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Cops season 6

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46 episodes (266 views)

Air weekdate:Monday Cast:No information about actors Genre:Reality Channel:Paramount Network Status:Continuing

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Cops season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: Nashville, TN 1 (air date: 1993-08-07)

Chase with suspected stolen vehicle. Domestic disturbance call with a woman her boyfriend/ex-husband and current husband. Robbery call between two suspected prostitutes and a john.

Episode #2: Nashville, TN 2 (air date: 1993-08-14)

In Nashville, Tennessee, female officers pose as prostitutes and a suspect is found sleeping in a stolen van.

Episode #3: Nashville, TN 3 (air date: 1993-08-21)

From Nashville, Tennessee, a man claims his stepson stole his truck and a man cuts himself during a seizure.

Episode #4: Nashville, TN 4 (air date: 1993-08-28)
Episode #5: Nashville, TN 5 (air date: 1993-09-11)
Episode #6: Nashville, TN 6 (air date: 1993-09-18)
Episode #7: Nashville, TN 7 (air date: 1993-09-25)
Episode #8: Sacramento, CA 1 (air date: 1993-10-16)
Episode #9: Sacramento, CA 2 (air date: 1993-10-23)
Episode #10: Sacramento, CA 3 (air date: 1993-10-30)
Episode #11: Nashville, TN 8 (air date: 1993-11-02)
Episode #12: In Hot Pursuit Special Edition (air date: 1993-11-06)
Episode #13: Sacramento, CA 4 (air date: 1993-11-09)
Episode #14: Cleveland, OH 1 (air date: 1993-11-13)
Episode #15: Cleveland, OH 2 (air date: 1993-11-20)
Episode #16: Cleveland, OH 3 (air date: 1993-11-27)
Episode #17: Cleveland, OH 4 (air date: 1993-12-04)
Episode #18: Cleveland, OH 5 (air date: 1993-12-11)
Episode #19: El Paso, TX 1 (air date: 1993-12-11)
Episode #20: El Paso, TX 2 (air date: 1993-12-18)

Police respond to public disturbance/fight. Search warrant nets a large amount of marijuana. Pedestrian accident call.

Episode #21: Cleveland, OH 6 (air date: 1993-12-18)

Police pursue suspects after responding to a fight at a gas station. Woman calls police when her boyfriend threatens her with gun. Domestic disturbance call.

Episode #22: Cleveland, OH 7 (air date: 1993-12-25)

Police chase a car stolen in a carjacking but no suspects are apprehended. Reported assault in progress call turns out to be a drunk man beating his wife in front of their home. Public disturbance between neighbors involving a knife.

Episode #23: New York City Subway Special Edition (air date: 1994-01-01)

Special edition episode filmed with the New York City Transit Police. Decoy undercover operation targeting pick pockets. Officers inspect tunnels in homeless outreach operation and try to move tunnel residents into shelters. Officers have to jack up a train car to remove a dead body. Stabbing incident on train platform.

Episode #24: El Paso, TX 3 (air date: 1994-01-08)

911 call from a man threatening suicide. Three drunk men beat up a man trying to deliver mail to their house. 911 call from woman being held against her will in her house.

Episode #25: Sacramento, CA 5 (air date: 1994-01-15)

Traffic stop results in foot chase and DUI arrest. Carjacking suspect gets beat-up by his would be victim. Domestic complaint over an unsupervised four-year-old wandering a local public park late at night.

Episode #26: Sacramento, CA 6 (air date: 1994-01-29)

Call for a fight between a young man and his girlfriends dad. Police search for a burglary suspect. Officers find drugs and guns in stolen car while performing a traffic stop.

Episode #27: Little Rock, AR 2 (air date: 1994-02-02)

Pursuit of suspected stolen vehicle. Domestic disturbance between a man and his father in law. Shots fired call.

Episode #28: El Paso, TX 4 (air date: 1994-02-19)

Police respond to 911 domestic disturbance call with man locked in bedroom with gun. Call about a street fight in front of a bar. Robbery call at a check cashing business.

