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Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire poster
Genre: Drama, Action
Channel: NBC
Status: Continuing
8.4/10(1754 votes)
Jesse Spencer Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey
Annie Ilonzeh Annie Ilonzeh as Emily Foster
Jesse Spencer Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey
Taylor Kinney Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide
Monica Raymund Monica Raymund as Gabriela Dawson
Taylor Kinney Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide
Aiden & Austin Cohen Aiden & Austin Cohen as Louie Thompson
Anthony Ferraris Anthony Ferraris as Tony
Charlie Barnett Charlie Barnett as Peter Mills

No job is more stressful, dangerous or exhilarating than those of the Firefighters, Rescue Squad and Paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51. These are the courageous men and women who forge headfirst into danger when everyone else is running the other way and whose actions make the difference between life and death. These are their stories.

TV series “Chicago Fire” tells us about the heroic Fire Department in Chicago. Spencer has the main role, his character - Matthew Casey is a born leader who excels at his work, but very hard going through a break with his wife. Another addition to the team is Charlie Barnett, he will play Peter Mills - a recent graduate of the academy, which is just starting to serve in the firehouse. Spencer and Barnett will make the company to Monica Raymund (Lie to me, The Good Wife), Iamonnu Walker (Kings), David Aydenbergu (Sex and the City, Justified) and Taylor Kinney (Vampire Diaries).

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It’s not about the job. It’s about everything else. At the end of season 1, Casey was trying to cope with the death of his girlfriend. Season 2 will pick up a month following the finale for season 1, and Casey will have found a way to handle the loss. As for his relationship with Dawson, the pair will put that on the back burner for awhile. It isn’t gone for good. The series will revisit the chemistry between Dawson and Casey at some point again, according to Spencer. Casey needs to deal with his loss and broken heart on his own.

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In the third season of drama full of dangerous adventures and exploits of serial stories Chicago Fire we return to the team of heroes rescue of the huge city of Chicago. Another collection of episodes revolves around the hero of the picture Matthew Casey who on a daily basis, as well as all the other rescuers risk himself life. Ongoing disputes between Matthew and his colleague Lieutenant Kelly Severaydom not affect on the quality of their work. Each of them is well aware that in the "front line" all on equal terms and questions about personal animosity must take second place. New season, more than affect the personal lives of the main characters, but not without feats. Special colorful series give: perfect, harmonious teamwork, thoughtful action in dangerous situations, and of course the personal heroism of the heroes. But sometimes professionalism powerless against specific tragic cases that take away the life of the best members of the fire brigade fighting until the last minute. Colleagues which were always there do not forget their dead friends. They live with the eternal memory of them. But no matter how painful and sad life does not stop and the team every day should again engage in battle with the elements of fire to help their friends in difficult times and try to avoid another loss.

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Chicago Fire season 4

Chicago Fire season 4 poster

In the Chicago Fire season 4 heroes continue to struggle with the elements of fire. The season begins with the story of Gabriella Dawson. She comes to Matthew Casey's home to tell him about her pregnancy. But the conversation does not add up, because Matthew was not at home and instead of this Gabriella finds a corpse stripper ... As for Kelly Severayd, another heroine of the series, she is wasting her energy to get stability in her life. She is confident in herself, but there is one who is not confident in her leaderships qualities, a new head of Dellas Paterson. On the basis of his doubts he appoints Kelly the usual lifeguard fire brigade indefinitely. Very soon, appears the new challenger Jimmy Borelli, who becomes one of the commands rescue teams...

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A fascinating series about the lives of people with the most dangerous profession with you again. Firefighters which are 51 minutes of the city of Chicago Fire will again put out fires and rescue trapped people in danger on your eyes. Their daily efforts and heroism sometimes do not lead to the best results. Sometimes they have to deal with the rescued ingratitude of the people who for unknown reasons is fed to them in court demanding huge sums of money. What is most interesting the court did not quite rarely on the side of the plaintiff. In addition during uncontrolled combustion accidents occur due to which this fire workers die part. Survivors of the fire very difficult to survive the loss of each of their team members. Of course all continue to struggle with the elements of fire are well aware that sooner or later may be in the same situation. In addition to problems at work the main characters have their own personal problems. For example Matthew Casey faced with parting with his girlfriend who is not pleased that Matthew spends a lot of time at work. Also Matthew has conflicts with Severayd Kelly his associate. As you can see the lives of people who perform heroic work filled with many interesting surprises and alternated good and bad days. It so happens that a bad day from the beginning but then happens that confirms their heroism. Especially critical moments for those firefighters when they do not manage to save the children despite all efforts.

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Chicago Fire season 6 continues to tell about the hard life of workers in the Chicago Fire Department. Each new episode as in all previous seasons is not only a compulsory departure, but also the life of the heroes in their free time. Of course, the axis of their lives is still professional activity, but the work does not take 24 hours a day. Courageous and resolute men and women continue to give all their strength in order to fulfill their duties. Today in the fire, tomorrow in the fire… The peak of skill in a profession, where every day can be the last, is a number of people you saved and the fact that you are still alive and continue to work. They, Chicago firefighters, daily struggle with the fiery element and save human lives in the new episodes of season 6 Chicago Fire.

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Rescuers and paramedics of the 51st Chicago Fire Station continue to risk their lives every day on the most difficult challenges in season 7, and they solve numerous personal problems in their spare time. Producers decided not to renew the contract with actress Monica Raymund, who played Gabriela Dawson and was one of the main characters from the first season. At the same time, a new paramedic will appear in the Chicago fire department. Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) is an intelligent and motivated employee who will help her team more than once. Different situations will require high professionalism, that rescuers and firefighters of Chicago Fire branch have, in the upcoming season 7.

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“CHICAGO FIRE” is an American drama serial by TV channel NBC. The upcoming season will be available for audience in September 2019. The eighth season of the series will talk again about how emergency services from one of the largest megacities in the United States - Chicago - go out every day to a job full of dangers. The series at the beginning of 2019 was officially extended for the eighth season, but both Spencer and Kinney signed only one-year contracts that end in the seventh season. It is still unknown what characters we say goodbye to and producers keep this secret. Very soon we will get all information and observe all obstacles of main heroes.

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Season 9 is a continuation of the series about the everyday life of firefighters. Every now and then the team is faced with situations where the life of each of them hangs in the balance. But you still need to save those who are inside, in the very hell. There was an important loss in Season 8. Otis died in an explosion at a mattress factory. His last words were addressed to Cruz in Russian, which Boden translated and found that they meant "Brother, I will always be with you." Moreover, Annie Ilonzeh, who plays Emily Foster, is also leaving Chicago Fire and will not appear in Season 9 in a regular role.

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Part 10 of the series continues the story of the daily life and work of firefighters and paramedics. The team is listed in one of the Chicago divisions. These people are constantly faced with dangers and save human destinies, risking their own lives. They consider it their duty to get people out of the fire, each time meeting death face to face. In each episode, another story of salvation unfolds. The team fights big fires, rescues children and animals. Rescuing the victims, they themselves sometimes get into trouble, from which they skillfully get out. In the center of events, as always, are the captain, chief and lieutenant. However, compared to previous seasons, there have been some changes.

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