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Cops season 2

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32 episodes (234 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Paramount Network Status:Continuing

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Cops season 2 episodes list:

Episode #1: Portland, OR 1 (air date: 1989-09-23)

The show moves to Portland, Ore., where narcotics agents from the Multnomah Sheriff's Dept. apprehend a drug dealer.

Episode #2: Portland, OR 2 (air date: 1989-09-30)

Sgt. Bunnell leads the Multnomah Sheriff's department on a drug bust; an unruly young prostitute is arrested.

Episode #3: Portland, OR 3 (air date: 1989-10-07)

A drunken woman threatens to burn a neighbor's house; a raid on a suspected drug house.

Episode #4: Portland, OR 4 (air date: 1989-10-14)

Small-time dealer turns out to be a major supplier; a 7-year-old bicycle thief is arrested.

Episode #5: Portland, OR 5 (air date: 1989-10-21)

Sgt. Caddy investigates a traffic accident and must inform a man of his wife's death; a major heroin dealer is apprehended.

Episode #6: Portland, OR 6 (air date: 1989-10-28)

A burglary suspect is caught in the act; an officer responds to a violent domestic call.

Episode #7: Portland, OR 7 (air date: 1989-11-04)

Blackman engages in a chase; a police dog finds cocaine; Caddy gets a domestic violence call.

Episode #8: Portland, OR 8 (air date: 1989-11-11)

Blackman arrests a man for wife-beating; double homicide; Jackson snags a pimp and prostitute.

Episode #9: Portland, OR 9 (air date: 1989-11-18)

A fight between two brothers and a gang; serving a warrant on a marijuana grower; a canine tracks down an auto-accident suspect.

Episode #10: Portland, OR 10 (air date: 1989-11-25)

Caddy and Sweeney pursue an armed teen; Bunnell tracks heroin dealers; a burglary suspect is captured.

Episode #11: Portland, OR 11 (air date: 1989-12-02)

Peterson takes a dying witness's statement at a triple homicide; shoplifter; Bunnell pursues a drug suspect.

Episode #12: Portland, OR 12 (air date: 1989-12-09)

A case of racial intimidation; an attack on a would-be thief; an attempt to save a teenager's life.

Episode #13: Portland, OR 13 (air date: 1989-12-16)

A drunk tries deputies' patience; arrest of a grandmother coke dealer; a high-tech marijuana operation.

Episode #14: San Diego, CA 1 (air date: 1989-12-23)

A domestic stabbing involving a daughter and two mothers; helicopter chases fleeing suspect; routine traffic stop turns violent.

Episode #15: San Diego, CA 2 (air date: 1990-01-06)

A shooting victim is evacuated by air; an attempted kidnapping; confrontation with a belligerent biker.

Episode #16: San Diego, CA 3 (air date: 1990-01-13)

A woman's boyfriend leaves her in possession of drugs during a routine traffic stop; rural patrol encounters domestic violence; arrest of a teenage auto-theft suspect.

Episode #17: San Diego, CA 4 (air date: 1990-01-20)

A fashion model-turned-addict is questioned; a transvestite is arrested and released.

Episode #18: San Diego, CA 5 (air date: 1990-01-27)

An arrest of a suspected child-molester; burglary suspect flees.

Episode #19: Los Angeles, CA 1 (air date: 1990-02-03)

An investigation into a suspected gay murder; a deputy responds to a call about an armed man.

Episode #20: Los Angeles, CA 2 (air date: 1990-02-10)

A West Hollywood male hustler sting operation was orchestrated by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Special Problems Unit.

Episode #21: Los Angeles, CA 3 (air date: 1990-02-17)

A deputy arrests a knife-wielding suspect; a violent domestic call results in a husband's arrest.

Episode #22: Los Angeles, CA 4 (air date: 1990-02-24)

Collinsworth responds to a suicide attempt; narcotics serves a warrant; a baby has a seizure.

Episode #23: Los Angeles, CA 5 (air date: 1990-03-03)

Sgt. Verdugo of the Los Angeles Homicide Bureau investigates a brutal multiple homicide.

Episode #24: Los Angeles, CA 6 (air date: 1990-03-10)

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responds to a heart attack call; investigation of a drive-by shooting.

Episode #25: Los Angeles, CA 7 (air date: 1990-03-17)

A suspect is arrested after eluding the Los Angeles Sheriff's Narcotic Bureau; Collinsworth and Terrusa arrest drunken driving suspects.

Episode #26: Los Angeles, CA 8 (air date: 1990-03-24)

Los Angeles officers respond to a "baby with seizure" call, serve a warrant and break up a nightclub brawl.

Episode #27: Los Angeles, CA 9 (air date: 1990-04-07)

A "suspicious person" stop prompts a major drug investigation; response to a multiple shooting scene.

Episode #28: Los Angeles, CA 10 (air date: 1990-04-14)

A domestic dispute call; report of furniture being thrown from a window; an attempted murder.

Episode #29: Los Angeles, CA 11 (air date: 1990-04-21)

The questioning of a suspect reported to be harassing residents; investigation of a suspected arson fire.

Episode #30: Los Angeles, CA 12 (air date: 1990-04-28)

Los Angeles sheriff's detectives investigate a stabbing death.

Episode #31: New Orleans: Mardi Gras (air date: 1990-05-05)

During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a fist-fight erupts, a thief is arrested, and an exhibitionist snarls traffic.

Episode #32: New Orleans: Mardi Gras 2 (air date: 1990-05-05)

During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, a fist-fight erupts, a thief is arrested, and an exhibitionist snarls traffic.

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