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Dark Matter

Dark Matter poster
Air weekdate: Friday
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science-Fiction
Status: Ended
8.2/10(2480 votes)
Alex Mallari Jr. Alex Mallari Jr. as Four
Anthony Lemke Anthony Lemke as Three
Jodelle Ferland Jodelle Ferland as Five
Marc Bendavid Marc Bendavid as One
Marc Bendavid Marc Bendavid as One
Melanie Liburd Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper
Melissa O'Neil Melissa O'Neil as Two
Melissa O'Neil Melissa O'Neil as Two
Roger R. Cross Roger R. Cross as Six
Shaun Sipos Shaun Sipos as Devon

In Dark Matter, the crew of a derelict spaceship is awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, betrayal and hidden secrets.

Dark Matter season 1

Dark Matter season 1 poster

We have sensational news for all our visitors. This time, we suggest you to see, a unique, fantastic tape, the events of which will attract the attention of every viewer with the first episode. The story of how a group of absolute strangers people turned out in a spaceship in outer space. Each of this crew was perplexed by the fact that he did not know how he found himself here. This situation forced these people to become a single team which fought every day with the unknown. Based on the fact that everything is absolutely different, was extremely difficult to accept any decisions. But despite this, all the characters were divided into pairs and set off to explore the mysteries of this dilapidated spaceship. Them were hard to learn something, because them persecuted the dangers at every step and did not allowed them to concentrate on that could be important to them. Soon, the crew began to understand that each of them has their own secrets, which they carefully cover from the rest. And that forced them treat each other with care. The longer they are on the ship the more increased their distrust of each other. You can guess what will with them next? Are you wondering whether they will affect the circumstances to save their lives? Then watch the series, and he will answer on these questions.

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Dark Matter season 2

Dark Matter season 2 poster

Despite the fact that the series Dark matter is relatively inexpensive it turned an incredibly exciting. He managed to impress the audience with his fantastic concept and an incredible story. We think you will notice that the creators of the series have worked hard. After all, they used some interesting components that have given to the series of special importance. This includes weapons which use mercenaries and remarkable Spetstechnology cloning which shows that the customer's clone is a kind of sheath for the development of his owner. No less curious it seems that the technology was used for the construction of androids in this universe. Results showed that fans of the genre of space adventures appreciated the role of charismatic heroes and especially the appearance of Huila Wilton in the first season. His role was quite unexpected and unusual. It must be said that the expected appearance of the character in the second season. He will play an important role in the operation plan of the destruction of the ship of mercenaries. Finally, we report the most important thing. It was learned that the next thirteen episodes of the second season will be most likely in the early summer of 2016.

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Dark Matter season 3

Dark Matter season 3 poster

A group of people wakes up in a space ship called Times. They begin to understand that they do not remember nothing. This unhappiness causes them to unite. But it was very difficult to do. Because all people are different in their individuality. Each of them has their own character and their own position in life. But that's not the only problem. They are in open space and every day they must to face with unknown face to face. People begin to check the space ship. They must to understand who and why sent them into space. Over time, they begin to show their ability. Gradually the memory begins to return to them. One girl remembers the man who erased their memories. As it turned out all inhabitants of the ship are very dangerous people. They broke the law many times. Prisoners of the ship understand they lived bad life. Now each of them tries to start life with a clean slate. Many challenges await the heroes. How long they slept?

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