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Casual poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama
Channel: Hulu
Status: Ended
6.7/10(6 votes)
Michaela Watkins Michaela Watkins as Valerie
Tommy Dewey Tommy Dewey as Alex
Tara Lynne Barr Tara Lynne Barr as Laura
Andy Buckley Andy Buckley as Paul Schmidt
Britt Lower Britt Lower as Sarah
Dylan Gelula Dylan Gelula as Aubrey
Eliza Coupe Eliza Coupe as Emmy
Frances Conroy Frances Conroy as Dawn
Fred Melamed Fred Melamed as Charles Cole
Julie Berman Julie Berman as Leia

CASUAL is a single-camera, half-hour comedy series that follows the story of a dysfunctional family trying to help each other navigate the modern dating scene. Recent divorcee Valerie and her bachelor brother coach each other through the crazy world of dating (on-line and off), while living under the same roof again for the second time and raising her teenage daughter.

Casual season 1

Casual season 1 poster

Casual series tells the story of the lives of the characters who are faced with the same problem. The protagonist of the events is Alex. He lives with his sister Valerie and her grown daughter in the same house. An interesting point is the problem of loneliness which applies to these people. All three seek to resolve the issue of privacy. Valerie, already fed up with loneliness so she decides to go to a special event where happen the acquaintance in order to find love. A girlfriend of Valeria advises carefully examine the applicant who seeks to win her heart before attending the event. However, Valerie did not listen to her girlfriend. Alex has supported the decision of his sister and bring her to the appointed place. As they walked to the restaurant that made the reservation privacy daughter Valerie. She was almost calm for her daughter because she is constantly shared with her their secrets and emotions. At this event, Valerie was able to impress to Yen. The woman told him her personal life story and opened many moments. The man was responsive and also decided to share with her own experiences. Alex also did not waste time in the shuffle. At the next table, he was trying to impress to the fitness - instructor. Future events reveal the secrets of each of these four characters which have strayed from the truth in the preparation of their profiles.

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Casual season 2

Casual season 2 poster

The suggested comedy drama Casual season 2 tells the story of two siblings, which can not organize their personal lifes. The girl was already married, and even has a daughter from this marriage, but the relationship with her husband came to naught, and they were forced to file for divorce. Left without a roof over her head, she decided to seek help from her brother, an inveterate bachelor, does not recognize the family relationship, and have not found his own happiness. Now they live together under one roof, a small and friendly family, giving each other support in difficult situations and helping to take the right decision. The clear fact that this can not last long, because the heroes have to look for their second halves and equip the family "nest". Each another attempt to find a decent man, which would correspond to the boundaries of the desired ends in failure. But the main characters of the series do not stop there. On the other hand, they are living under a common roof, completely satisfied with the course of circumstances. Can a brother and sister make a difference in their lives, or so and will continue to live together?

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Casual season 3

Casual season 3 poster

Casual season 3 continues to follow Valerie and her brother Alex, who moved away from their parents many years ago and lived their own lives. However, everything changes in a moment. Valerie, once completely satisfied with her family situation, finds her husband in the arms of a mistress. She immediately filed for divorce and together with her daughter Laura moved to her brother for a while. However, this “for a while” delays for an unknown time. The main characters of the TV series Casual together solve the problems of their life together now. Moreover, Valerie heartily selects the girl to Alex. Laura also requires constant attention, because the life of American teenager is so difficult and unpredictable. Relatives will still delight the audience with merry situations in the new season, in which they invariably get into. Season 3 of the TV show Casual will become even more comical, but the number of dramatic insertions will not change, because sad scenes allow you to look at comical situations more emotionally.

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Casual season 4

Casual season 4 poster

Casual season 4 is the final part of the tragicomedy about an inveterate bachelor, his divorced sister and her adult daughter. They still live together and try to find each other a couple. Laura finally returns from abroad. However, a long separation does not bring mother and daughter closer, but rather complicates their mutual understanding. Laura has a new job and a new status in the relationship. Passion between Valerie and John, and she even introduces him to the family. Alex continues to successfully lead a dating site, but he can not control his own relationship with Rae. Alex, Valerie and Laura again make a lot of mistakes, get impulsive decisions, and then do everything possible to fix them in the final season 4 of Casual tv series.

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