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Devious Maids season 4

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10 episodes (4769 views)
Air weekdate:Monday
Cast:Rebecca Wisocky, Kimberly Hebert Gregory, Drew Van Acker, Julie Claire, Ryan McPartlin, Matt Cedeno, Brianna Brown, James Denton, Dania Ramirez, Colin Woodell, Melinda Page Hamilton, Brett Cullen, Sol Rodríguez, Roselyn Sanchez, Carlos Ponce, Susan Lucci, Travis Quentin Young, Reggie Austin, Judy Reyes, Nathan Owens, Mariana Klaveno, Ana Ortiz, Mark Deklin, Dominic Adams, Tiffany Hines, Stephanie Faracy, Edy Ganem, Willie C. Carpenter, Tom Irwin, Joanna P. Adler, Grant Show
Genre:Drama, Crime
7.9/10(698 votes)

Residents from around the world have become fans of the comedy series. At this stage, all worried about whether will there be a shooting a fourth season. The series of the third season of the world saw in the first half of 2015. But the leaders of the project has not yet produced any official data about the further fate of the series. However, the closure of the project it was not. Therefore, it gives hope. In the meantime, we will remind you of previous events. The plot revolves around four young are very attractive and ambitious Latinas. They work as maids in wealthy enough and famous people who live in a luxurious and well-known around the world area of Beverly Hills. Everything went on as usual. But one day, they faced with grief. Girls find their girlfriend who was brutally murdered. They could not understand who and what so make fun above her. They wanted to find out the terrible secret. And most importantly, they did not even have suspected. As there were no painful and sad but life went on for them. Main heroines as always fulfill their responsibilities in the house of rich people who did not see anything except money. But previous event yet forced them to fear for their own lives. We will surely inform you when we learn new information about the series. Therefore we advise you to follow the news.

Devious Maids season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Once More Unto the Bleach (air date: 2016-06-06)

Lives are changed forever following the explosion at the Powell mansion.

Episode #2: Another One Wipes the Dust (air date: 2016-06-13)

Rosie finds herself involved in the aftermath of a murder; Marisol makes a shocking discovery about Genevieve; Carmen worries about controlling Daniela after she begins acting wild; and Zoila notices her mother growing too close to her neighbor. Meanwhile, Evelyn reaches a new low while trying to move on from Adrian.

Episode #3: War and Grease (air date: 2016-06-20)

Genevieve takes her war on Marisol to new heights; Carmen attempts to befriend Daniela; Zoila and Frances grow closer; and Evelyn's plan for divorce is thwarted when Adrian cuts off her funding. Meanwhile, Rosie and Jesse must deal with a new visitor.

Episode #4: Sweeping With the Enemy (air date: 2016-06-27)

Marisol must deal with a new roommate; an unexpected visitor has an impact on Daniela and Carmen's relationship; Zoila's set up on a blind date; and Genevieve meets a new friend. Meanwhile, Rosie's suspicions of foul play continue to grow.

Episode #5: A Time to Spill (air date: 2016-07-04)

Rosie puts herself at risk in an attempt to prove Spence's innocence; Danni seeks comfort from Jesse while avoiding Carmen; Marisol asks for Evelyn's help after Peter invites her to a gala; and Zoila tries to make Kyle jealous. Meanwhile, Genevieve and Fabian's relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Episode #6: The Maid Who Knew Too Much (air date: 2016-07-11)

Rosie seeks Genevieve's help with her investigation of Peri's murder, but things grow increasingly dangerous. Meanwhile, Marisol clashes with her director; Carmen poses as Danni at an audition; Kyle makes a difficult choice; and Evelyn dates someone new.

Episode #7: Blood, Sweat, and Smears (air date: 2016-07-18)

Rosie discovers one of Peri's deepest secrets; Evelyn tricks Carmen to further her own interests; Marisol struggles with Peter's absence; and Genevieve vies for Zoila's attention. Meanwhile, Carmen becomes involved in a new relationship.

Episode #8: I Saw the Shine (air date: 2016-07-25)

Carmen's caught in the middle of the Powell household; Genevieve meddles with Marisol's love life; and Rosie comes closer to discovering Peri's murderer after Shannon makes a confession. Meanwhile, Zoila and Kyle receive unpleasant surprises.

Episode #9: Much Ado About Buffing (air date: 2016-08-01)

Marisol learns a secret from Genevieve's past that may provide a clue to finding Peri's killer. Zoila struggles to balance her love life and her demanding new boss, while also helping Rosie investigate The Circle. Danni appears to be warming up to Carmen, but her motives aren't so pure. Spence helps Rosie when Miguel begins to act out at school.

Episode #10: Grime and Punishment (air date: 2016-08-08)

Zoila discovers a huge secret that finally helps Rosie get to the truth about Peri's murder. Carmen and Dani find themselves in a dangerous situation. Genevieve makes a new friend and Marisol attempts to get closure with Peter. Adrian has big news to share, bringing Evelyn one step closer to finalizing the divorce she's always wanted.

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