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Buddi season 2

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Buddi season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: See-Saw / Glowpods (air date: 2020-09-11)

A musical seesaw is hard to resist ... and move. Can the friends find a way to get unstuck? Later, floating surprises light up the night.

Episode #2: Hollow Log / Birthday (air date: 2020-09-11)

A hollow log fills a day with fun, especially when it splits in two. For Iso's birthday her Buddis plan treats. But first, they have to find her!

Episode #3: Sandcastle / Shadow (air date: 2020-09-11)

On a trip to the beach the Buddis make a big sandcastle — and a little friend. Later, they learn tricks of the light with help from playful shadows.

Episode #4: Tickle / Sneeze (air date: 2020-09-11)

The Buddis' ball gets caught on a branch and they can't get it down — until they see the tree wants to play, too! Sick with a cold, Iso gets TLC.

Episode #5: Stream / Rainbow (air date: 2020-09-11)

A leaf race on water finishes with a lesson in kindness. When a flying rainbow goes blank, the friends find colors in nature to bring back its shine.

Episode #6: Star / Mudcake (air date: 2020-09-11)

A star feels scared after it falls from the sky, until the Buddis help it find its way home. Later, a mud fight gets messy when feelings are hurt.

Episode #7: Sound Nut / Engine (air date: 2020-09-11)

Mysterious voices join in on the Buddis' sing-along. A fast-moving train car gives the curious friends some exercise as it zips and zooms around.

Episode #8: Snow (air date: 2020-09-11)

A magic friendly snowman leads the Buddis through a winter wonderland, where they find a frozen pond for ice skating and a cozy igloo for stargazing.

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