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Camelot poster
Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Channel: Starz
Status: Ended
7.7/10(1288 votes)
Claire Forlani Claire Forlani as Queen Igraine
Eva Green Eva Green as Morgan
Jamie Campbell Bower Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur
Jamie Campbell Bower Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur
Joseph Fiennes Joseph Fiennes as Merlin
Peter Mooney Peter Mooney as Kay
Philip Winchester Philip Winchester as Leontes
Sinéad Cusack Sinéad Cusack as Sybil
Tamsin Egerton Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere
Tamsin Egerton Tamsin Egerton as Guinevere

The 10-episode epic drama, redefines the classic medieval tale of King Arthur with an exciting ensemble cast including Joseph Fiennes reimagining the iconic role of Merlin, Jamie Campbell Bower as the young and reckless Arthur, and Eva Green in her television debut as the darkly powerful Morgan.

Camelot season 1

Camelot season 1 poster

This series begins with sudden return of King Uther’s daughter Morgan, who was sent to the monastery for study fifteen years ago. The princess is certain that her father sent her far from him in order to start a new family and get married for the second time. She was dreaming in a strange land to wreak vengeance upon her father. For this purpose she studied magic and sorcery instead of theology. So, as she expected neither Uther nor his wife Igraine are pleased to see her and father banishes his daughter. Being abandoned for the second time Morgan shoots Niagara and puts some poison into Uther’s food. Even sorcerer Merlin is not able to save the King. After his death Morgan seizes the throne and expels her step-mother. But there is another pretender to the throne in Britain: Uther and Igraine’s son Arthur, who was taken secretly by Merlin and brought up in the family of noble Ector and his wife. Now the whole kingdom is on the threshold of chaos. So, Merlin decides that this is high time to meet Arthur and tell his the truth…

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