comedy Channel:Comedy Central (US) Status:Ended

8.5 (20 votes)

Brand new tv show tells the story about a valiant rangers who must protect a conservancy area called Brickleberry. These guys are the Rangers, and despite the fact that they are very different, they all share one goal – to protect the National Park and its inhabitants. It is a pity but its employees are not want to do it. Naturally, they keep order, but their hasty decisions sometimes lead to dire consequences that threaten all the inhabitants of the reservation area…

Brickleberry season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Welcome to Brickleberry (air date: 2012-09-25)

A new ranger comes to town; Malloy is put on a diet.

Episode #2: 2 Weeks Notice (air date: 2012-10-02)

Ethel runs a camp for the blind; Steve sleeps with a hooker after a bad speed dating incident, contracts cana-syphil-aids, and is told he only has two weeks to live

Episode #3: Saved by the Balls (air date: 2012-10-09)

While under cover looking for pot farmers growing their crop in Brickleberry, Steve and Denzel make a promise to the Russian mob that they can grow an entire pot crop overnight

Episode #4: Squabbits (air date: 2012-10-16)

In an effort to compete with Yellowstone, Woody asks the team to come up with the cutest animal in the world. Steve creates a Squabbit - half squirrel, half rabbit.

Episode #5: Race Off (air date: 2012-10-23)

Secretary of the Interior Kirk Sanders visits the park and in an effort to impress him, Woody sets the park on fire.

Episode #6: Gay Bomb (air date: 2012-10-30)

Woody allows the Jesus Hates Homos Church to hold their meeting at Brickleberry. Connie takes off, because it was this church that tried to 'fix' her gay-ness.

Episode #7: Hello Dottie (air date: 2012-11-13)

The rangers begin making demands when they become fed up with the conditions at the park; After Woody becomes impressed with the computer help desk workers in India, he decides to outsource the ranger positions to 'dot-bots.'

Episode #8: Steve's Bald (air date: 2012-11-20)

The rangers discover that Steve wears a toupee while they prepare for the annual Ranger Ball; in an effort to re-grow his hair and feel better about himself, Steve becomes Bigfoot which makes him a celebrity.

Episode #9: Daddy Issues (air date: 2012-11-27)

Steve finds his father, who is also the greatest park ranger Brickleberry has ever known, when he volunteers to track down what or who has been leaving the park strewn with half-eaten goats.

Episode #10: The Dam Show (air date: 2012-12-04)

The dam that holds back Brickleberry River is destroyed by fireworks set off in honor of Woody's birthday. The park floods and the rangers, along with the rest of the survivors, must re-form society on the island.

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