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Eden poster
Genre: , Anime, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction
Channel: Netflix
Status: Ended
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In the very distant future, the human race has disappeared. Or so they thought ... In the mechanical metropolis Eden 3 only robots live. One day, two farmer robots run into a human baby in the city and make a decision that will change everything.

Eden season 1

Eden season 1 poster

In the distant future, there is the city of Eden, which is inhabited exclusively by robots. For thousands of years no man has set foot here, but one day a little girl named Sarah wakes up from cryogenic sleep. Everything that robots are used to believing in is in doubt: humans are not an ancient myth. A pair of robots E92 and A37 become her foster parents and leave Eden to raise their daughter safely. But who is Sarah? If people disappeared from the face of the Earth so long ago, where did it come from and for what purpose? Embark on a quest for the truth with an extraordinary trio.

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