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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman season 6

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22 episodes (1348 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Erika Flores, Chad Allen, Gail Strickland, Geoffrey Lower, Helen Udy, Henry G. Sanders, Jim Knobeloch, Jonelle Allen, Larry Sellers, Orson Bean, William Shockley, Barbara Babcock, Frank Collison, Jennifer Youngs, Jessica Bowman, Shawn Toovey Genre:Drama Channel:CBS Status:Ended

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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman season 6 episodes list:

Episode #1: Reason to Believe (air date: 1997-04-12)

After Sgt. O'Connor is found dead at the bottom of a cliff, everyone fears that Sully died too in the fall. Dr. Mike and friends go looking for Sully. Matthew quits as sheriff. The Dog Soldiers continue raids on the town.

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Episode #2: All That Matters (air date: 1997-10-04)

Dr. Mike, Matthew, Brian and Daniel find a seriously wounded Sully and move him to a cave near the homestead so they can nurse him back to health while hiding him. Dr. Mike starts working to clear Sully's name.

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Episode #3: A Matter of Conscience (air date: 1997-10-11)

Sully is wanted for treason and murder. In order to keep him safe, Michaela pretends that Sully is dead and has a memorial service for him. Hank and Jake find out Sully is alive. Cloud Dancing and Sully meet with Black Moon.

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Episode #4: The Comfort of Friends (air date: 1997-10-18)

Michaela finds out that she is pregnant, but suffers a miscarriage. Without Sully there to comfort her, she has to turn to her friends.

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Episode #5: Wave Goodbye (air date: 1997-10-25)

Dr.Mike becomes alarmed when a Russian Princess is a guest of Preston's hotel & claims she has a gift to speak with the dead.

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Episode #6: A Place Called Home (air date: 1997-11-01)

Anthony's health deteriorates rapidly. Grace does not want to face the inevitable. Michaela struggles to tell Sully about the baby. Anthony loses his battle.

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Episode #7: Lead Me Not (air date: 1997-11-08)

Marjorie, Dr. Mike's sister returns to town as a member of the Women's Temperance League to try to outlaw alcohol. Jake starts believing that there may be something going on between Hank & Ms. Teresa. Meanwhile Grace has turned to drinking to help comfort the recent death of her adoptive son Anthony.

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Episode #8: A Time to Heal (1) (air date: 1997-11-15)

Dr. Mike's mom & sister visit for thanksgiving just as a outbreak of diphtheria hits Colorado Springs.

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Episode #9: A Time to Heal (2) (air date: 1997-11-22)

Dr. Mike struggles to control the diphtheria outbreak and disagrees with Andrew on whether to use a new treatment.

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Episode #10: Civil Wars (air date: 1997-12-06)

Dorothy discovers the deed to the property that Grace's cafe is on. Hank accidently breaks Horace's nose and won't pay for the damage. There is a sudden rash of lawsuits and Michaela acts as Judge.

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Episode #11: Safe Passage (air date: 1997-12-12)

Consumption hits Black Moon and his men. Black Moon agrees to surrender in exchange for safe passage of his men to protected land. Michaela negotiates the deal and asks also that Sully be pardoned.

360p (m4v 382.8 MB)
Episode #12: The Homecoming (air date: 1997-12-20)

Sully and Michaela are on their way home for Christmas, when they stop to help a couple inexperienced in the wilderness.

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Episode #13: Point Blank (air date: 1998-02-28)

Michaela is shot at the clinic by a man that has a grievance with doctors. The physical wounds heal, but the emotional ones linger.

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Episode #14: Seeds of Doubt (air date: 1998-03-07)

Colleen's new suiter has followed her all the way from Denver making Dr. Mike and Matthew suspicious of his intentions and leaving Andrew jealous. Meanwhile, Sully and Brian escort a senator and his young son through the woods to help in their effort to add preserved land in Colorado.

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Episode #15: Seven Kinds of Lonely (air date: 1998-03-21)

Dr. Mike tries to prevent Loren from leaving Colorado Springs when she learns he secretly plans to sell his store and move away out of grief over the death of Marjorie. Meanwhile, the town prepares for its annual "Sweethearts Dance," but melancholy seems to reign. Jake broods over how to ask Teresa to marry him, and Grace's continued drinking threatens her marriage to Robert E.

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Episode #16: Life in the Balance (air date: 1998-04-04)

Chinese immigrants set up camp. Dr. Quinn discovers a young woman posing as a man in order to practice medicine, which is forbidden in her culture. Her Grandfather is stunned, but supportive.

360p (m4v 437.3 MB)
Episode #17: Happily Ever After (air date: 1998-04-11)

Hank captures Cloud Dancing and gets the army to send him to a reservation far away. Jake and Teresa marry, despite her aunt's disapproval.

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Episode #18: Birdman (air date: 1998-04-18)

Michaela worries about Brian's friendship with an eccentric man who thinks he is a bird.

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Episode #19: Vengeance (air date: 1998-04-25)

U.S. Marshall Elias Burch asks Matthew, still a student of law, to defend him when he's accused of murder.

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Episode #20: To Have and to Hold (air date: 1998-05-02)

While away with Sully, Michaela falls and hits her head. She suffers a concussion. The pain of losing her baby is finally discussed and resolved with Sully.

360p (m4v 372.3 MB)
Episode #21: The Fight (air date: 1998-05-09)

Robert E releases anger over his separation from Grace through his furious fists in the boxing ring, where he takes on an ailing champ who's on tour.

360p (m4v 409.1 MB)
Episode #22: A New Beginning (air date: 1998-05-16)

Dr. Mike's elation at Colleen's acceptance to medical school quickly turns to disappointment when Colleen chooses to marry Andrew before starting school. A bitter family argument erupts when Dr. Mike tells Colleen that she is less than overjoyed at her announcement and feels that the couple is rushing into marriage and should wait until Colleen completes medical school. Meanwhile, Jake's sale of his half of the Golden Nugget to Preston angers Hank; Robert E and Grace have wonderful news to share; the stock market crash hits Preston and the townsfolk hard, and Dorothy and Cloud Dancing reach a new level in their relationship.

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