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Cops season 13

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Cops season 13 poster
40 episodes (181 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Spike TV Status:Continuing

8.9 (28 votes)

Cops season 13 episodes list:

Episode #1: Jacksonville, FL 1 (air date: 2000-08-12)
Episode #2: Jacksonville, FL 2 (air date: 2000-08-19)
Episode #3: Jacksonville, FL 3 (air date: 2000-08-26)
Episode #4: Jacksonville, FL 4 (air date: 2001-09-02)
Episode #5: Jacksonville, FL 5 (air date: 2001-09-09)
Episode #6: Jacksonville, FL 6 (air date: 2001-10-14)
Episode #7: Pierce County, WA 22 (air date: 2000-11-04)
Episode #8: Pierce County, WA 23 (air date: 2000-11-04)
Episode #9: Pierce County, WA 24 (air date: 2000-11-11)
Episode #10: Pierce County, WA 25 (air date: 2000-11-18)

From the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. A suspect eludes authorities and a suspect carries intravenous syringes.

Episode #11: Pierce County, WA 26 (air date: 2000-11-25)

From the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. A pursuit crosses several county lines and officers pursue a white minivan.

Episode #12: Jacksonville, FL 7 (air date: 2000-12-02)

From Jacksonville, Florida. Stories include officers with a drug dealer, a stolen vehicle and a burglary.

Episode #13: Jacksonville, FL 8 (air date: 2000-12-16)

From Jacksonville, Florida. A neighborhood resident complains of male prostitution and officers remove a snake from a woman's home.

Episode #14: Jacksonville, FL 9 (air date: 2001-01-06)

In Jacksonville, Florida, officers search for missing marijuana, a man says his girlfriend's father damaged his belongings and a man denies assaulting a woman.

Episode #15: Jacksonville, FL 10 (air date: 2001-01-13)

In Jacksonville, Florida, police try to link a gun to a suspect, a man says his uncle stabbed him with the knife he gave him as a gift and a man says his daughter skipped school and smoked marijuana.

Episode #16: Jacksonville, FL 11 (air date: 2001-01-20)
Episode #17: Caught in the Act (air date: 2001-01-21)
Episode #18: Pierce County, WA 27 (air date: 2001-01-27)

From the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. Police are involved in a high-speed chase, officers apprehend a suspect in front of his family and officers track an armed man.

Episode #19: New Jersey 5 (air date: 2001-02-03)
Episode #20: New Jersey 6 (air date: 2001-02-10)
Episode #21: New Jersey 7 (air date: 2001-02-17)
Episode #22: New Jersey 8 (air date: 2001-02-24)
Episode #23: Stupid Criminals (air date: 2001-02-24)
Episode #24: Hot Pursuits (air date: 2001-02-25)
Episode #25: Animals in Danger (air date: 2001-02-26)
Episode #26: Pierce County, WA 28 (air date: 2001-03-03)
Episode #27: Pierce County, WA 29 (air date: 2001-03-10)
Episode #28: Pierce County, WA 30 (air date: 2001-03-17)
Episode #29: Pierce County, WA 31 (air date: 2001-03-24)
Episode #30: Pierce County, WA 32 (air date: 2001-04-07)
Episode #31: Pierce County, WA 33 (air date: 2001-04-14)

From the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. A speeding truck forces another vehicle off the road, officers respond to a domestic call and officers discover a corpse.

Episode #32: Pierce County, WA 34 (air date: 2001-04-28)
Episode #33: Arizona 7 (air date: 2001-04-28)
Episode #34: Pierce County, WA 35 (air date: 2001-05-05)
Episode #35: Arizona 8 (air date: 2001-05-05)
Episode #36: Pierce County, WA 36 (air date: 2001-05-12)
Episode #37: Arizona 9 (air date: 2001-05-12)

In Arizona, police investigate a carjacking, a burglary and a stolen vehicle.

Episode #38: Arizona 10 (air date: 2001-05-19)

From Arizona, a fleeing motorist crashes into a ditch, officers question a man who says his girlfriend was destroying his house and a woman says her ex-boyfriend beat her.

Episode #39: Mesa, AZ 1 (air date: 2001-05-19)
Episode #40: Mesa, AZ 2 (air date: 2001-07-07)
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