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Dragons: Riders of Berk season 8

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Dragons: Riders of Berk season 8 poster
13 episodes (359 views)
Air weekdate:Wednesday
Cast:Tim Conway, Jay Baruchel, Paul Rugg, Zack Pearlman, Mae Whitman, Mark Hamill, America Ferrera, Brook Chalmers, Chris Edgerly, David Faustino, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Michael Goldstrom, Nolan North, Thomas F. Wilson, T.J. Miller, Lucas Grabeel, Stephen Root, Andree Vermeulen, Julie Marcus, David Tennant
8.8/10(1114 votes)

Dragons: Riders of Berk season 8 episodes list:

Episode #1: In Plain Sight (air date: 2018-02-16)

While hunting for gemstones needed to complete the Dragon Eye 2, Hiccup learns an old friend isn't who he seems. Dagur faces a bully from his past.

Episode #2: No Bark, All Bite (air date: 2018-02-16)

Stoick and Hiccup are led on a wild goose chase in search of willow bark for medicine, leaving Berk vulnerable to an enemy attack.

Episode #3: Chain of Command (air date: 2018-02-16)

During a trip to Wingmaiden Island to find a Dragon Eye lens, Snotlout challenges Hiccup’s leadership. On another island, an unlikely romance blooms.

Episode #4: Loyal Order of Ingerman (air date: 2018-02-16)

Upset after learning his ancestors were Hunters who killed off Dramillions, Fishlegs sets out to see if he can find any of the dragon species left.

Episode #5: A Gruff Separation (air date: 2018-02-16)

Hiccup grows wary when Gruffnut arrives on the twins' 19th birthday to administer a Thorston coming-of-age ritual involving three dangerous challenges.

Episode #6: Mi Amore Wing (air date: 2018-02-16)

An announcement leads Astrid to question her relationship with Hiccup. The Riders discover an Armorwing that has a Dragon Eye lens welded to its body.

Episode #7: Ruff Transition (air date: 2018-02-16)

While visiting Wingmaiden Island, a baby Razorwhip bonds with Ruffnut, who suddenly finds herself trying her hand at being a Wingmaiden.

Episode #8: Triple Cross (air date: 2018-02-16)

When the Flyers try to kill him because he's no longer useful, Viggo forces Hiccup to help him get revenge by stealing their Dragon Eye and lenses.

Episode #9: Family Matters (air date: 2018-02-16)

After learning Krogan is using a Deathsong to lure and subdue Singetails for his growing army of Flyers, the Riders set out to rescue the dragon.

Episode #10: Darkest Night (air date: 2018-02-16)

While on night patrol, Stoick is ambushed by the Flyers and gravely injured, leaving Hiccup torn between his duties as a son and as the Riders' leader.

Episode #11: Guardians of Vanaheim (air date: 2018-02-16)

After learning several Flyers followed Heather to Vanaheim, the Riders must stop them from reporting the sacred island's location to their leader.

Episode #12: King of Dragons (1) (air date: 2018-02-16)

With the fifth lens in place, the Dragon Eye 2 unveils the apparent King of Dragons, and Fishlegs immediately knows what it is and where to find it.

Episode #13: King of Dragons (2) (air date: 2018-02-16)

The Riders race to the home of the true King of Dragons. But the Flyers are already there, and they soon come face to face with the legendary creature.

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