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Broadchurch poster
Air weekdate: Monday
Genre: Crime, Drama
Channel: ITV
Status: Ended
8.8/10(61 votes)
David Tennant David Tennant as DI Alec Hardy
Olivia Colman Olivia Colman as DS Ellie Miller
Andrew Buchan Andrew Buchan as Mark Latimer
Charlotte Rampling Charlotte Rampling as Jocelyn Knight
Jodie Whittaker Jodie Whittaker as Beth Latimer
Adam Wilson Adam Wilson as Tom Miller
Arthur Darvill Arthur Darvill as Paul Coates
Carolyn Pickles Carolyn Pickles as Maggie Radcliffe
Charlie Higson Charlie Higson as Ian Winterman
Charlotte Beaumont Charlotte Beaumont as Chloe Latimer

Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller lead the investigations into crimes committed in the small, coastal town of Broadchurch.

Broadchurch season 1

Broadchurch season 1 poster

Hot July morning, at the height of tourist season in a town called Broadchurch lost 11-year-old high school student Danny Latimer. His mother, Beth, begins to look for him, while her best friend, Ellie Miller, a local police officer, comes from leave for work and discovers that the promotion for which she expected, goes to Detective Inspector Alec Hardy, the newcomer with the reputation of a loser. Danny’s body found under the spectacular cliffs. Miller and Hardy are determined to solve the mystery murder of Danny.

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Broadchurch season 2

Broadchurch season 2 poster

As we know the first season ended with phrase “Broadchurch will return” and fortunately it does! To avoid the multiple spoilers it is enough to say that the plot will be somehow connected with the previous season, we’ll see the other characters and even face some stunning upheavals! Alec Hardy is still in Broadchurch, he lives in a riverside building and takes medication when his heart cuts didoes. And still he loves the book “Things Fall Apart” reiterating often these words. Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller, who could or could not be a detective sergeant, moved to Devon to catch speeders on country roads. Hunky Rev Paul Coates, has a very engrossing story in episode 1 of season 2. And what sermons he did! This is high time to hear them again! Interesting fact to warm up your attention is that the Danny’s body will be re-examined therefore the whole previous season will receive the cliff-hanging continuance. What other secrets does this town conceal?

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Broadchurch season 3

Broadchurch season 3 poster

The third season of the crime drama creators of which there are two British directors E. Lin and J. Strong will reveal a rich secret, unpredictable plot twists and the most poignant moments. Events taking place in the town Brodcherch where locals lead quiet, serene and ordered life. Many have already chosen their way of life. Thus they have become closer to the happiness and are now trying to protect themselfes from all a adversity. Who - is still in search of his roads and well-being. The locals have always been happy that their city is more calm and takes the last place in the fight against crime. They have learned to feel confidence in the future. Police also proud of this fact. However, one day a sudden, terrible news spread throughout the city areas. Residents were shocked by the story which told the mother of the little boy. It was learned that the boy was gone, and somehow quite inexplicably. Many people were involved in the search for the child. But the search was unsuccessful. Alice honest detective of the city and friend of the boy's mother also agreed to help find the boy. The woman considered necessary not to wait for the end of a leave of absence and went to work where she learned that her post was occupied rival Alex Hardy. Accordingly, now he leads the case about the boy's disappearance. Ellis was furious by this news. She had suspected this detective because the facts were known that he did not disclose any business for which he undertook. Will Ellis to change the course of events?

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