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Crowded season 1

Crowded season 1 poster
13 episodes (1416 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Patrick Warburton, Carrie Preston, Clifford McGhee, Stacy Keach, Carlease Burke, Mia Serafino, Miranda Cosgrove Genre:Comedy, Drama Channel:NBC Status:Ended

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Life is fast-paced, and family life rushes at the speed of light. After all, it seems that after wedding Mike and Martina will have the whole time in the world to enjoy each other. But their plans change abruptly when two wonderful little girls Shea and Stella are born. After that the Gunns have to dedicate all their free time to children forgetting about themselves. What a joy the Gunns have, when in twenty years their children are grown up and leave home to begin their own lives. Now Mike and Martin are able to devote much more time to their relations. They are like a just-married couple which without regard can again give in to momentary passion, without worrying that someone is up to breach the peace. But they cannot enjoy their dreams, as coincidentally Shea and Stella turn back to the parental home unexpectedly. Now parents will have to create new ways for privacy, because they still love each other and need desperately personal space. These TV series will show what a madhouse awaits the characters when the hearthstone is again filled with noisy dwellers.

Crowded season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Pilot (air date: 2016-03-15)

Like millions of millennials, Mike and Martina's two daughters move back home after college and they all have to deal with the new reality.

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Episode #2: Present Tense (air date: 2016-03-15)

Mike and Martina haven't had sex since the girls moved back in and they're not sure why. Each tries to spice things up in their own way. Stella coaches Shea on how to snag boys with a dating app.

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Episode #3: Brother (air date: 2016-03-20)

When Mike's step-brother Ethan comes to town, Mike has to deal with Bob's blatant favoritism. However, Mike soon learns that Ethan has secrets and is not doing as well as Bob thinks. Stella and Shea team up to beat their parents at family game night after learning that they had been letting them win all these years.

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Episode #4: Rearview Mirror (air date: 2016-03-27)

Mike learns that Kyle, a guy who bullied him in school, is now in prison. Shunning his father's advice, Mike decides to pay Kyle a visit (with Martina in tow) to show him how well his life has turned out. This inspires Stella to meet up with a nerd she once bullied named Elliot so she can apologize to him, but it leads to something else.

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Episode #5: Amongst the Waves (air date: 2016-04-03)

Mike and Martina set their friend John up with a new girl in order to "Frankenstein" the perfect friend-couple, but when John's ex finds out about it, the whole thing blows up in their faces. Shea, Stella and Ethan take over Bob's bar.

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Episode #6: Nothing as It Seems (air date: 2016-04-10)

The family celebrates Bob and Alice's anniversary by going to the movies, but things don't go as planned when Mike and Martina find a positive pregnancy test.

360p (mp4 220.9 MB)
720p (mkv 450.3 MB)
Episode #7: The Fixer (air date: 2016-04-17)

One of Martina's patients moves in and refuses to leave; Mike misses his mother; Shea gets a boyfriend; and Stella gives Martina's patient a makeover.

360p (mp4 137.7 MB)
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Episode #8: Given to Fly (air date: 2016-04-17)

Martina, Stella and Shea join forces to find Mike's mother; and Bob and Mike attract attention when they banter as traffic reporters in Mike's helicopter.

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Episode #9: Unemployable (air date: 2016-04-24)

Stella works as a webcam girl; Shea finds a job at a fast food restaurant; Ethan works for his crush, Shea; Bob and Alice argue over end-of-life issues.

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Episode #10: Better Man (air date: 2016-05-01)

Mike finds a Viagra pill and he and Martina decide to try it; Stella can't deal with the mean comments people leave about her new YouTube channel.

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Episode #11: Daughter (air date: 2016-05-08)

Stella scores Pearl Jam tickets for Mike through her boyfriend, but when Mike finds out the guy is married, he struggles with whether or not to tell her. Meanwhile, Martina and Bob bond at a shooting range and Alice teaches Shea how to "play it cool" with the guy she's seeing.

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360p (avi 162.5 MB)
Episode #12: In Hiding (air date: 2016-05-15)

When Stella, Shea and Martina go to a male strip club and see Ethan there, they assume he's gay. They discover, however, that he is moonlighting as a dancer, making Shea see things in a different light. Meanwhile, Mike and Bob compete over who is more attractive to other men.

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Episode #13: Come Back (air date: 2016-05-22)

The whole family heads to Bob's cabin in the woods where they discover Mike's mother, Linda, has been hiding from the law. The past gets rehashed and the family gets some closure, but a secret is revealed that could change everything.

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