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Cops season 20

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Cops season 20 episodes list:

Episode #1: Coast to Coast #133 (air date: 2007-09-08)

COPS starts it 20th season with stories from Kansas City Missouri, Lee County, Florida and Rialto, California. Stories include a stolen vehicle pursuit involving shots fired; a domestic violence call involving drugs; and a man with windshield glass sticking out of his head, denying he was in a nearby car accident.

Episode #2: Evidence...What evidence? #1 (air date: 2007-09-08)

Part two of the COPS 20th season premiere continues with stories from Pittsburg; Brevard Country, Florida; and Rialto, California. Stories include K-9 and other officers in the assist of the arrest of a known narcotics user seen with a gun; a woman with a suspended license is stopped and arrested for DUI; and the robbery of a restaurant leads to a trailer park and the arrest of suspects.

Episode #3: Coast to Coast #130 (air date: 2007-09-15)

COPS from Rialto, California; Brevard and Lee counties in Florida. Stories include a naive young man who buys drugs; a woman is arrested for domestic violence though it was she who called the police; and a minor is arrested for gun possession.

Episode #4: Coast to Coast #131 (air date: 2007-09-22)

COPS from Brevard County, Florida; Lee County, Florida; and Rialto, California. This episodes stories include a Brevard Deputy whom gets in a foot chase after a car stop; a Lee County Sheriff's deputy stops a juvenile driving a golf cart down the road; and a Rialto PD officer assists convenience-store employees who have been assaulted after several men try to steal beer.

Episode #5: 20 Years Caught on Tape Part 1 (air date: 2007-09-29)

This one-hour special will feature classic COPS car chases, super-inebriated suspects, sizzling Tasers, disheartening domestics, problematic perps and gutsy officers from coast to coast. Highlights include: Officers in Fresno, CA, question a stony suspect claiming he’s not driving under the influence despite the joint visibly tucked behind his ear. In Albuquerque, NM, a male cross-dresser wearing a leopard one-piece is questioned. In Buffalo, NY, officers wrestle with a massive and hungry python hiding inside a residence. A suspect in Kansas City, MO, is so intoxicated when gets out from behind the wheel, he stumbles and lands a painful face plant. In a heroic rescue in Passaic County, NJ, officers save a man from danger in a raging river.

Episode #6: 20 Years Caught on Tape Part 2 (air date: 2007-09-29)
Episode #7: Coast to Coast #132 (air date: 2007-10-06)

A Brevard County, Fla., officer pursues a drug suspect who attempts to flee on foot during a traffic stop; a Riverside County, Cal., deputy responds to a domestic-disturbance call. searching for a suspect hiding in a yard; and Las Vegas Metro Officers sort out a domestic violence incident.

Episode #8: Coast to Coast #134 (air date: 2007-10-20)

COPS from Las Vegas, Lee County and Rialto. This week's stories include Las Vegas officers who wrestle a fleeing suspect on the Las Vegas Strip; a Lee County Deputy visits a house known for it's drug activity; and Rialto Police Officers are called to a burglary in progress at an apartment complex.

Episode #9: Crimes In Progress Special Edition (air date: 2007-11-03)

COPS from California and Florida. This weeks episode includes Rialto Police chasing a suspect that eventually crashes into oncoming traffic; Hillsborough County Deputies capture a suspect that fled into the woods; and Fresno Police respond to a home invasion in progress.

Episode #10: 700th Milestone Episode (air date: 2007-11-10)

COPS Coast To Coast, featuring their 700th episode. This week's stories include Rialto Police chasing a stolen vehicle; Brevard County Sheriff's Deputies find a shotgun during a traffic stop; and a Sergeant in Lee County watches two suspects toss dope out of a car window during a traffic stop.

Episode #11: Police Pullovers Special Edition #3 (air date: 2007-11-17)

COPS from Indio PD, Rialto PD and Las Vegas Metro. This week's episode includes the pursuit of a stolen vehicle which becomes a foot pursuit; a vehicle with no plates is pulled over only to reveal lots of drugs in the backseat; and a car stop for questionable driving is the scene for another accident that happens at the same place.

Episode #12: Stupid Criminals Special Edition #2 (air date: 2007-11-24)

COPS from Rialto, Brevard County and Pittsburg. This week's stories include a stolen car takes off from a Detective, only to suddenly stop causing the officer to hit him; a routine patrol in a high drug area yields a man with a crack pipe; and a man is tazed, revealing bags of heroin in his pockets.

Episode #13: Coast to Coast #135 (air date: 2007-12-08)

COPS Coast To Coast from Sacramento, Las Vegas and Brevard County. This episode's stories include a search warrant served becomes a K-9 search; a car stop turns up a couple wanted on multiple warrants; and an erratic driver is pulled over and becomes combatant with officers.

