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26 episodes (3337 views)

Air weekdate:Thursday Cast:Maura Tierney, Shane West, Parminder Nagra, Goran Visnjic, George Clooney, Jorja Fox, Kellie Martin, Scott Grimes, John Stamos, Linda Cardellini, Alex Kingston, Laura Innes, Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle, Julianna Margulies, Michael Michele, Erik Palladino, Mekhi Phifer, Sharif Atkins, Ming-Na Wen, Sherry Stringfield, Eriq La Salle, Gloria Reuben, Maria Bello, William H. Macy, Gil McKinney, Troy Evans, Leland Orser, Stanley Tucci, Sara Gilbert, John Leguizamo, Angela Bassett, David Lyons Genre:Drama Channel:NBC Status:Ended

8.4 (42 votes)

In the first season of ER series Dr. Mark Greene considers a possibility of over-passing to a private clinic at request of his wife. Nurse Carol Hathaway attempts suicide whereas medical student John Carter spends his first day at the reception of the hospital. In the course of the season Dr. Greene’s marriage creaks at the seams. Furthermore Mark has a hard time doing his work because of a fatal mistake whilst treatment of a pregnant woman and he falls into a deep depression. Dr. Doug Ross suffers unrequited love. Dr. Susan Lewis tries to manage her rebellious sister Chloe who has given birth to a baby-girl. She is also at loggerheads with cardiologist Kayson and he leaves in serious doubt her professional skills. Meanwhile Carter has to handle the fast pace of an admitting physician’s life. He tries to deserve an approval of his curator Dr. Peter Benton by right or wrong. Carol examines a HIV infected girl from Russia, who was abandoned by her mother and she even tries to adopt her. Will she manage to do it?

ER season 1 episodes list:

Episode #0: (air date: )
Episode #1:
Episode #2: Day One (air date: 1994-09-22)

Lewis butts heads with the resident psychiatrist, Dr. Div Cvetic, over care for a senile patient. Greene tries to deal with an elderly man who insists on keeping his wife on life support even though she is DNR (do-not-resuscitate). Benton corrects a diagnosis made on a patient by their own physician. Carter is seduced by a sexy patient. A family comes in after an alcohol-related car accident. Greene's wife has passed the bar exam and they have sex in the hospital's bathroom. Ross visits Hathaway, who is recovering from her suicide attempt.

Episode #3: Going Home (air date: 1994-09-29)

Hathaway returns to work after her suicide attempt, and gets support from her co-workers and her orthopedic surgeon boyfriend, Dr. John "Tag" Tagliari. A mysterious woman comes to the ER and sings to the doctors and patients while the doctors try to find out who she is. Lewis deals with a heart patient. Benton works with an injured convenience store clerk who insists on defending himself when his store is robbed.

Episode #4: Hit and Run (air date: 1994-10-06)

Ross attempts to reconcile his lingering feelings for Hathaway while dealing with a single mother and her young son after it is found that she hears voices. Benton clashes with another surgeon over a hit-and-run patient. Carter mixes up patients when he tries to notify a family of a lost patient. A married man comes in suffering a mild heart attack while handcuffed to his mistress.

Episode #5: Into That Good Night (air date: 1994-10-13)

Greene mulls a decision to move to Milwaukee so his wife, Jennifer, can pursue her law career. He and the rest of the ER staff tend to a dying heart transplant candidate. Ross counsels a woman who cannot afford medication for her asthmatic daughter. Carter may have made a mistake with a former patient. Lewis has to juggle dealing with an alcohol-poisoned fraternity brother and calls from her mother to get her prodigal sister, Chloe, a job.

Episode #6: Chicago Heat (air date: 1994-10-20)

The air conditioning at County General is broken. Greene brings his daughter, Rachel, to work with him while Jennifer goes apartment hunting in Milwaukee. Ross works with a 5-year-old girl that ingested cocaine. Benton tries to save a young robber shot by his frequent convenience store clerk patient. Lewis tries to deal with Chloe's worsening mental problems.

Episode #7: Another Perfect Day (air date: 1994-11-03)

Ross and Hathaway save a young boating accident victim. They give in to their feelings briefly, making Hathaway reconsider moving in with Tag. Chloe disrupts a date between Lewis and Cvetic. Benton is competing for a prestigious fellowship. Greene observes Carter in the ER, giving Carter some confidence.

Episode #8: 9 1/2 Hours (air date: 1994-11-10)

Greene calls in sick so he and Jennifer can spend the day together, leaving Ross in charge of the ER. Carter works on a high school wrestler that starved himself to make weight. Hathaway counsels a young rape victim. Benton is dealing with his senile mother, and butts heads with Ross. Lewis is worried about Cvetic's growing temper problem.

Episode #9: ER Confidential (air date: 1994-11-10)

Lewis is caught in the middle as both Cvetic and Chloe have problems. Carter tries to help a suicidal transsexual. The ER tries to save two boys who killed a girl in a car accident. Benton invites Carter to Thanksgiving with his family. Hathaway confesses her feelings about Ross to Tag after Ross begins a new affair.

