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Chosen poster
Air weekdate:
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Channel: Crackle
Status: Ended
8.1/10(18 votes)
Milo Ventimiglia Milo Ventimiglia as Ian Mitchell
Nicky Whelan Nicky Whelan as Laura Mitchell
Chad Michael Murray Chad Michael Murray as Jacob Orr
Brandon Routh Brandon Routh as Max Gregory
Brett Davern Brett Davern as Paul
Caitlin Carmichael Caitlin Carmichael as Ellie Mitchell
Diedrich Bader Diedrich Bader as Daniel Easton
Rose McGowan Rose McGowan as Josie Acosta
Sarah Roemer Sarah Roemer as Avery Sharp

Lawyer Ian Mitchell is brought into a deadly game when he receives a box that contains a gun and a picture of a stranger. Along with those items, the box includes instructions for Mitchell to kill the pictured individual. After being attacked by another stranger, Mitchell discovers he has been chosen to take part in the lethal contest by a mysterious organization known as The Watchers, a group he must outwit in order to survive and have any chance to return to his previously normal life with his family.

Chosen season 1

Chosen season 1 poster

CHOSEN follows Ian Mitchell, a husband, father and lawyer who awakens one morning to discover a mysterious box on his doorstep – and a photo of a stranger he is instructed to kill within the next three days.

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Chosen season 2

Chosen season 2 poster

Continuing the story of Ian Mitchell and his family, the second season of “Chosen” goes deeper into the deadly game the Mitchells were swept into and follows the lives of others who also received mysterious boxes forcing them to kill...

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Chosen season 3

Chosen season 3 poster

In Season 3 of the high-stakes Crackle series Chosen, Jacob is dealing with the devastating consequences of his choice and desperately seeking redemption by trying to free Ellie from the game. But his actions put him on a direct collision course with Josie, an experienced hunter who holds the distinction of being one of the most deadly to exist The third season ensures to pack more thrills, suspense and jaw-dropping moments.

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Chosen season 4

Chosen season 4 poster

Ian Mitchell still remains the protagonist of the story. His personal life is going well. Yes, and at work everything is fine, because he's a great professional. But one morning, when Ian went out the door, he found a strange box. He could not understand how she turned out here. In his head started to come different thoughts. And yet he decided to open the mysterious box. Her contents just shocked him. There lay a loaded pistol and a photograph of a stranger. And now he understands that he must will commit a murder. He has only three days to do it. In addition, Ian Mitchell learns that his life and his daughter's life too threatened if he will refuse this murder. The hero of the story is in despair. But he realizes that he has no choice but to do it. So, Ian becomes a killer. He risked his own life in order to save his family.

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