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Desperate Housewives season 4

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17 episodes (1108 views)

Air weekdate:Sunday Cast:Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Dana Delany, Nicollette Sheridan, Vanessa Williams, Brenda Strong, Kyle MacLachlan, Doug Savant, James Denton, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Kathryn Joosten, Neal McDonough, Lyndsy Fonseca, Josh Henderson, Dougray Scott, Alfre Woodard, Joy Lauren, Shawn Pyfrom, Sarah Paulson, Brian Austin Green, Josh Zuckerman, Shirley Knight, Sam Page, Orson Bean, Tuc Watkins, NaShawn Kearse, Gary Cole, John Slattery, Pat Crawford Brown, Dixie Carter, Roger Bart, Harriet Sansom Harris, Jolie Jenkins, Jonathan Cake, Emily Bergl, Valerie Mahaffey, Tony Plana , Julie Benz, Richard Burgi, Kevin Rahm, Kiersten Warren, Christine Estabrook, Ryan Carnes, Helena Mattsson, Nathan Fillion, Charles Mesure, Mehcad Brooks, Cody Kasch, Mark Moses, Steven Culp, Jesse Metcalfe, Andrea Bowen, Mason Vale Cotton, Madison de la Garza, Kendall Applegate, Joshua Logan Moore, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Beau Mirchoff, Jeffrey Nordling, Maiara Walsh, Drea de Matteo Genre:Comedy, Drama, Soap Channel:ABC (US) Status:Ended

7.9 (193 votes)

Katherine Mayfair, who left Wisteria Lane, returns with her daughter Dylan and her husband Adam in Fairview after many years. However, Julie tells Susan that Dylan is not the one for whom it is. Meanwhile, Susan learns that she is pregnant, and Mike begins to abuse painkillers. Lynette does not want her friends to know that she was ill with cancer and tries to hide it. Gaby begins an affair with Carlos behind her husband, Mayor Victor, not realizing what a dangerous man he is.

Desperate Housewives season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Now You Know (air date: 2007-09-30)

The neighborhood is shocked when news about Edie's suicide attempt spreads though Fairview. Lynette battles with the effects of chemotherapy. After a decade of absence, Katherine Mayfair moves back to Wisteria Lane with her new husband and daughter in her late teens.

Episode #2: Smiles of a Summer Night (air date: 2007-10-07)

Lynette kicks Tom out of her chemotherapy sessions. Susan is mistaken for a stripper. Bree attempts to steal a prize-winning recipe from Katherine.

Episode #3: The Game (air date: 2007-10-14)

Bree informs the housewives of what she overheard in the Mayfair house. Stella makes some special brownies to help Lynette through chemotherapy. Susan throws a charades party for the whole neighborhood.

Episode #4: If There's Anything I Can't Stand (air date: 2007-10-21)

Edie is shocked when she receives some news at the gynecologist's office. At the baby shower Bree's friends throw her, Bree's ex-mother-in-law Phyllis discovers her pregnancy is a hoax. Finally, Wisteria Lane welcomes to the street a homosexual couple.

Episode #5: Art Isn't Easy (air date: 2007-10-28)

Bob & Lee's contemporary water sculpture in their front yard prompts the Wisteria Lane neighborhood association into action. Edie finds out about the affair that Carlos is having with Gaby. Also, John Rowland wants to rekindle his romance with Gaby.

Episode #6: Now I Know, Don't Be Scared (air date: 2007-11-04)

This is the show's first Halloween episode. Edie Britt's biggest fear comes true when Carlos walks out on their relationship. Susan finds Mike's father, who was supposedly dead. Danielle goes into labor right in the middle of the Halloween party... and somebody has to deliver the baby.

Episode #7: You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover (air date: 2007-11-11)

Lynette's sisters Lydia and Lucy come to visit. While having dinner with Susan and Mike, Bree and Orson realize they share different views on whether their newborn baby should be circumcised. On a boat, Victor confronts Gaby about her affair with Carlos and she throws him into the ocean. Later, Bree informs Susan that she thinks Mike is addicted to drugs.

Episode #8: Distant Past (air date: 2007-11-25)

A mysterious stalker from Adam's past shows up on Wisteria Lane, and they have dinner. Detectives question Gabrielle about Victor's whereabouts. Danielle's baby puts stress on Bree and Orson's marriage. Lynette has a reunion with her long-lost stepfather, Glen. Susan notices Mike is behaving strangely.

Episode #9: Something's Coming (air date: 2007-12-02)

A tornado comes to Wisteria Lane, forcing residents into basements, cellars and safe rooms, and destroying homes and lives. Meanwhile, Susan ends up at the hospital after falling down the stairs.

Episode #10: Welcome to Kanagawa (air date: 2008-01-06)

In the aftermath of the tornado, the residents of Wisteria Lane try to rebuild their lives. Katherine discovers someone may know her secret while Lynette faces the possibility of her family's fate.

Episode #11: Sunday (air date: 2008-04-13)

Two weeks after the tornado, with Mike still in rehab, Mrs. Delfino gets a visit from her cousin Tim. Meanwhile, Bree desperately awaits to return to her own house. Gabrielle learns that Carlos' blindness is permanent. Katherine is unable to keep some of her secrets from the women of Wisteria Lane. Finally, a surprise wedding ceremony has its own share of secrets.

Episode #12: In Buddy's Eyes (air date: 2008-04-20)

Gabrielle struggles with the reality of having a blind husband. Lynette is surprised when Rick Coletti shows up at the Scavo pizzeria. Bree and Katherine join forces to plan the Founders Day Ball. As part of his recovery, Mike asks a few people for forgiveness, and Orson starts sleepwalking.

Episode #13: Hello, Little Girl (air date: 2008-04-27)

Bree and Katherine decide to start a catering business together. Lynette tries to deny her feelings for Rick. Mike learns the truth about his nearly fatal accident. Carlos gets a seeing-eye dog. Dylan meets her estranged father.

Episode #14: Opening Doors (air date: 2008-05-04)

Susan meets her ex-husband, Karl at a Lamaze class, and finds out that he has remarried and is having another child. Lynette learns who was responsible for starting the fire at Rick's restaurant. Bree wants Orson to turn himself in to the police. Meanwhile, Gabrielle rents a room to a hip artist, Ellie, who has a dark secret. Elsewhere, Dylan continues meeting with her father, Wayne, and Katherine decides to go spy on her.

Episode #15: Mother Said (air date: 2008-05-11)

Adele Delfino, Susan's mother-in-law, arrives for a visit. Carlos and Gabrielle find out their tenant, Elli, has a dark secret. A full scale war erupts between Bree and Edie.

Episode #16: The Gun Song (1) (air date: 2008-05-18)

Susan and Mike try to name their son. Lynette is arrested for supposedly attacking Kayla, and Tom must do what he can to save his family. Bree is being stalked by Orson, and when she meets with Reverend Green, the reverend tries to hit on her. In the meantime, Gabrielle is still helping the police trying to detain Ellie for dealing drugs. Finally, Katherine is visited by her ex-husband, Wayne.

Episode #17: Free (2) (air date: 2008-05-18)

After Katherine announces that she has to leave town, Bree is left responsible for catering Bob and Lee's wedding. Gabrielle finds $118,000 in Ellie's teddy bear. Susan realizes she will soon lose someone she loves. Katherine Mayfair's secrets are finally revealed, and several residents of Wisteria Lane are faced with deadly threats.

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