Episode #14: Family Feuds Special Edition (air date: 2007-12-15)

COPS Coast To Coast from Portland, Las Vegas and Leon County, Florida. This week's episode includes a man in a stolen car hiding from officers; another man flees police and hides in the bushes; and brothers in Florida duke it out.

Episode #15: Coast to Coast #136 (air date: 2008-01-19)

COPS Coast To Coast from Kansas City, Mo; Rialto, Ca; and Las Vegas, Nv. This week's stories include officers who confront a group of shirtless men hanging around in a known drug area; police engage in a foot pursuit of a man who tossed a bag of drugs when confronted; and patrolmen in Las Vegas head to the Mirage Resort, where they find a man who has stolen change from the fountain...twice in the same night.

Episode #16: Coast to Coast #137 (air date: 2008-01-26)

Coast to Coast in California and Kansas.This weeks stories include a suspect who rams a police car during a chase in Rialto and is tased; officers in Kansas City respond to a violent argument between roommates; and a desperate man in Sacramento attempts to elude officers

Episode #17: Stupid Behavior #1 (air date: 2008-02-02)

This week's stories include a car chase involving a police chief and a parole; a suspicious vehicle is spotted in a park after dark and the occupants can't identify themselves; and a man is questioned and a search reveals his wallet, and someone else's.

Episode #18: Wild Chases Special Edition (air date: 2008-02-02)

This weeks stories include the pursuit of a stolen truck leads to a police vehicle catching fire; copper thieves are apprehended after being spotted on security cameras; and a burglary suspect is spike stripped and the car comes to a crashing stop.

Episode #19: Chases and Takedowns Special Edition (air date: 2008-02-16)

This week's stories include: a drug dealer who just got out of jail is arrested for drug sales; an officer is assisted by neighbors in detaining a prowler who has an outstanding warrant; and a Deputy spots a stolen vehicle and with a K-9 unit, locates the suspect who bailed into the woods.

Episode #20: Bad Girls #11 (air date: 2008-02-16)

This week's stories include a woman with a felony warrant resists arrest; a prostitute steals a john's truck; and a transvestite with an outstanding warrant is arrested while in possession of a stolen car.

Episode #21: War On Drugs #3 (air date: 2008-02-23)

Uncooperative drug suspects are apprehended by officers in Las Vegas, NV., Kansas City, MO. and Rialto, CA.

Episode #22: Stupid Criminals #3 (air date: 2008-02-23)

Officers give chase to a homicide suspect in Kansas City, Mo. The police in Rialto, CA., take charge in a domestic violence case. Plus, an intoxicated driver in Sacramento, CA., is pursued by a K-9 unit

Episode #23: Takedowns Special Edition (air date: 2008-03-01)

From Rialto, CA, An intoxicated suspect is chased by officers on foot. In Las Vegas, a car thief is chased by police through a casino parking lot. And, officers are summoned to a domestic dispute in Wichita, KS.

Episode #24: Coast To Coast #138 (air date: 2008-03-08)

The officers of Leon County, FL., make a DUI bust; the street crime unit of Portland, OR., stop a drug deal in a city park, and a fight is broken up by the officers of Cincinnati.

Episode #25: Strange Behavior #1 (air date: 2008-03-15)

An elderly parolee engages the officers in a high speed chase in Kansas City, two transsexuals cause Las Vegas cops to break up a fight, and a stolen car is involved in an accident in Rialto, Cal.

Episode #26: Coast To Coast #139 (air date: 2008-03-22)

A response to a shooting at a hotel ends with a high speed car chase in Las Vegas. The Spokane police department are called in for an assault with a baseball bat. An informant flags a vehicle as a carrier for drugs, which is spotted and stopped by the Portland Police Bureau.

Episode #27: Coast To Coast #140 (air date: 2008-03-29)

The Las Vegas Metro Police assist in a high speed pursuit for a stolen vehicle by dropping down spike strips to deflate the suspects tires. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office investigate a parked vehicle with a man and women inside, in an area which has been burglarized recently. Then, the Lansing Police Department make a return trip to a home with known domestic disputes have occurred, finding that a man has beaten two children belonging to his girlfriend's sister.

Episode #28: In Denial Special Edition (air date: 2008-04-19)

In Portland, OR. a K-9 unit is called in to sniff out possible drug possession inside a vehicle. Officers in Kansas City, MO. respond to a "shots fired" call. In Las Vegas, police officers are called for a domestic dispute which involves the possession and retrieval of a bed.

Episode #29: Caught in the Act #3 (air date: 2008-04-26)

A man suspected of armed robbery is arrested by the officers in Las Vegas. Then, a man is questioned by the Brevard County, FL. officers after being caught stealing a security camera. Lastly, officers of the Kansas City police force converge on a home known for meth trafficking.

