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Chasing Life

Chasing Life poster
Air weekdate: Tuesday
Genre: Drama
Channel: ABC Family
Status: Ended
6.9/10(8 votes)
Italia Ricci Italia Ricci as April
Mary Page Keller Mary Page Keller as Sara
Aisha Dee Aisha Dee as Beth
Abhi Sinha Abhi Sinha as Danny Gupta
Augusto Aguilera Augusto Aguilera as Kieran
Dylan Gelula Dylan Gelula as Ford
Gracie Dzienny Gracie Dzienny as Greer Danville
Haley Ramm Haley Ramm as Brenna
Jessica Meraz Jessica Meraz as Natalie
Rebecca Schull Rebecca Schull as Emma

April is a smart aspiring journalist in her 20s who tries to balance her ambitious career with her family, which includes her widowed mom, rebellious little sister, and her grandmother. We meet April at a pivotal moment in her life: she's landed a fantastic opportunity to impress her hard-nosed Boston newspaper editor and an office romance with her super-sexy co-worker Dominic is just beginning to blossom. In an unexpected twist of fate, April lands in the hospital where her estranged uncle George works as an oncologist, and she learns the devastating news that she has cancer. The series follows April through her journey in the face of this daunting revelation, during a time in her life when the challenges of finding love and success would be enough to keep any girl occupied. But April is determined to fight and refuses to give up her dreams and goals.

These American TV series tell us the story of woman-reporter, who comes to know a horrible truth – she is cancer-stricken. Chasing Life is based on the TV novella “Terminales” which was shot by a Mexican television company. April is in her early twenties, she is smart, ambitious, charismatic and headlong. April is aimed at career in journalism field. So, she works at one of the Boston newspapers and tries to earn by all means a respect of the editor. With all her career plans our protagonist doesn’t forget about her family. April’s mother Sara became a widow, and her sister Brenna is a revolted teenager. Moreover granny Emma lives with them. April begins to date her colleague handsome Dominic, but soon she appears in hospital where her uncle George is oncologist. This is he who tells his niece this dreadful news: she has a cancer. The melodramatic genre of these series doesn’t make the film hopelessly oppressive and tragic. The main character is aware of her grief, tries to conceal it from her parents and find a proper medication as soon as possible.

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The premiere of the second season shows April adjusting to her new way of life and planning her engagement party and is out for a wedding dress. She has to farewell her life at home and this is very challenging for April. She spends a weekend with Bermuda and Beth but the whole journey has an unexpected turn. April’s father wrote a novel bringing some clues to her past, so, she decides to lead a small investigation. Moreover, the series followers will witness her exciting bachelorette party and this evening promises to be quite wild! In the meantime, Natalie finds the codex of her father, which may have a huge impact on the Carvers. Also, Sara has to deal with financial problems, while Dominic tries to reset relations with his mother. Dominic does not know how to face the fact of losing April after the wedding. By the arriving of April and Leo's important day, the developments become richer and gain momentum very fast. What happens next? Be the first to uncover!

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