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Dual Survival season 1

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Dual Survival season 1 poster
10 episodes (345 views)

Air weekdate:Wednesday Cast:Matt Graham, Joseph Teti, Cody Lundin, Dave Canterbury Genre:Reality Channel:Discovery Status:Ended

8.3 (9 votes)

Dual Survival season 1 episodes list:

Episode #1: Shipwrecked (air date: 2010-06-11)

In this survival scenario, hosts Cody and Dave find themselves on a deserted island off the coast of Nova Scotia — in the dead of winter with plummeting temperatures. Despite the freezing temperatures — and his partner's objections — Cody doesn't give in on his indigenous survival strategy, where he lives his life barefoot. Here, he's only wearing shorts and wool socks. The only items they have are those they're able to salvage from the life raft they used to reach the island: an emergency Mylar blanket, a plastic tarp, two knives and a single rescue flare. They must use these items and their arsenal of skills to find shelter, build a fire and find food and water, all in sub-zero conditions.

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Episode #2: Failed Ascent (air date: 2010-06-18)

Next, our survival experts take on a mountaineer's worst nightmare. They are left stranded on top of a mountain in New Zealand with limited supplies that would be carried by a climber: rope, crampons, an ice axe and other climbing gear. Working together, they battle 8,000-foot glacial peaks, deadly crevasses and deep rocky canyons as they trek down the mountain on a course set by Canterbury, an experienced climber. To find food, Lundin uses his knowledge of local cultures to tap the dietary wisdom of New Zealand's indigenous Maori.

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Episode #3: Out Of Air (air date: 2010-06-25)

Each year, an average of 20 people drown while cave diving. For this survival scenario, survival experts Cody and Dave are lost divers who are fortunate to find air, but they are deep inside a maze of caves in Belize. Equipped with only their dive gear — mask, fins, wetsuit, buoyancy compensator and flashlights — they must find their way out and to safety. The survival rules that work above ground, like following a river downstream, don't apply in the labyrinth of underground caves. Instead, they must make their way upstream in a trek that puts Cody's barefoot philosophy to the ultimate test. Once they emerge, the situation goes from bad to worse — they find themselves surrounded by dense jungle, a web of vines and thorn ravaged terrain... and snakes.

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Episode #4: Desert Breakdown (air date: 2010-07-02)

Cody and Dave head into Peru's infamous "Valley of the Volcanoes" to take on the ultimate lost-in-the-desert survival scenario — a broken down car miles from civilization, in the middle of an almost barren lava-scorched landscape. Here, Dave and Cody take on two roles to show how to survive this desolate location: Dave stays with the vehicle and signals for rescue while Cody heads out in search of water. But first, Dave and Cody strip the car for everything it's worth, salvaging the battery, headlights, electrical wiring, tires and seat cushions. They fight volcanic rock, heat exhaustion, altitude sickness,dehydration, rodents and a debilitating illness that literally brings Cody to his knees.

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Episode #5: Panic in the Jungle (air date: 2010-07-09)

Dave and Cody take on a lost hiker scenario in the sweltering jungles of Laos

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Episode #6: Swamped (air date: 2010-07-16)

Survival experts Cody and Dave head to the heart of the Louisiana bayou to take on a potentially deadly scenario: lost in a 1,000 square mile labyrinth of water channels and bogs, home to 1.5 million alligators and six species of poisonous snakes.

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Episode #7: Split Up (air date: 2010-07-23)

Dave and Cody must trek through tough Arizona terrain to find each other before making their way back to civilization.

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Episode #8: Soaked (air date: 2010-07-30)

For two boat-wrecked hunters, surviving in the Pacific Northwest rainforest takes keen navigation skills and the know-how to avoid hypothermia and signal for rescue. Dave and Cody take on this nightmare scenario and show what it takes to survive.

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Episode #9: After the Storm (air date: 2010-08-13)

Cody and Dave find survival resources in the trash in a hurricane's aftermath.

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Episode #10: Bogged Down (air date: 2010-08-20)

Cody and Dave wade through piranha-infested water in Brazil's Pantanal.

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