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Eureka season 4

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21 episodes (432 views)

Air weekdate: Cast:Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Niall Matter, Frances Fisher, Neil Grayston, Debrah Farentino, Erica Cerra, Matt Frewer, Ed Quinn, Jordan Hinson, Christopher Jacot, Trevor Jackson, Kavan Smith, Jaime Ray Newman, James Callis, Wil Wheaton, Meshach Peters, Tembi Locke, Felicia Day, Chris Gauthier Genre:Comedy, Drama, Science-Fiction Channel:SciFi Status:Ended

8.6 (347 votes)

Since World War II which ended with the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, science and invention has become priority lines in the whole world. America almost lost the race with atomic bombs, it does not happen again. With the help of Albert Einstein and other trusted advisors, President Harry S. Truman authorized to start a remote area of the Pacific Northwest settlement to preserve the intellectual values of America. The greatest minds, the geeks would be able to live and work in a pleasant environment there. Eureka city was put oneself on the map in such way. But everything is not such simple in this small town, as in other ones. Most of the “quantum leaps” in science and technology was made by elite researchers at Eureka for 50 years. Unfortunately, researches are always unpredictable, and years of experimentation have led to some side effects. The problems of Eureka citizens increase from unrequited love to professional jealousy, from tendency to depression every day. But these provincial problems can become the big problems with the unique talents of the population and limitless resources. That’s where human frailty face with super science, Eureka, begins …

Eureka season 4 episodes list:

Episode #1: Founder's Day (air date: 2010-07-09)

Dr. Grant, a former resident of the town, causes serious alarm with his unexpected return. His romantic interest in Allison Blake also causes significant friction with Sheriff Jack Carter.

Episode #2: A New World (air date: 2010-07-16)

As the Founder's Day festivities continue, Carter and the others must accustom themselves to the new time line and how Dr. Grant fits into it. Unfortunately, re-acclimatization needs to occur on a steep learning curve.

Episode #3: All the Rage (air date: 2010-07-23)

Dr. Isaac Parrish, the brilliant director of the Non-lethal Weapons Lab, is feeling a little undervalued these days. Then all his latent hostility goes viral, infecting everyone with such fury that no one is safe, especially Fargo.

Episode #4: The Story of O2 (air date: 2010-07-30)

As Eureka celebrates Space Week, Dr. Ramsey unveils his cutting edge invention that could allow colonization of Mars. Unfortunately, a slight malfunction may cause it to incinerate Eureka before the dream is realized. Equally bad is that Eureka's go-to guy for crisis intervention has just gone to Boston to visit his daughter at Harvard.

Episode #5: Crossing Over (air date: 2010-08-06)

Claudia Donovan visits Eureka to see if Fargo's promises of wondrous devices are true, but she finds herself in the middle of a mystery suitable for Warehouse 13 when objects begin to appear randomly around the town and GD, and it must be solved before there are deadly consequences.

Episode #6: Momstrosity (air date: 2010-08-13)

Carter's camping trip with Kevin becomes a little scarier than ghost stories by the camp fire when a malfunction with the AI at Global Dynamics may turn some of them deadly. Elsewhere, Henry thinks about telling Grace the truth.

Episode #7: Stoned (air date: 2010-08-20)

Love is in the air as Carter gets fed up with Grant's pursuit of Allison, Zoe conceals her love and Henry courts Grace. But all the emotions may have to be put on simmer when people in town start turning to stone.

Episode #8: The Ex-files (air date: 2010-08-27)

The gang begins seeing visions of people from their pasts, while the town seems to be collapsing around them. Meanwhile, Dr. Grant gets involved with a mysterious faction.

Episode #9: I'll Be Seeing You (air date: 2010-09-10)

Dr. Grant attempts to return to 1947 but when Carter intrudes, they both wind up stuck in the past under the threat of altering present-day Eureka once again.

Episode #10: O Little Town (air date: 2010-12-07)

Carter can't get into the Christmas spirit especially with the town surrounded by a force-field. Fargo organizes the GD holiday party, and Allison is full of holiday cheer.

Episode #11: Lift Off (air date: 2011-07-11)

Zane pesters Jo for details she does not want to reveal. Carter problem-solves at Andy and S.A.R.A.H.'s wedding. Elsewhere, Zane's actions make him and Fargo unexpectedly airborne.

Episode #12: Reprise (air date: 2011-07-18)

Carter's duties expand to babysitting when Allison attends a medical conference, and Fargo finds his groove when a certain song is played. Meanwhile, a rocket scientist appears at Café Diem.

Episode #13: Glimpse (air date: 2011-07-25)

Jo receives a technical boost to her crime-fighting ability with lenses that predict security breaches. Allison's headaches won't go away so Carter plans a vacation. Fargo, meanwhile, deals with an onslaught of volunteers when he announces a space mission with room for civilians.

Episode #14: Up in the Air (air date: 2011-08-01)

Jack deals with a bank robbery which may relate to the sudden gravity issues besetting the citizens of Eureka. Meanwhile, Fargo's rivalry with Isaac Parrish is boosted when he learns Holly and Parrish went on a date.

Episode #15: Omega Girls (air date: 2011-08-08)

When Zoe comes home for a visit, Jo faces an angry woman who doesn't accept her fumbling explanations about Zane. This all fades to background noise, however, when they find everyone in Eureka unconscious and must find a way to work together so they can revive the town and beat Beverly before she gets hold of valuable data. SYFY has this & "Of Mites and Men" Listed as episode 16 and does not have #17 "Clash of the Titans Listed"

Episode #16: Of Mites and Men (air date: 2011-08-15)

Global Dynamics deals with two threats—a visit from Senator Wen and robotic bugs that can consume everything—it's unclear which is the bigger one. Meanwhile, Allison refuses to acknowledge any deficit with which the implants may have left her. SYFY has this & "Omega Girls" Listed as episode 16 and does not have #17 "Clash of the Titans Listed"

Episode #17: Clash of the Titans (air date: 2011-08-22)

The Eureka atmosphere becomes toxic when Department of Defense auditor comes to assess the team's relationships.

Episode #18: This One Time at Space Camp... (air date: 2011-08-29)

The Astraeus candidates go through their final interviews while Carter and Allison appeal their relationship audit.

Episode #19: One Small Step... (air date: 2011-09-12)

When an explosion in the Astraeus lab accidentally sends Andy to Titan the team must devise a plan to save him before it's too late! Eureka

Episode #20: One Giant Leap... (air date: 2011-09-19)

In the season finale - It's chaos in Eureka when an energy beam rips through main street but the Astraeus launch must go on...with or without Eureka intact.

Episode #21: Do You See What I See (air date: 2011-12-06)

The quaint town of geniuses is transformed into animated versions of themselves. Sheriff Carter and Allison Blake are secretly planning the perfect holiday surprise for their kids. But a mysterious kaleidoscopic wave of color crashes over Eureka, leaving the entire town and its inhabitants animated.

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