Episode #10: Blizzard (air date: 1994-12-08)

It's a December blizzard, and the day starts out quiet. Hathaway announces her engagement with Tag. Suddenly, County General goes into crisis mode when a 32-car pileup on an expressway inundates them with patients. Among the patients are a young male that Benton knows that lost his leg, a patient of Ross' that dies suddenly while waiting for treatment, and a man who is snowed in at home and calls Greene when his wife refuses to go to the hospital to have her baby. Lewis tries to save a man that suddenly develops an aneurysm, and the patient is saved by the most unlikely person.

Episode #11: The Gift (air date: 1994-12-15)

A transfer team is due by helicopter to receive donor organs - but Benton has not yet obtained next-of-kin approval for the organ harvest. And although it's Christmas Eve, Greene has not found time to shop for gifts. Ross crashes a party.

Episode #12: Happy New Year (air date: 1995-01-05)

Carter proves he's ready for the OR - but his first day in surgical attendance is a comedy of mishaps. The consequences are grave when Lewis discharges a cardiac patient. Benton must deal with a family conflict.

Episode #13: Luck of the Draw (air date: 1995-01-19)

The nonstop parade of crises and stricken young innocents weighs heavily on Ross. Meanwhile, the heart attack victim under Lewis' care is the doctor who nearly wrecked her career. Benton hires a physical therapist, Jeanie Boulet, to take care of his mother.

Episode #14: Long Day's Journey (air date: 1995-01-19)

The nonstop parade of crises and stricken young innocents weighs heavily on Ross. Meanwhile, the heart attack victim under Lewis' care is the doctor who nearly wrecked her career. Benton hires a physical therapist, Jeanie Boulet, to take care of his mother.

Episode #15: Feb. 5 '95 (air date: 1995-02-02)

Morgenstern surprises Greene with a new job offer. A terminally ill breast cancer patient asks Greene to help her die. An armed boy threatens the hospital staff.

Episode #16: Make of Two Hearts (air date: 1995-02-09)

Kayson pursues Lewis romantically. Ross and Hathaway cope with a young Russian girl with AIDS whose adoptive mother abandons her. A humane policeman hauls in a dog he hit with his car.

Episode #17: The Birthday Party (air date: 1995-02-16)

Greene and Benton each have family birthday parties to attend, but ER demands may keep them away. Meanwhile, Carter mistakenly thinks it's Benton's birthday and hires belly dancers as a celebratory surprise. Hathaway considers adoption.

Episode #18: Sleepless in Chicago (air date: 1995-02-23)

Benton runs on no sleep for 48 hours. A con man works the floor. A mental patient poses as a hospital efficiency expert. Greene's wife wants a divorce. Hathaway's past comes back to haunt her.

Episode #19: Love's Labor Lost (air date: 1995-03-09)

Greene misdiagnoses a pregnant patient, leading to a long and arduous surgery.

Episode #20: Full Moon, Saturday Night (air date: 1995-03-30)

The moon is full and so is the ER - filled with popsicle pledges, a would-be werewolf, and others affected by "lunar lunacy" - and Lewis is the only resident available. Coping with emotional problems, Greene's not making a good impression on the new ER chief.

Episode #21: House of Cards (air date: 1995-04-06)

Greene must lead seminar on the ill-fated pre-eclampsia case he recently misdiagnosed. The rivalry between Carter and Chen causes Chen to make a disastrous mistake. Lewis' pregnant sister Chloe returns from Texas.

Episode #22: Men Plan, God Laughs (air date: 1995-04-27)

Benton compensates his inability in helping his mother by going beyond the call to help his patients. Meanwhile, Greene attempts to save his marriage - but that means less time at work and more disfavor with the new ER chief.

Episode #23: Love Among the Ruins (air date: 1995-05-04)

Carter's family background is discovered. Benton starts falling for a married woman. Hathaway has trouble writing her wedding vows. Greene is living with his wife in Milwaukee, but their marriage is still broken. Lewis treats a suicidal patient.

Episode #24: Motherhood (air date: 1995-05-11)

Ross must deal with commitment issues. Carter's future is uncertain. Lewis helps deliver her niece. Benton receives some bad news about his mother.

Episode #25: Everything Old is New Again (air date: 1995-05-18)

Both Greene and Carter get some surprising news. At Hathaway's wedding, not everything goes as planned.

Episode #26: Everything Old Is New Again (air date: 1995-05-18)

Carter faces his last day in the hospital with aplomb, harshly grading Benton on an evaluation report. He later rescinds the report after finding out that the surgical sub-I is his. Carol faces wedding day jitters, culminating in Tag's deciding to call off the wedding. Chloe disappears again, abandoning little Susie with Susan. Dr. Swift changes his mind and decides to support Mark. Jake visits Doug.

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