Episode #30: Stupid Criminals #4 (air date: 2008-05-17)

A routine vehicle stop by the Portland Police Bureau finds a bag of Ecstasy pills on the front seat. The stories from the driver and passenger differ on how they obtained the pills. Then, a call to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has them investigating a stabbing at an apartment complex, and that the assailant may be hiding in the laundry room. Lastly, a foot pursuit occurs with the K9 unit of the Sacramento Police Department after a car is reported missing.

Episode #31: Coast To Coast #141 (air date: 2008-05-31)

The officers of the Portland Police Bureau apprehend a female who appears to be selling crack as she tries swallowing the evidence. Next, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office makes a routine traffic stop which uncovers possible stolen items inside the vehicle, which the female driver quickly blames the male passenger for the theft. Lastly, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigates a shooting at a tattoo parlor in which a 24 year old male claims a Latino gang attempted to shoot him in the head.

Episode #32: What Were They Thinking #1 (air date: 2008-06-07)

Officers in Portland, WA. are called out for a hit-and-run accident, in which a K-9 crew searches down the suspect. A car crash occurs in Las Vegas while a policeman is questioning a bicyclist, who flees the scene after the accident. The driver of a suspicious vehicle is questioned by deputies in Leon County, FL. which uncovers an unexpected discovery.

Episode #33: What Were They Thinking # 2 (air date: 2008-06-14)

An officer of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and a K-9 unit search for an armed robbery suspect who had taken cover in the woods. Then, an officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is called to a women's residence where she has received calls from her ex-boyfriend saying he is waiting inside for her with a shotgun. Lastly, a detective of the Rialto Police Department responds to a call of a man selling drugs from a truck

Episode #34: Stupid Behavior #2 (air date: 2008-06-21)

An officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is dispatched to a call for a stolen truck. As he catches up with the missing vehicle he discovers that the victim of the crime and his brother are also in pursuit and have crashed into the thief. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office are suspicious of a vehicle with tinted windows in a parking lot. An investigation reveals a smell of marijuana, but a further search uncovers more drugs. Once again, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is summoned for a stolen vehicle, which results in a foot chase. The suspect claims the whole thing was just a joke on the car owner.

Episode #35: Coast To Coast #142 (air date: 2008-07-12)

A Martin County Sheriff's Deputy apprehend a pair of suspects who are seen running from a flea market which has been burglarized many times before. Then, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer makes a routine traffic stop where the driver ends up being a ex-felon who is in possession of drugs and a gun. Lastly, a Palm Beach County Sheriff Officer discovers drugs and paraphernalia inside a car during a traffic stop, in which the driver had lied about ever having been arrested before.

Episode #36: Coast to Coast #143 (air date: 2008-07-19)

A Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy makes a routine traffic stop only to find an antsy driver. Once asked to remove his shoes, the suspect takes off on foot while tossing bags of crack along the way. A Portland Police Officer stops a vehicle which has no license plate. The overly friendly driver explains that he doesn't own the car and and has no idea of what the owners name is. A quick check reveals the car is on the hot sheet for stolen vehicles. Lastly, a Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy stops a vehicle when he spots someone rolling a marijuana cigarette. An investigation finds needles and a bottle of Oxycotin, both which the driver denies any knowledge of.

Episode #37: Coast To Coast #144 (air date: 2008-07-26)

The K-9 unit of the Pomona Police Department are called in to investigate a break in at a taco stand which has a broken window and a damaged cash register. Almost immediately a suspect is located and claims he was just looking for beer. Next, a vehicle is stopped by a Martin County Sheriff’s Officer after noticing a broken tail light and discovers the driver has no license and has prescription drugs hidden in the glove box. His female passenger is pregnant and complaining of a pain in her leg. The officer allows her to head to the hospital in a friends car. Further investigation unveils that the drug bottle has a worn off label, leading to an admission from the driver that he crushes the pills and snorts them. Lastly, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Vice Unit head to a possible drug house. The landlord is upset that the tenants that she had helped would be selling drugs from her building. An investigation uncovers that they are awaiting a delivery of new drugs from their contact.

Episode #38: Police Pullovers #4 (air date: 2008-08-02)

A traffic stop by a Palm Beach County Sheriffs Deputy turns into a foot race when the driver dashes off for a few blocks, tossing crack along the way. Then, a suspicious vehicle roaming a bad area four times raises the attention of a Rialto Police Officer. A search of the man's vehicle reveals that not only has he been drinking, but has packs of marijuana which seem to be ready for sale. Next, a Riverside County Sheriff Deputy responds to a call of a suicidal man. Upon arrival a man is seen sitting in his truck holding a knife. Once cuffed, the suspect claims he was only looking for attention

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