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Chicago Med

Chicago Med poster
Genre: Drama, Medical
Channel: NBC
Status: Continuing
8.0/10(687 votes)
Brian Tee Brian Tee as Ethan Choi
Colin Donnell Colin Donnell as Connor Rhodes
Dominic Rains Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel
Eddie Jemison Eddie Jemison as Stanley Stohl
Jeff Hephner Jeff Hephner as Jeff Clarke
Marlyne Barrett Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood
Nick Gehlfuss Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead
Nick Gehlfuss Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead
Norma Kuhling Norma Kuhling as Ava Bekker
Oliver Platt Oliver Platt as Dr. Daniel Charles

An emotional thrill ride through the day-to-day chaos of the city's newest state-of-the-art trauma center and into the lives of the courageous doctors, nurses and staff who hold it all together. This is one of those days.

Chicago Med season 1

Chicago Med season 1 poster

This new series may well be a cult creation in 2015-2016. Fans of medical topics can enjoy watching cinematic called Chicago Med. The central position of plot is the new emergency department, which opened thanks to the newly elected mayor of the city of Chicago. In the first working days there was a lot of work. Many patients are treated in department, so doctors do not know recreation. Every day, doctors must to do everything possible to save the lives of people which have suffered as a consequence of accidents and disasters. A terrible accident that occurred on the railway and took many lives was the turning point of the first season. Also, there were many patients with completely different injury severity which needed in urgent medical care. Doctors, despite hunger and fatigue hurry to help poor people. In the department has developed a very tense situation which is accompanied by constant complex relationship of collective and inability to relax and sleep. However, in order to solve these problems simply do not have time. Very nice to watch as doctors do not lose their human dignity and are real people, which are able to listen, provide support and help, despite the current difficult conditions. We think that this deep plot from the point of view of psychology, will appreciate not only the fans of medical subjects but also those who see in it the basis of a wise idea.

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Chicago Med season 2

Chicago Med season 2 poster

Continuation of the American drama series from director Fred Berner story develops complex activity tireless staff of one of the clinics of the city of Chicago in particular intensive care unit staff. Every day here come dozens of affected patients requiring emergency medical care and their life depends entirely on the main characters. They are forced to work restores hearts pour tens of liters of blood ... Their professionalism, restraint, real masculinity and responsibility helping to overcome all the difficulties of the profession. Within the walls of this intensive care the struggle between life and death does not stop even for a moment because the heroes have to help people with serious injuries after a car or household accidents. Sharon Goodwin is ahead of the clinic is strong and very experienced woman has earned the recognition and respect of her colleagues. At the head of the operational department is a young woman not a less experienced surgeon Trembel Hannah. The doctor and pediatrician Natalie Manning, nurse Sekson April as a part of this strong team spirit. One day there is a terrible event. As a result of the collapse of the underground structure many people get multiple injuries. As always the major work aid rests with the protagonists. They will have to carry out the usual hard work in this case coordinating their actions to save the lives of patients.

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Chicago Med season 3

Chicago Med season 3 poster

TV show Chicago Med season 3 keeps to highlight the days of the Chicago hospital, they do not have the right to make a mistake, because every movement predetermines someone fate. They are professionals, but they are also completely different people, with different priorities and beliefs. That’s why we see not only the work of doctors, but also the complexity of their relationship. So, Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Natalie Manning continue to build their romantic relationship. Outstanding abilities of Dr. Connor Rhodes is tested with the appearance of a new specialist Dr. Ava Bekker. In addition, Dr. Daniel Charles recovered from injury, but did not give up his predilections. Dr. Sarah Reese did not leave the residency and did not leave Daniel Charles, because the profession is above all for her. Sharon Goodwin continues to manage Chicago Med skillfully. Doctors will continue their uninterrupted interaction with Chicago P.D. and Chicago firefighters in the next season. In addition, the personality of the characters will be better revealed in the new episodes of the season 3 Chicago Med series.

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Chicago Med season 4

Chicago Med season 4 poster

High qualified doctors work in a famous Chicago hospital. This medical institution is considered to be one of the best ones in the USA. This is not surprising because the whole staff is real professionals who are extremely experienced. One can hardly get the job here. Chief doctor together with the recruitment specialist exposes all candidates to the strictest selection. He sincerely believes only the best ones deserve to get job in such a prestigious place. The man draws attention not to the level of education, qualification and the background of the candidate only, but personal qualities.

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Chicago Med season 5

Chicago Med season 5 poster

“CHICAGO MED” is an American drama serial by TV channel NBC and the fifth season will be released in September 2019. In the continuation will be again about the responsible specialists who have been successfully coping with their responsibilities for several seasons, thanks to which the series has high ratings to this day. The series will tell show us a work of Chicago hospital. Every day they will work in complete chaos and deal with unique cases. The main cast will remain the same and love stories will develop more rapidly in this season.

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Chicago Med season 6

Chicago Med season 6 poster

Season 6 is the continuation of the television series the work of the emergency room staff at a hospital in Chicago, Illinois. In the new season, brave doctors will continue to fight for the lives of patients in the most difficult conditions.

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