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Chrissy's Court season 1

Chrissy's Court season 1 poster
12 episodes (126 views)
Air weekdate:Weekdays
Cast:Chrissy Teigen, Pepper Thai
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In this comedy TV mini-series, the famous model, television personality, and writer, Chrissy Teigen, will take on a role of a judge in a small claims court. This series will consist of ten-minute long episodes and will tell us about many different small cases full of comedy and amusing situations. The mother of our heroine is also present in this series and acts as both prosecution and defense. Those who keep track of our model’s life know that this collaboration is going to make the show just hilarious.

Chrissy's Court season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: C-Rap Music (air date: 2020-04-06)

Someone has to face the music for a damaged speaker. Can Chrissy and expert witness John Legend crate harmony in her court?

Episode #2: Situatioin-Ship Status (air date: 2020-04-06)

Ex-lovers are arguing over contractual car payments. And it’s driving them both crazy. Can Chrissy keep calm and rule?

Episode #3: 100% That Case (air date: 2020-04-06)

Lovers come to court over a Lizzo sweater gifting mishap. Can Chrissy help a relationship that’s hanging by a thread?

Episode #4: That's a Rap (air date: 2020-04-06)

Friends helping friends. An unpaid loan. And a rap battle. Can Chrissy and guest musical expert make sense of this sizzling case?

Episode #5: Sister Dissed Her (air date: 2020-04-06)

Siblings may borrow and steal. But teasing over Tupperware brings these sisters to court. Will Chrissy decide it’s just family drama?

Episode #6: The Pillow Case (air date: 2020-04-06)

A bf cheating. A canceled b-day trip. And now Tiffany wants a refund. Chrissy rules on money and matters of the heart.

Episode #7: Cat-Astrophe (air date: 2020-04-07)

A catfight and towed cars. It’s chaos in Chrissy’s courtroom. But she won’t let anyone get scratched (again)

Episode #8: It’s Car-plicated (air date: 2020-04-08)

A borrowed car. An empty gas tank. And a $30 lawsuit? Will witnesses help the case? Or will things spiral out of the courtroom control

Episode #9: Mood Swings (air date: 2020-04-09)
Episode #10: Something's Phishy (air date: 2020-04-10)
Episode #11: Best Friend to Ex-Friend (air date: 2020-04-13)
Episode #12: Financially Car-plicated (air date: 2020-04-14)

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