Episode #29: Cleveland, OH 8 (air date: 1994-02-26)
Episode #30: El Paso, TX 5 (air date: 1994-03-05)

Burglary in progress call. A couple of 911 calls on fights between neighbors.

Episode #31: El Paso, TX 6 (air date: 1994-03-19)

Officer respond to aggravated assault call. Cameras follow border patrol agents. Sweep of downtown areas with vice undercover agents.

Episode #32: Sacramento, CA 7 (air date: 1994-03-26)
Episode #33: El Paso, TX 7 (air date: 1994-04-02)

Vehicle pursuit of suspected drunk driver. Drive by shooting call. Domestic disturbance involving a man with a stab wound.

Episode #34: Sacramento, CA 8 (air date: 1994-04-09)

Vehicle pursuit with suspected drug dealer. Officers assist a woman by serving her ex-boyfriend with a restraining order. During a child endangerment call, police find several children home alone late at night with no adults home and the power turned off.

Episode #35: Little Rock, AR 1 (air date: 1994-04-16)

Pursuit of stolen car suspects. Domestic call with a woman that pulled a gun on her boyfriend. Fight between two men over a public phone.

Episode #36: Sacramento, CA 9 (air date: 1994-04-23)

Call about a man acting strangely. Report of an elderly man shooting a gun in a residential neighborhood. Child custody issue with between a mother and the child's guardian.

Episode #37: Indianapolis, IN 1 (air date: 1994-04-30)

Officer on street patrol observes a teen buying alcohol. Call for assistance where a suspected drunk driver crashed into his neighbors parked car. A pair of domestic disturbance calls.

Episode #38: Indianapolis, IN 2 (air date: 1994-05-07)

Suspected car thieves are followed by helicopter. Drunk man refuses help from police and EMTs after his arm is cut during a domestic dispute. Call for a man that is unconscious.

Episode #39: Nashville, TN 9 (air date: 1994-06-04)

Dangerous domestic disturbance with a bloody crime scene and police need to use bio hazard counter measures. Vehicle pursuit with suspected drunk driver. Call for assistance involves a man with a self-inflicted cut on his arm. Finally, an older man pulls a pistol over a dispute about a parking space.

Episode #40: Little Rock, AR 2 (air date: 1994-06-18)
Episode #41: Little Rock, AR 3 (air date: 1994-07-09)

Stolen vehicle stop turns into high speed chase and foot pursuit. Disturbance call with a couple drunk neighbors. Domestic disturbance and assault call.

Episode #42: Little Rock, AR 4 (air date: 1994-07-16)

Vehicle stop after armed robbery call ends in foot pursuit. Vehicle crashes through telephone pole and leaves the scene. Officers track and find the truck. Shooting call at an apartment building.

Episode #43: Indianapolis, IN 3 (air date: 1994-09-03)

K-9 assists foot chase of suspected drug dealer. Vehicle stop reveals driver and her passengers are all drunk and the trunk is filled with stolen goods. Officer finds an intoxicated man inside a basement apartment on a breaking and entering call.

Episode #44: Indianapolis, IN 4 (air date: 1994-09-10)

High speed vehicle pursuit with intoxicated driver. Three people loitering in front of BBQ shack are found to be holding "drugs". Vehicle accident with small children that reportedly fell out of a truck.

Episode #45: Indianapolis, IN 5 (air date: 1994-09-17)

Vehicle stop and foot pursuit recovers a freshly stolen car. Woman tries to cash a bad check at a bank's drive-up teller. Domestic disturbance involving family fight with a intoxicated father.

Episode #46: Indianapolis, IN 6 (air date: 1994-09-24)

Suspect in motorcycle traffic stop tries to ditch his marijuana during a pat down. Police find a drunk man hitting his girlfriend on a 911 domestic disturbance call. Stabbing call with several stories of how it happened.

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