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Cold Case season 4

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24 episodes (686 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Kathryn Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn, Tracie Thoms, Jeremy Ratchford, Thom Barry Genre:Crime, Drama Channel:CBS Status:Ended

7.7 (48 votes)

Cold Case season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Rampage (air date: 2006-09-24)

In 1995, two teenage boys went on a shooting spree at a local mall and committed suicide shortly afterwards. The team is prompted to re-open the case when new evidence suggests that there may have been a third shooter who got away.

Episode #2: The War at Home (air date: 2006-10-01)

The team re-opens the 2004 case of a female veteran of the Iraqi War when her prosthetic arm is found in a river. Meanwhile, Scotty visits his older brother in connection with a case that brings up painful memories from their childhood.

Episode #3: Sandhogs (air date: 2006-10-08)

When the remains of a sandhog miner who disappeared in 1947 are found in a subway service tunnel, the team is prompted to re-open the case when they suspect the victim might have been murdered for being a union activist.

Episode #4: Baby Blues (air date: 2006-10-15)

Lilly re-investigates a 1982 case where a newborn baby died under suspicious circumstances of what was reported as SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Episode #5: Saving Sammy (air date: 2006-10-22)

Lilly re-opens a 2003 case in which an autistic boy's parents were shot in their car when Joseph brings her information that the boy might have seen the killer.

Episode #6: Static (air date: 2006-10-29)

The team re-opens the 1958 case of a local celebrity, a radio DJ nicknamed "The Hawk", when they discover his death was staged to look like a suicide.

Episode #7: The Key (air date: 2006-11-05)

When new evidence of a murder case from 1979 is found, Det. Jeffries – who then worked on the case as a rookie cop – sets out to find the killer, fulfilling the promise he made to the victim's daughter 27 years ago.

Episode #8: Fireflies (air date: 2006-11-12)

When an undelivered letter with a missing child's handwriting on it shows up, the team is prompted to re-open the case of an 8-year-old girl who disappeared in 1975.

Episode #9: Lonely Hearts (air date: 2006-11-19)

The team re-investigates the unsolved 1989 murder of a woman shot in an alley when the victim's video dating tape shows up in a dead man's apartment.

Episode #10: Forever Blue (air date: 2006-12-03)

The team re-investigates the 1968 death of a policeman who was shot in his patrol car. The case was then ruled as a drug bust gone bad, but new evidence now reveals the victim may have been romantically involved with his partner.

Episode #11: The Red and the Blue (air date: 2006-12-10)

When Jeffries' former partner comes forth with new evidence of the 2000 murder of a country singer, Lilly must travel to Knoxville, Tennessee with the reluctant Scotty in tow.

Episode #12: Knuckle Up (air date: 2007-01-07)

When a video clip of a missing student is found on the Internet, the team re-investigates the case of a talented 17-year-old boy who disappeared just a year before in early 2006.

Episode #13: Blackout (air date: 2007-01-14)

The team re-opens the 1996 case of a wealthy woman who was afraid of the dark and died during a citywide electricity blackout.

Episode #14: 8:03 AM (air date: 2007-01-28)

In 2002, two kids were shot in front of two different schools on the same day at precisely 8:03 a.m. It's the fifth anniversary of the shootings, and Kat Miller wants to re-open the murders because she feels the cases are connected.

Episode #15: Blood on the Tracks (air date: 2007-02-18)

When traces of an explosive are found in a house, the team re-opens the 1981 case of a married couple who died in the same house in what was then ruled as an accidental gas leak.

Episode #16: The Good-Bye Room (air date: 2007-03-04)

Lilly re-opens the 1964 case of a murdered 17-year-old girl who was killed the day after giving birth to a baby girl in a home for unwed mothers.

Episode #17: Shuffle, Ball Change (air date: 2007-03-11)

When a body is found in a dumpster, the team re-opens the 1984 case of a murdered teenage boy who wanted to become a dancer against his father's wishes.

Episode #18: A Dollar, A Dream (air date: 2007-03-18)

The team re-opens the 1999 case of a murdered homeless woman when her remains are found in a station wagon at the bottom of the river.

Episode #19: Offender (air date: 2007-03-25)

A desperate father turned serial killer coerces the team into taking another look of his son's 1987 murder.

Episode #20: Stand Up and Holler (air date: 2007-04-01)

The team re-opens the 1997 case of a 16-year-old high-school cheerleader when they discover an anonymous confession to the girl's murder.

Episode #21: Torn (air date: 2007-04-08)

The team re-investigates their oldest cold case yet, the 1919 murder of a young woman who was a passionate advocate for women's right to vote.

Episode #22: Cargo (air date: 2007-04-15)

The team re-opens the 2005 case of a killed longshoreman who got tangled up with the Russian mob.

Episode #23: The Good Death (air date: 2007-04-29)

The team re-opens the 1998 case of a terminally ill man when a nurse comes forth confessing to euthanizing six of his former patients.

Episode #24: Stalker (air date: 2007-05-06)

In the fourth season finale, a hostage situation arises when the entire team is held captive while they're investigating the 2006 killings of a family who had just moved into a new house.

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