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Dawn of the Croods

Dawn of the Croods poster
Air weekdate: Thursday
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Children, Comedy, Family
Channel: Netflix
Status: Ended
8.0/10(3 votes)
A.J. Locascio A.J. Locascio as Thunk
Ana Gasteyer Ana Gasteyer as Meep
Chris Parnell Chris Parnell as Snoot
Cree Summer Cree Summer as Pat
Cree Summer Cree Summer as Ugga
Dan Milano Dan Milano as Grug
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin as Sandy
Grey Griffin Grey Griffin as Lerk
Laraine Newman Laraine Newman as Gran
Laraine Newman Laraine Newman as One-Eyed Amber

The world's first family is back for more laughs as they discover sports, sleepovers and other wonders in a world of exotic creatures and adventures. This 2D animated cartoon is based on the 3D animated feature film, "The Croods".

Such words as family and change are the two most basic words for prehistoric people which are accustomed to constant difficulties. The unity of these people are constantly helped them cope with small and catastrophic problems. Comedy Series Dawn of the Croods will tell a story about the family which lives in the valley Ahh. Members of this family friendly and have already managed to settle in a new place. In order to survive they hunted animals, their friends, engaged in gathering and also brought up their young children. Family has always been fed, thanks to the fact that her head Greg learned to skillfully throw stones. Family idyll quickly dissipated when in the house appears mother-in-law of Greg. The wife allowed her to live with them, despite the opinion of her husband, which is constantly fought with the mother-in-law and hate her. Greg said that the best option for mother-in-law is an island named Old men, where a bird of prey Pterodactyl catches old men to profit. Wife Ugga maintains her point of view and her mother the Grand remains with them. Greg just shocked that old woman insults him, took his seat and makes the other more reckless and inconsiderate acts. Family Council of family Croods claimed that now the head should bring more extraction, due to the fact that there was one more mouth. Gran insisted that Greg was the bait, instead of the usual throwing stones. However, Greg realized that such an experiment could end tragically.

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This cartoon will reveal all the details of daily life The Croods is a prime example of a prehistoric type of family. Their everyday lives are in Sun Valley which only can at first seem in the light of a good atmosphere. In fact, it is a favorite place of many bloodthirsty and vicious animals. Every day, the heroes of the series are defending their existence before the ruthless monsters. Croods have learned to cope with these difficulties and win predators because they need to eat but first of all to feed the children. Time passes and at the same time brings new changes for the family. Now they will not only survive in this region, the head of the family should start as a kind of bait because to find the prey was not so easy. At that time, as a father trying to get food for the other members of the family his older daughter aspires to become a member of the hunting club valley. Over time, she reaches the desired popularity and become one of the strongest in town. The animated series accommodating a history of several episodes will be more and more to interest the audience the constant changes in The Croods. If the viewer seriously looks into the essence of the stories that will be able to learn about the fate of the main characters. See series Dawn of the Croods in good quality and you will remain only the most vivid impression of the story.

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