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Cops season 10

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Cops season 10 poster
36 episodes (171 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Spike TV Status:Continuing

8.9 (28 votes)

Cops season 10 episodes list:

Episode #1: Las Vegas, NV 21 (air date: 1997-09-06)
Episode #2: Las Vegas, NV 17 (air date: 1997-09-13)
Episode #3: Las Vegas, NV 20 (air date: 1997-09-20)
Episode #4: Las Vegas, NV 19 (air date: 1997-09-27)
Episode #5: Las Vegas, NV 18 (air date: 1997-10-04)
Episode #6: Las Vegas, NV 22 (air date: 1997-10-06)
Episode #7: Las Vegas, NV 16 (air date: 1997-10-25)
Episode #8: Las Vegas, NV 23 (air date: 1997-11-01)
Episode #9: Kansas City 17 (air date: 1997-11-08)
Episode #10: Las Vegas, NV 24 (air date: 1997-11-15)


Episode #11: Kansas City 18 (air date: 1997-11-22)
Episode #12: Las Vegas, NV 25 (air date: 1997-12-06)
Episode #13: Las Vegas, NV 26 (air date: 1997-12-16)
Episode #14: Kansas City 19 (air date: 1998-01-10)
Episode #15: Kansas City 20 (air date: 1998-01-17)
Episode #16: Las Vegas, NV 27 (air date: 1998-01-24)
Episode #17: Kansas City 21 (air date: 1998-01-31)
Episode #18: Texas 1 (air date: 1998-02-07)

From Houston, Texas. Deputies orchestrate a drug bust, a drunken driver loses control, a train helps capture suspects and police make a marijuana bust.

Episode #19: Sturgis Biker Rally 1997 Special Edition (air date: 1998-02-07)
Episode #20: Las Vegas Prostitution Special Edition (air date: 1998-02-14)
Episode #21: Texas 5 (air date: 1998-02-14)

From Houston, Texas. Deputies are called to a domestic dispute, a suspected drug addict is investigated and a man claims his father abused him.

Episode #22: Kansas City 22 (air date: 1998-02-28)
Episode #23: Kansas City 23 (air date: 1998-03-07)

From Kansas City. Police investigate a shooting incident, a stolen cigarette lighter and a is woman attacked.

Episode #24: Las Vegas, NV 28 (air date: 1998-03-14)

From Las Vegas, Nevada. Police get called to a domestic dispute, a security guard gets caught with drug paraphernalia and a vehicle search yields a loaded gun.

Episode #25: Texas 4 (air date: 1998-03-21)

From Houston, Texas. A shooting incident, a stabbing victim won't identify his attacker and deputies deal with a suicidal suspect.

Episode #26: Nashville, TN 11 (air date: 1998-04-04)
Episode #27: Texas 2 (air date: 1998-04-18)

From Houston, Texas. Marijuana is seized, deputies probe drug activity and a suspect wields a toy pistol.

Episode #28: Texas 6 (air date: 1998-04-25)
Episode #29: Kansas City 24 (air date: 1998-05-02)

From Kansas City. A suspect slits his wrists, an officer is injured in a traffic accident and a domestic dispute involves a crack addict.

Episode #30: Texas 7 (air date: 1998-05-09)

From Houston, Texas. A pit-bull attack, a domestic dispute and fleeing suspects.

Episode #31: Kansas City 25 (air date: 1998-05-16)
Episode #32: Nashville, TN 12 (air date: 1998-06-20)
Episode #33: Nashville, TN 13 (air date: 1998-06-27)

From Nashville, Tennessee. A suspect is caught breaking into vehicles, a prostitute hides under a motel bed and a domestic dispute is settled.

Episode #34: Kansas City 27 (air date: 1998-07-18)
Episode #35: Texas 3 (air date: 1998-07-25)

From the state of Texas, a liquor store robbery and domestic disputes.

Episode #36: Kansas City 26 (air date: 1998-08-01)
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