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CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber poster
Air weekdate: Sunday
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Channel: CBS
Status: Ended
6.3/10(41 votes)
Patricia Arquette Patricia Arquette as Avery Ryan
James van der Beek James van der Beek as Elijah Mundo
Charley Koontz Charley Koontz as Daniel Krumitz
Hayley Kiyoko Hayley Kiyoko as Raven Ramirez
Peter MacNicol Peter MacNicol as Simon Sifter
Shad Moss Shad Moss as Brody Nelson
Ted Danson Ted Danson as D.B. Russell

The series follows an elite team of FBI Special Agents tasked with investigating cyber crimes in North America. Based out of Quantico, the team is supervised by Avery Ryan a behavioral psychologist turned cyber shrink who established the FBI Cyber Crime division and heads a "hack-for-good" program, a scheme in which the criminals she catches can work for her in lieu of receiving a prison sentence.

CSI: Cyber season 1

CSI: Cyber season 1 poster

Could you imagine ten or fifteen years ago that a substantial part of life of majority of people in the world will take place not in real, but in virtual world in the Internet world? It goes without saying that it was difficult to assume such a thing. Though, modern technology is developing with an incredible speed. And sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the new products, which technological progress creates. You can list many advantages of such scientific jumps, meanwhile, there are a few cons. One of disadvantages and, probably, the most important is cyberterrorism. Thanks to Internet criminals need no longer to stay close to victim to commit a crime. They need no longer to fear the testimonies of witnesses and eyewitnesses. In today's world, a cyber genius needs only to click in order to steal millions. In addition, to find such an offender is almost impossible. After all, they do not leave physical traces at the crime scene. They are faceless, and therefore very dangerous. Avery Ryan is an FBI agent who combats cyberterrorism. She and her team are engaged in catching cybergeniuses. After all, only her department can solve a real personality of internet criminals.

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CSI: Cyber season 2

CSI: Cyber season 2 poster

The technologies have changed our world insomuch that faceless criminals commit atrocities of a global scale by one button pressing. The central character, Avery Ryan, is a smart and determined behavior psychologist. She takes the lead of investigations dealing with virtual world and affecting the real one. This season will show us a new civil lawyer, D.B. Russell, arriving from Las Vegas in order to head a new subdivision of Next Generation Cyber Forensics. He becomes a part of Avery’s team in their mutual tracking down of the most serious cyber offenders. Their investigation begins with one lead regarding the breach of database in the house security system and plays out into a murder investigation. In the meantime, Avery decides to move up the promotional ladder within the FBI structure. Elijah faces some challenging situation in his family, whereas Krumitz witnesses in the trial of his sister. We’ll also get to know more information on the lives of Raven and Nelson. The season 2 promises to be very intriguing!

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